PART 9 - 2011

Session of 23 May 2011 – Recorded – English translation - Original in French

Place: Mezza Verde – Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Monsanloran and Malvantra Melchizedek

KUWAYA -Master Spirit n°2 of Superunivers n°2 – the Voice of The Eternal Son

Monsanloran spoke after 26min of meditation ----Total time meditation: 55 min.

Monsanloran: Hello my children. I see that you have well undergone the meditation yesterday (creating that Permanent Light Anchor of Light through us). Yes, we warned you that the Energy would be very, very strong and some of you indeed have now problems with headaches and great tiredness. Don't worry, it will pass.

{Note Kathy: Monsanloran did send us to an ancient buried Maya temple to create a Light Anchor (Merkabah) through us….we did not create it by ourselves – we had to sit in a circle in the jungle and start our meditation like we are used to do…..and then it came…..very strong.}

You have done beautiful work yesterday. We were able to install this Permanent Light Anchor and as we told you yesterday, this Anchor will be used throughout all Central America from Mexico until Colombia. Others will be installed in South America, the United States and in other parts of this globe. These Light Anchors are a bit special and are connected from the Centre of Paradise to the Centre of Earth.

Yes, what some of you have seen during the meditation yesterday, something like a hole, is in fact the tube that connects Paradise with the centre of Earth and No…… nothing special happened down in Earth.

This type of Light Anchor is very strong and any person who will enter that place will feel its effects; very beneficial effects which will transform these people when they will meditate nearby. They will receive revelations, visions and answers to their questions and these people will return home and continue their path. It is possible that later a cult would arise there but this will not come from us. Or rather is not within our jurisdiction, other Celestial Orders will be in charge of this.

Yes Belize will change and not only Belize, the entire world will change. What appears to be a long time for you is just a short time for us. We see very well where we are going and where this globe is heading to.

In time, these ruins will be restored in their original state. Nevertheless the Energy of this Anchor works and people who approach it will feel it. This will help the economy in this area and will be a good thing for the Mayas who live there. It will allow them to follow more teachings, to do something to their education, to evolve differently and be in contact with other civilizations without however losing their own values and their own beliefs which will be given back to them. Much of what they believe now comes from a mixture of the former, the influences of the Christian churches and superstitions. All this will be over in time.

They were originally great farmers, they have family spirit, they have the spirit to help each other, they have respect for nature and now they will learn they have One Father and that everybody are brothers and sisters. In former times they scuffled much between each other, but this still happens all over the world.

They will re-unite and will speak one language and exchange their knowledge. The new means of communication like the internet and telephone has been implemented. Their children are starting to go to school, they learn to read and write, and some arrived already further in their school education. In a generation or two, many things will have changed for them. They will become a people that all will respect, which is not the case now.

Many will admire them and their temple ruins will be much visited. They already are, but they will be even more. The world will look at them, will study and see how they can apply these family models, their agriculture in their own country. The Mayas have done considerable things in time for humanity. They invented the corn by genetic manipulation. Corn as well as many of their fruits and vegetables are raised in the USA and Europe. Do not underestimate what these people have done for humanity.

Therefore it becomes time to restore their culture, their civilization, to give them back their honour and their knowledge so that they become a model from which many can learn, as well on the spiritual level as on the material level.

Their value and their strength originate especially from their family spirit. They realize already the disaster that occurred between their youngsters when they left for the cities and stood on their own without family support.

The family is the basis of the great civilizations. One family, two families, three families make a village. Two, three villages become a city and afterwards you create States and from there comes out great civilizations. It is the family that forms the basis and the kernel. Many will have to learn this worldwide.

The Maya people still have this in them. They saw their children engage in drugs, going on the streets, believing in nothing. They begin to realize that if they don’t bring back these children to their traditions, to their culture and their values, these children will be lost when they become adults. Thus they start to realize the dangers of these other ways of life of other societies. They have already begun to make efforts to try to return these youngsters back to their own proper values. These are high moral values and especially the respect for the assistance between families, the assistance between the people of the village and to bring them back to a farming way of life.

By this I don’t mean that everyone must follow the same way of life, but their sense of family and of assistance to each other will become a great example for the rest of the world. The respect they have for nature will also become a great example for the world.

Are there any questions on what happened yesterday?

Cyril: I great you Monsanloran, yes I have a question. About that Anchor that we have helped you to create in these ruins, as it is very powerful, can we use it to send Energy to the Earth or to places where it is needed? Thank you.

Monsanloran: As I told you, this Light Anchor is different from the one you all created here in the temple of Placencia, at your homes and in Europe. It is a different system, and therefore you will not be able to use it. If you have time, you can always go to that location to meditate and you will feel the effects. As mentioned before these effects will be felt between Mexico and Colombia, throughout this region, and therefore you will also receive the benefits of it. Does this answer your question?

Cyril: Yes, thank you Monsanloran and I don’t have other questions.

KUWAYA: Kwahiou here. I want to say a few words on behalf of The Eternal Son-Mother or The Eternal Son as one is used to say here, to thank you for sending The Love of The Father and The Mercy of The Eternal Son-Mother to this world. You are not required anymore to do this every day unless you like doing so. Therefore you should not worry if sometimes you miss a day.

You know very well that this is a huge wellbeing for Earth and all mankind. If you like to do it then continue to do it all together as it does much good.

Thank you very much my children. I think Monsanloran wants to say a few more words.

Monsanloran: Yes it's still me here. The more efforts you do, the more you send The Love of The Universal Father and The Mercy of The Eternal Son, the more you will help all mankind to turn towards God within, to The Father who lives in them. Once all humans will feel this and begin to listen to the Voice of God within, everything will change very fast on Urantia.

That’s why The Father has decided to give us a little helping hand to speed up things. Don't worry too much about the physical or geographical impact that it will have on Earth. The important thing is the effect this will have in the hearts and the minds of people, because that’s why we all work for, as well the celestials as you. We all work together for the same purpose and the same Father. Remember this well. It is teamwork, co-creative, together: YOU and US and THE FATHER. Together we will change this world and transform it. We already have put our right foot on the ground and we are going in the right direction.

Thus don't worry too much of what might happen. Urantia has always shacked; there have always been volcano eruptions. Earth always had funny whims. When this great event will happen you will feel very different and you'll see the difference in others. Of course people will wonder what happened, what happened inside of them, what passed around them. Of course, but you are there. This is why you are there, that you have studied. This is why you have worked, that is why we are all here together, you and us hand in hand. So don’t dramatize. {Note Kathy: many T/R’s spoke of great catastrophically events and we were a bit worried.}

I'll let you take a break for a while my children to recover of the journey of last Sunday. We have another place for you to go but we will not disclose it right now…..we want you to be a bit curious. I'm glad to see that you love this kind of work and that you do it with pleasure which is more cheerful for us and for you.

So I thank you once again that I can count on you in such a way. I am happy and I am well pleased and we will do a good job. Later others will add to your group but they will not be all the time with you. Perhaps some of you will travel to help in other countries, but all this is for the future and we have still to see how to organize it. First we will do the job here, where you live permanently.

So you see my friends there are still many adventures awaiting you and you will meet many people and all of you will like it as well those that will join you later.

Good evening and I thank you very much my children. Have a nice evening and Goodbye.

Malvantra here: we will finish the day and probably we will see you tomorrow because your group will be complete, unless there are a few who cannot come. See you tomorrow. Good bye.



Session 1rst of June, 2011 recorded – Original English

Place: Mezza Verde -Belize

Present: Cyril and Kathy

Received by Kathy

Visitors: KUWAYA – Master Spirit n°2 – The Voice of The Eternal Son

SIRAYA- Master Spirit n°1 – The Voice of The Universal Father

Monsanloran and Malvantra Melchizedek

AYA – Master Spirit n° 7 – The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being

Kuwaya spoke after 16min of meditation – total time meditation: 35min.

KUWAYA: This is Kuwaya here. My dear children, I am so happy with all the work you have done. We are and you are, without knowing it, preparing the arrival of my Son - the one who is called now Monjoronson The Magisterial Son and his Magisterial Mission. This is not his real name, his real name will be revealed later.

Yes there is much going on in the Celestial World about the coming of my Son on Urantia. The coming of the Magisterial Son will be very important for this planet, for all the planetary system of Satania and it will benefit all Nebadon, all the Superunivers Orvonton and God the Supreme.

Majeston is helping and working together with others to put in place this communication system with Reflectivity which will allow us and you to communicate much better and easier. We already announced this here.

We cannot assure for the moment that it works, we are still working on it. All celestials who will join my Son on his Magisterial Mission are preparing themselves.

Galantia and Gavalia will join this Mission too, to assure that this circuitry with reflectivity will be put in place properly. Urantia will be the jewel on the crown of all the creation in time and space. It will be a planet dedicated to The Universal Father and only to The Universal Father. So many hearts are ready on this planet and ask for Him. That’s why The Father and I decided to do everything we could to bring us all much closer to Urantia and this Reflectivity System will allow this.

Thank you my children. I will leave you now and give others the possibility to speak to you.

SIRAYA: This is Siraya here, The Voice of The Father, Master Spirit n° 1 of Superunivers n° 1.

The Father let you know that it is with great joy that He will be much closer to this little planet than ever before. That’s why He ordered that this communication system would be put in place. He thanks you all for loving Him so much and to bring Him closer to all His children.

What you are doing here, although you are just a few, will be of great importance for all humanity, for this planet, for all the planetary system of Satania, the Constellation and for your entire local universe and much further. You will slowly by slowly understand what this means. What you do is of very great importance and we thank you all to stay discreet, quiet, anonymous and humble until all of this can be disclosed.

Thank you my lovely children, thank you very much and continue. We know you planned a question and answer session with Tomas, your teacher. He is waiting for you and will be happy to answer all your questions. Thank you my children. This is The Voice of The Universal Father speaking to you all.

MONSANLORAN: this is Monsanloran here. Yes my children I come here to say that I am preparing your next assignment. I will come back later to tell you where to go. Don’t worry that you have no trips right now, there is still a lot of work. I hope your group of six will stay together, but we know how life goes on. You will hear from me later once I have put everything in place. We are all so busy with other priorities right now but do not worry, I come back to you with another job. Thank you my children.

MALVANTRA: This is Malvantra here. I know you did not hear me announcing who wanted to speak to you. With this new communication system everything goes very fast and is almost immediate. Lot of things has to be put in place so don’t worry if I don’t announce them anymore in the beginning. The celestials will speak immediately to you, like on a telephone; there will be no person in between anymore because of this new system, which is still not 100% encircuited with you. So once you hear a voice talking within you, start repeating what they say. I will not announce it anymore as it is not possible with this new communication system.

Thank you my children. We will end this session now and we will meet later when we have more to say. Thank you very much.

AYA: This is Aya here. Yes Malvantra wanted to stop the session but I still have something to say.

You will continue to work with Monsanloran and later with other Melchizedeks who work for me directly. They do coordination work for me between different planets and your local universe. Once you all get used to that new communication system which has different varieties in it, you will see, it will be very easy. You still have to get used to it. It is also new to us and it has an impact in all the Superunivers of Orvonton.

That was all my children. I just wanted to reassure you that nothing has changed in what you will have to do for us. Yes, you contribute to the Magisterial Mission but on a secondary level. Thank you my children. I say goodbye to you all.


Mezza Verde Group

For the definitions and explanations in blue see The Urantia Book.