PART 11 - 2011

Session June, 5th, 2011 – recorded – Original English and partly French (translated in English)

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Carole, B-Maya, Cyril

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Monsanloran MELCHIZEDEK

TOMAS – Celestial Teacher

Monsanloran spoke after 19 min. of meditation Total time meditation 1h01min

Monsanloran Melchizedek: Hello my kids I am happy to see you again although a few are missing. I prepared a little assignment for you. Could you go to Cockscomb cave in Stann Creek? I know this little girl doesn’t know where it is but maybe B-Maya knows. It is situated in Cockscomb Jaguar Park and there another cave called “Herman’s cave” (near Belmopan). You should go together to these places. I will come back later to give more details about what you have to do there. These are places to clean up. You will use the Light Anchor of Placencia to clean these places from all the negative energy that has been built up there. I will come back later to give more details. Prepare yourselves and try to be with six or at least five. The more you are, the better it is. Thank you my children, that was all for today. I will let Tomas answer your questions. Goodbye my kids.

TOMAS: Hello everybody, this is Tomas here, your teacher. It’s a long time we saw each other. I am happy to be back and I hope before the season stops, when two of you will go back to Europe that we will have a few more sessions so that you will learn. I am ready for you. So if somebody wants to start and ask the first questions. I am listening.

Student: Thank you Tomas for allowing us to ask these questions. Knowing that God has given us free will and a Thought Adjuster, can one consciously permit the Adjuster to proceed with all necessary actions to help the mind and the heart to be in blissful harmony so we human beings can be of better service to The Universal Father?

TOMAS: Thank you for that question. I will try to answer. You receive a Thought Adjuster, let say between 5 and 7 years and in average a little bit before 6 years of age. The Thought Adjuster will start creating with your mortal mind an embryo of a soul. That soul will grow just as you and together with you. That soul can only grow by taking proper decisions, by believing in God, by trying to do the right thing. Your Thought Adjuster and your Guardian Angel will work on that, will try to guide you to do that. You have many helpers to bring yourself in harmony as you were not born perfect. So you will have to learn to do God’s Will in every situation, you will have to do good to your brothers and sisters, to be helpful around you. We do not say that you have to sacrifice yourself…. be just nice and helpful.

You know all the laws of the Universe: “you don’ steel, you don’t kill and first of all you have to love The Universal Father.” By your experiences, the good and the bad ones, and by having lots of tears in your life, your Thought Adjuster and Guardian Angel will try to guide you in doing the Will of The Father. They cannot interfere and impose their will on you. You will always keep your free will and they will do their best while respecting your free will.

God did not create you perfect. He created you imperfect with a lot of potential and lots of capacities. To develop those and bring you back to Him you receive a Thought Adjuster or a Divine Fragment of Him. You receive a Guardian Angel, you receive help from other Spiritual Guides who work with you, who guide you. There is an entire Universe created to help you evolve to The Father. To help your soul evolve so that you become courageous, strong and that you heart is full of love and knows what to do and certainly learns to do the right thing.

You have your part to play in that and because of your free will nobody can impose anything to you. You are the one who decides, you have to make your own choices. Once you made the right choice, the Thought Adjuster, your Guardian Angel and all your guides as well as the entire Spiritual World will help you to evolve and bring you to The Universal Father.

Does this answer your question?

Student: yes it does.

TOMAS: Do you have another question?

Student: Yes, I do. If a human being is not assigned a seraphic guardian at birth can one be assigned later if that soul is evolving spiritually?

TOMAS: I am not sure I got your question well. But I am going to try to give you an answer and if it doesn’t answer your question you just tell me.

You receive an angels or seraphic guard from the beginning. Sometimes it is a personal one, sometimes it is one in charge of more than one person. All children have a guardian angel or a seraphic guard. It is while you evolve that you can receive different types of guardian angels ore seraphic guards.

While you evolve in life you have to pass the seven psychic circles. Once you reached the third circle, ……… starting from the seventh, then six, five, four…. once you are on the third circle you receive a Guardian of Destiny, which is a special seraphic guard, to help you going from the third to the first circle.

Everybody, every child receives a seraphic guard, but they have different purposes, they have different roles. Sometimes it is an individual one and sometimes you have one who has to take care of more than one child.

Does this answer your question?

Student: yes it does; now my last question. The Urantia Book says that when a mortal soul leaves the physical body and goes to the Mansion Worlds, this soul cannot communicate with human beings anymore on Earth by Universal Law. But I had many of these communications with passing family members. How can that be?

TOMAS: Here we touch a subject or a topic that cannot be disclosed right now.

When a mortal soul leaves for the other side, most of the time she is not evolved to the point where she can be resurrected on the First Mansion world after three days or let’s say immediately. Most of the souls go to dormitories where they all sleep until the next dispensation. That’s the reason why it’s almost impossible for a soul that left Earth and was brought to such a place could come back to make contact with you.

A soul that has left and has been resurrected after 3 days on a Mansion World cannot just run away from there and come back to Earth to have a little chat with you. It is not allowed and it is not possible. Once you are on the Mansion worlds you have no physical body anymore, you have to learn the languages from there, you have to learn so much that you are so occupied and even then the soul would need a transport angel to bring her back to Earth and make a little chat with her family members. This is normally and technically not possible.

On the other hand you have souls that cannot go on, that cannot leave your world. And if that is the case with one of your family members then it could be possible that somehow they can speak to you. Or it can be just another soul that tries to play tricks with you. Because these communications where you speak about are most of the time during your sleep, not when you are walking on the street.

Another possibility is when you are in bed and you think you are awake but in fact you are in your first sleep still seeing all your surroundings and suddenly you see what you call a spirit passing by.

It could also be a trick of your mind. It can be your own guardian angel who tries to calm you because you have lots of sorrow due to the loss of your family member and you are taking your Angel for your family member. Your mind can play tricks with you when your guardian angel is trying to calm you and help you while you are asleep, which makes you think it is your family member. Normally it is not possible. Is this answer sufficient for you?

Student: yes this is sufficient, I understand. This was my last question.

TOMAS: Thank you. Next question please.

Student: When I was reading about “God’s Infinite Power and God’s Universal Knowledge”, my chakra 6 and 7 were spinning like hell and I felt the urge to re-read several times that chapter. Why was that so?

TOMAS: Hello my boy, nice to meet you again. When you read the Urantia Book you receive help of a Celestial Being, a Celestial Guide. When you read about God your Thought Adjuster will bring you in contact with Higher Knowledge and the presence of a Higher Celestial Being that is connected with God who will let spin your chakra 6 and 7. Due to the fact that your soul needs that knowledge that Celestial Being will push you to read and read until you understand and the spinning of your chakras helps you to go beyond the words. We know that in that Book (Urantia) there is a lot of vocabulary, a lot of words that you cannot understand. You are helped this way to understand the Truth beyond or behind these words which helps your soul to learn those concepts she needs to know.

By continuing to read and following your inner guidance when you feel this push to read a chapter rather than another, follow that guidance because these are your own guides and your Thought Adjuster that are helping you to reach the knowledge that you have to learn.

You are with different people here in this class and they all receive the same method of teaching. They are all pushed by their Thought Adjusters, by their Guardian Angels, by their guides to jump from one Paper to another. You will see that each time you come back together after a while you will all have read the same Papers although you did not communicate together. Or you will feel the need to read about the same subjects.

The others too have sensations on their chakras or on their heads whilst reading because they too are upgraded and encircuited to higher levels of consciousness and intelligence.

Does this answer your question?

Student: Thank you, it does. My other question is: The Urantia Book states the fact that “The Lord God Omnipotent Reigns? What does that mean?

TOMAS: The Universal Father is called by different names and the Universal Father is Omnipotent. He is God from your point of view and He is omnipotent, so He is All-Powerful. He can do everything. His Will is Law and He created Beings to execute and do His Will. He has the power to do everything, He has all Powers.

All other Gods that have been created to execute His Will on all levels in the Universes are powerful but no one of them possesses all the Powers of The Universal Father. Speaking about Lord God “The Omnipotent” means The Universal Father who has All-Power above everything.

Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes and here is my last question: What is the difference between a “Deity” and the “Trinity”?

TOMAS: First you have to understand the concept of the Trinity as one whole entity. The Trinity is often symbolized on your world by a triangle with equal sides within a circle. The Urantia Book uses the symbol of the triple circle to symbolize The Trinity.

First you have The Universal Father.

The Universal Father has the Will, but somebody has to express that Will. Therefore He took a part out of Himself which is The Eternal Son-Mother or The Eternal Son like it is called in the Urantia Book, which could be compared to a more motherly aspect of The Universal Father.

Second you have The Eternal Son (or Eternal Son-Mother).

The Eternal Son-Mother or The Eternal Son is the Word. Speaks out what The Father decides, speaks out His wishes.

Next step: They needed both a third party to execute the Wishes of The Father that are expressed by The Eternal Son, and They created The Infinite Spirit.

Third you have The Infinite Spirit.

These Three Paradise Deities, these Three Super Gods have been created immediately, in one second, all together. This is why they are called The Trinity which is one entity. They can work together, they can work separate and they always discuss everything together.

The Eternal Son-Mother or The Eternal Son did create with The Universal Father…..The Creator Sons, like your Creator Son named Christ Michael (Jesus) who is one of their children.

The Eternal Son-Mother together with The Infinite Spirit created The Avonal Sons.

They are Paradise Sons as well and one of them will come soon to Earth to help change this world and bring it back on the road to Light and Life. Such an Avonal Son is then called a Magisterial Son who will come here for a Magisterial Mission.

These are Paradise Sons of the Trinity.

The Trinity: “The Universal Father - The Eternal Son-Mother -- The Infinite Spirit” can also create together other Deities like The Supreme Being, which is a Deity created by The Trinity.

Do you understand the difference? (Yes) The Urantia Book gives more explanations about this and in time you will understand better the difference.

Do you have another question? (No)

Student (in French) We read in the Urantia Book that dreams are purely physiological and psychological. This means that dreams are not prescient. Yet many people have the impression that their dreams are directed by Spirit and that by interpreting them this reveals us positive or negative things. Can we receive comments on this?

TOMAS: We decided to continue in English. I am sorry; the answer will be in English. {Note Kathy: this student doesn’t speak English and could not understand the answer.}

Dreams come into your mind when you sleep. You don’t recall or don’t remember most of your dreams. Explaining dreams to use them as guidance for future acts is a practice that has been done for so many ages. Spirit normally doesn’t work like that to try to reach you; they don’t put strange dreams in your head. Most of your dreams come from your own mind and your own feelings that are messed up with the knowledge from your mind.

Although sometimes at night your Guardian Angel takes you with her to learn or to show you something. You are taught when you sleep at night and your soul can come back with that remembrance which usually you forget. It’s possible you may have a vague remembrance of it. But starting to listen systematically to all your dreams because you think Spirit tries to reach you through your daily dreams is an error. Spirit doesn’t work like that.

Student: When the Thought Adjuster joins us here on Earth does that mean that our destiny is already decided in advance by The Universal Father or are our difficulties in this earthly life provoked by our way of life?

TOMAS : When you receive your God Fragment, your Thought Adjuster…… l’Ajusteur de Pensée..... On peut continuer en Français maintenant. (translation: the Thought Adjuster …….We can continue in French now.)

(Tomas continues to answer in French from now on)

When you receive a Thought Adjuster from God, The Father already prepared a path for you.

The personality you received from the Father is unique. It is different from all other personalities. So here too you have already something prepared from the beginning. During your life the Thought Adjuster will always try to direct you to the path of development that The Father chose for you.

Nevertheless you have free will and you must learn your life lessons and live many experiences and make your own choices and most of the time you don’t listen to the inner Voice of God. Therefore plenty of things will happen to you, good and bad things during your lifetime and out of these you will make up your own conclusions and take your own decisions. As soon as you reach a level where you start listening more and better to the inner silent Voice of God, you will start to follow much easier and much better the path that has been written for you if you choose do to so. Does this answer your question?

Student : Yes, very well Tomas. The Seconaphim are Angels of Reflectivity and there are many who are specialized in different areas. Do they independently and directly work on us or do they only work for Celestial Beings or under their orders?

TOMAS: The Seconaphim serve the Celestial Beings of Paradise, Havona, the Superuniverses and the local universes and The Supreme Being . They do not work normally directly with humans as do Guardian Angels and Guardians of Destiny. They may be ordered by a Celestial Being to come to you for a special task. The Seconaphim can work with you for different reasons, but it’s always under the orders of a Melchizedek or another Celestial Personality.

You don’t have a Seconaphim with you since you are young or even later to take care of you. They have many tasks in the Morontia worlds, in the local universe, in the Superunivers and it is in this sense that they help with the evolution of a human soul. A Seconaphim will never be assigned to a mortal being during his life time. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, thank you Tomas and we have no questions anymore.

TOMAS: Well then I thank you my children, it was very pleasant and I apologize for the interruption in the languages. As you can see our communication system is still not quite perfect and we are working on it. I say goodbye and wish you a good Sunday. I hope we see each other again, a little faster this time, in a fortnight. Goodbye my children have a good Sunday.



For the explanations and the definitions of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.