PART 10 - 2011

Session of June, 2nd 2011 – recorded – English translation - Original in French

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present : Cyril

Visitors : Monsanloran Melchizedek et Malvantra Melchizedek

AYA –Master Spirit n°7 – of Superunivers N°7 Orvonton, The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme being.

Received by Kathy

Monsanloran spoke after 52min meditation.

Monsanloran here : Hello my children. We are still testing another frequency of this system of Reflectivity. It is difficult for this little girl, but she holds on.

You asked for more explanations to understand this system. We recommend you to read everything that is said in the Urantia Book about Reflectivity and from there you will already have a better idea. You can ask questions in your next session on this subject. All I can tell you in a few simple words is that it is a communication system by Reflectivity that can take place on several frequencies. It can be used to pass messages, as to show (broadcast) meetings that are happening elsewhere.

You could compare it to your television which is still a very primitive system compared to the Reflectivity system. The goal is to train T/R’s in the entire world who may receive the same message at the same time in their own language. It is thanks to the fact that this little girl here speaks several languages, although not perfectly, that we are able to test it out.

We have yet to develop the sending of the same message in different languages at the same time. This is why she speaks sometimes in one language and then in another, that she speaks two different languages in the same message.

Cyril, don't worry, your time will come when you will transmit in Italian and French but you still need preparation. You will then be able to receive/transmit and transcribe in Italian. You will need to find later someone who can correct your texts in Italian and translate them into English. Take patience, your time will come. You still must organize and learn more about computers to transcribe, to send your emails and all that. But it will be in Italian for you.

The three young Maya’s will do the same when they will be older in Maya, when the Magisterial Mission will be installed and much negativity will have disappeared from their regions. To let them transmit now would mean putting their lives in danger and this would be a mistake on our part.

{Note Kathy: on the evening of December, 24th 2010 there was a feast at the family home of B-Maya and one of his uncles arrived late in the evening completely drunk. The boy wanted to be nice with him when they were in the kitchen to prevent him to leave the house to go out to drink more and a discussion ensued. Suddenly his Uncle took an empty bottle, broke it and tried to cut the throat of the boy. The boy had the reflex to raise his arm to protect himself but the bottle cut the artery of his wrist. They took him by car to the nearest hospital at 1h30 drive from there and at the hospital they cleaned the wound, put staples to stop the blood flow. They did not give him blood because the parents could not pay for it and it would have taken too much time to find out what type he had.

The boy lost 3 litres blood underway and was left with only 2 litres in his veins, barely sufficient to let operate the vital organs of the body. His family brought him home like this. It is a miracle that he survived this incident. I heard the story a week later. Their village is located 50 km from my home and he comes to visit me once a week. He fed himself daily with just a glass of milk with a raw egg in it because he was unable to digest food. His face looked so different, but what did hurt him terribly were the eyes of his uncle... a very bad look full of hatred against him. The boy did not understand from where this came... I knew and explained him. He now understands why he has to stay away from people who are too drunk or to heavily under drug influence. The family did not make a complaint at the police station against his Uncle but the man was asked to stay away from their home.}

The same thing for Carole, she will transmit one day. She too has to be more patient and wait her time for the same reasons of safety with the environment she lives in. All of you need more understanding of the personalities who will speak through you and why. That’s the reason why you received the Urantia Book, to have a base.

We will later increase the level of consciousness and intelligence of all.

Yes my children, very much is in preparation but a lot of cleaning has to be done and the first standing orders have been given to you.

There are many people of your “ancient teachings” who received training to help at several levels and who do not use it at all these levels but this will come. At a certain moment we will make them understand, do not worry, we have other means to join them. This will not pass through you.

Everyone who must wake up will be awakened from now on, to take in hand the specific tasks for which they have been designated.

You will continue with me to do the tasks we will ask you to do. As mentioned yesterday, you will meet other Melchizedeks brothers in other regions of which they have responsibility. You will receive their names at the indicated time. You will soon leave and travel in your regions of origin in Europe. We will see if we can assign you a small task that you can do together there. You have enough means to contact each other in case we have a small thing to do.

This may be the creation of Energy Anchors, or clean up places with the techniques you have already or by using Light Anchors you already created. From our point of view, we can see where it is most needed. I hope we can count on you. You will travel and work at the same time. This will be a new holiday “fashion”. You want to serve…..we will give you assignments. The means will be put at your disposal. Don't worry, you'll never miss anything. We know how things work on Earth.

I thank you my children to have listened to me, and perhaps I will be present at your session (Sunday) with Tomas. Yes there were delays in your Q/A sessions with Tomas due to certain things that had to be done and settled here so that you would be able to be of better service to The Universal Father afterwards. Goodbye my children, it was a pleasure for me to talk to you with this new system.

Malvantra here: We did indeed prepare you again on another frequency and this will be done several times. You are both highly capable of withstanding big amounts of Energy and much of its power because your nervous system is adapted due to your long trainings. You will be able to endure this. That was all for today. I'll leave you to your concerns, and I thank you for always be at our disposal. Goodbye my children.

AYA here: I would like to say a word. The Superunivers of Orvonton, the one in which you live, is also ahead of many changes due to the transformations that will be done on your little planet. To gain access to your planet with this Reflectivity system the Superunivers had to be encircuited too. So thanks to all these new communication systems for your planet, all Orvonton will benefit from it.

Because this is so important, I thank you for always being there for us when we need you. Don't worry; little by little you will better understand everything. For now your heart desires to help, wishes to be of service to The Father, to be of service to us and you are doing that and we know that we can count on you. We will give you more information later by small doses. At one point eventually you will understand enough about this work and with whom you work, how and why. Thank you my children, I will leave you now. Good bye.



Session of June, 3rd 2011 recorded – English translation - Original in French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present : Cyril

Transmitted by Kathy

Visitors: Christ Michael – (Jesus) – Creator Son if this Local Universe Nebadon

Monjoronson, Magisterial – Avonal– Paradise Son.

Christ Michael spoke after 24min of meditation.

CHRIST MICHAEL here. Hello my children. I see that it is with great courage that you continue daily to do your meditations and send the Love of The Universal Father and the Mercy of The Eternal Son-Mother. Yes it is time for the world to know that The Eternal Son is also in fact an Eternal Mother, a Partner of The Universal Father.

They are my Parents; they are the ones who created me so that I could then create life in my local universe of Nebadon.

Now that you have some knowledge of God the Supreme, we would like to tell you that each planet has also her Supreme----- Urantia is The Supreme of your planet that’s why we call your planet by this name. You call your planet "Earth" and some of you call this Divine Spirit, which still must develop and personalize, "Gaia". But for us it is "Urantia".

The Planetary Supreme will personalize thanks to your efforts and will gently make more contact with you. Little is known about The Planetary Supreme and we will tell you more in time. Each planet has its Planetary Supreme, which over time will personalize and grow up thanks to the experiences of its inhabitants. All this will have an effect on the development of God The Supreme.

The Planetary Supremes were created by The Supreme Being together with The Infinite Spirit. It is therefore rather a Supreme Goddess, or a Deity having a motherly caring impact.

You will receive work to do also for Her. The way she will personalize will be revealed later, but she will be able to personalize thanks to your contributions. When all The Planetary Supremes will be personalized, grown up, this will help God the Supreme to evolve which will be good for all our local universe of Nebadon.

She is aware of you. She is aware of you since a long time and now it is for you humans to help her personalize by your acts, by the love and mercy you show to your brothers and sisters, by your acts of bravery, service to humanity and to The Universal Father.

The Planetary Supreme will receive her personality from The Universal Father when this planet will reach the stage of Light and Life. In the meantime she will grow by your actions.

This little girl here is wondering from where this information is coming and fears to tell some stupidities. This doesn’t matter, these words are coming from me and she repeats them.

More explanation will be given about this topic by other transmitters/receivers (T/R) to validate the information I gave you here.

You see my children, you thought you were working here in your small corner to do well to others in your surroundings and all of a sudden you realize that everything you do has a very large impact, much larger, much higher than the influence that you thought having here on Earth. Enjoy this as much will be revealed gradually to you as well as to others to validate the information you all receive.

Yes Cyril I know. You're so anxious to transmit, to be used as one of our voices. First you have to learn many things, take patience because when you will start things must be right from the beginning. We have a great assignment for you and already you are used extensively by us. We need you and we are pleased that we can count on you. Thank you my children and goodbye.

MONJORONSON here: I am The Magisterial Son preparing to come to your planet. The name of Monjoronson will be used for some time, a few years certainly as there is still much to do, to clean up before I can actually walk on this Earth in a more physical way. You will see us, don't worry, you'll see us. You work for us, for the Plans of Christ Michael (Jesus) as many others do and each will be awakened at the time he/she is needed. We put our pawns in a way that is best for the execution of the Plans of Christ Michael and there are some which must be awakened earlier than others. It is all part of the Plan. Then those who are not yet awakened or placed in service in one way or another be patient because your time will come. Meanwhile you can do much good with everything you have learned and with what you are able to do.

My twelve Melchizedeks are ready.

Malvantra and Monsanloran are part of them. Other names will come later. You here already work for them. Others will work with other Melchizedeks in other places and in other regions on the planet. Some will know with whom they work and others will simply feel guided to do the things we need them to do and they will do them without knowing exactly who we are.

With all the help we received from The Universal Father all will be well. Christ Michael will come together with me just like Machiventa Melchizedek.

We are the trio who runs this planet to bring her back on the road to Light and Life. To bring her back to The Father and rehabilitate her so she can live and develop in the Honour of The Universal Father.

Thank you very much my children for all the efforts you have done so far, we do appreciate it, believe me, we appreciate it very much. For the moment everyone works very hard, like you, to prepare our coming.

I know that in France you have a story about “three Musketeers”. Well, we are

«ALL FOR ONE», the Universal Father


« ONE FOR ALL » The Universal Father for all His Creation and created Beings.

Thank you my children, thank you.



For the definition and explanation of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.