PART 12 - 2011

Session of June 8, 2011 – Recorded - Original in French

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril

Received by Kathy

Visitors: AYA Master Spirit n°7 of Orvonton, our Superunivers nr.7 Orvonton.

KUWAYA Master Spirit n°2 of Superunivers n°2

Monsanloran Melchizedek

SIRAYA – Master Spirit n°1 of Superunivers n°1

AYA: This is Aya here my children. I am pleased to find you together. I am Master Spirit No 7 from Superunivers No 7, Orvonton, in which you live.

Yes, the connection with the help of the system of reflectivity came fast this time. We did put everything in place in order to communicate easier and faster. From there comes that dizziness in your head.

We wish to inform you about this: take patience, your time will come. You're already working with Monsanloran to try to clean the human consciousness of all the negativity that was built up here during millennia. Do what he wants each time as quickly as you can. It is very important to clean this Earth so that humanity can evolve faster towards Light and Life.

More will be revealed about these groups of souls with a Morontia body, who stayed on Earth, and about those other souls without physical body that hang around here with their energy body because they could not or did not want to leave. You began this work with your “ancient teachings” and you will receive more means to continue this work.

Your “beginner” classes with your teacher Tomas will serve to educate these wandering souls as you call them, so that they also know where they can continue their evolution. They must make a choice at some point and your “beginner” classes around the Urantia Book will be used to teach them. We will bring them here in this temple. The memorial, which has been installed outside, calls them and attracts them to this place.

Your Q/A sessions will not scare anyone. There are still many people who start just like you with the Urantia Book. These invisible souls will do the same when they will come here to receive these lessons for beginners. This means that your sessions have a dual role and are also one of our tests which will be improved in time.

You, my children, will have much work to do and I know that you will do it with cheerfulness in your heart. Never worry about your physical life and material concerns as you will have everything you need. Just live a simple live and everything will be fine.

Everything you do has great importance, not only for Urantia but for the whole Superunivers of Orvonton.

It may look as if we are putting a lot on your shoulders by announcing this, but you must become aware that you are part of a large family: the Great Human Family existing across all the Superuniverses. You must also be aware of the Celestial Hierarchy, which has been created for you, to help you evolve to reach the Father and to become like Him.

Your little planet has a very special destiny due to the Lucifer rebellion and the fact Christ Michael (Jesus) chose it for his last and seventh bestowal. In many Morontia worlds it is known as the Planet of the Cross because putting a Creator Son on the cross only happened here and could only have happened here. Your Father, Christ Michael (Jesus) loves you so much that he will bring you all back to The Universal Father, to your destiny.

Great means are deployed and the whole Superunivers Orvonton will benefit from it, thanks to all your efforts. We know we can count on you. Thank you, my children, thank you.

MONSANLORAN MELCHIZEDEK here: Yes, my children, you must go to Cockscomb. There is a place to clean and to be swept with the Light Anchor of Placencia. When you will be there we will try to contact all of you to suggest the best place to position yourselves. There was indeed confusion with “Hermans Cave”. There is no cave at Cockscomb, but there is an old ritual site. We'll direct you, because it seems that none of you know this place. So I propose that those who have time take their car and find with our guidance where to do the job we expect from you and from there you go to “Hermans cave” which is very well known and easy to find. Try to go as fast as possible. Meanwhile, whoever has time, will be guided to (Cockscomb) where you will go to sweep this Light Anchor or perhaps create another one, we'll see. Thank you, my children that we can count on you. Goodbye.

KUWAYA here: Master Spirit N° 2, from Superunivers N° 2, The Voice of the Eternal Son.

Soon my children you will receive the visit of another of my Sons, of the one you call Monjoronson (Magisterial Son). Serve him well. He loves you so much. If one day you find yourself face to face with him you will see ME, The Eternal Son-Mother. That's the way human beings can have direct contact with ME, through my Sons just as the one who will come to your planet.

God, The Father contacts you directly through your God Fragment, which He grants you, as well as your personality. He has direct contact with you. I have this with you through my Sons, my Creator Sons and my Avonal Sons.

Everything is going very well, my children, and I am happy that I can talk to you. I speak with you because it's one of my sons who is coming and I want to present him personally to you. You work now for two of my Sons: your Creator Son Christ Michael and the Magisterial Son you name currently Monjoronson. One day you will know his real name, be patient.

Meanwhile I see that you have been assigned many tasks and I'm very glad to help you prepare His coming and doing the work so desperately needed here on Earth.

Thank you very much, my children, I say goodbye. I'll leave you.

SIRAYA here, the Voice of the Father, Master Spirit N°1 of Superunivers N°1.

Yes, my children, the Father wants to speak to you. He is so happy. He feels so much your love and your desire to become like Him and be of service to your brothers and sisters. He loves your prayer. What more can a Father ask from his children? It’s to feel loved by them, which is the greatest gift you can give Him. That's all, my children, goodbye.



Session of 10 June 2011 – recorded – Original in English

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril, Carole, E-Maya and B-Maya

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Malvantra and Monsanloran Melchizedek

MALVANTRA: My dear children, thanks for coming. We have important news for you that we can disclose. You have been aware since a long time of souls that continue to life around and some of you suffered from what is called currently “black magic, voodoo, obeah, satanic rituals” with all the harm it can do.

This will be cleaned up soon with your help.

These, let’s call it “dark magic practices”, have been developed 100.000 of years ago by the followers of Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia; they needed the power of life; they wanted power above humankind. Because all (spiritual) circuitry and connections with the universe were closed on Earth they had to find another way to create life-forms, to create what they called “created life” which we would not call human beings.

As they could not reach the work of the Life Carriers, as they could not reach the celestial channels anymore, they started to create beings with no capacity of soul development. Beings with some kind of consciousness that are not allowed to be created by the universe and all these creatures have to leave your planet.

Due to the Lucifer Rebellion there were also human souls who received a Morontia body after mortal death, because they wanted to continue their evolution here on Earth. These are the ones from whom so many stories exist, like the story of those living in the center of Earth. A human being cannot see them with physical eyes, but they managed to show themselves sometimes. They evolved a little bit faster than you but they cannot stay here either. They have to continue their evolution on the Morontia worlds like everybody. These ones don’t represent a problem.

What has to be cleaned up are the remnants of the creations of Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia which you are not able to see with your physical eyes and which have to be brought to other places than Earth.

Next you have all these remnants of material bound souls that after death leave their physical body and just hang around. These negative remnants of souls cannot go to the heavens because of their materialistic negative mindset and due to the Lucifer Rebellion here on Earth where nothing happened like on a normal planet. These souls sometimes had to stay near their bodies until that body was completely decomposed before they could continue to wander. They live amongst you; they cannot communicate which is very frustrating for them. They don’t know what happened to them and why they cannot communicate anymore. Sometimes they let you feel their presence by moving objects and make noise which does not help.

Your task will be to free these negative remnants of souls and the souls who have been kept imprisoned here by the techniques of black magic and sorcery practices since the Lucifer Rebellion.

You will have quite a job to do. You cannot put an announcement on television for this job, you cannot make publicity for it to avoid attracting lots of problems.

These evil practices are still done by people with “great power”. If they know who you are, what you are doing and what you are up to, they will not appreciate. That’s why we want you to stay as discreet and silent as possible.

For the exterior world you just do meditations together and you travel in group to unusual touristic sites because you enjoy travelling.

You also clean up all the negative thought forms from which you Maya people certainly know how devastating they are. How your people constantly live in fear for this and by living in fear you just feed it, you keep it alive.

A “thought- form” receives energy from every thought you have, a negative or a positive one. If you create “thoughts” of fear, anger, hate, jalousie, you will built a kind of “little monster” that is hate, anger or jalousie.

The ancient ones developed a system in which these “little monsters” could stay alive to harm other people. In order to keep them alive, humans need to have constantly feelings of hate, anger, fear and that is the way their system can go on.

If you stop having feelings of fear, anger, hate, and jalousie and replace them with feelings of Love, Mercy, Comprehension, Forgiveness for each other, these” little monsters “will disappear. They will have no food anymore. You know that if you don’t feed your body, you die. Well that’s how these “little monsters” will die.

I use the name “little monsters” just to give an image. Don’t take that too literally, they can have any aspect, but they are far from bright and light and most of the time they don’t look very nice. So be happy you don’t see them; once humanity is cleared from all that, you will have done a great job. You will receive the means to do so and you will become extremely powerful.

There are only a few conditions: believe in yourself, have confidence in that power you will receive and don’t fear.

If fear is submerging you, call us, call “CHRIST MICHAEL”, say his name aloud and you can be sure that any dark entity will leave. Christ Michael will be immediately near you and even faster when you work in His Name and for Him to help your brethren go forward to Light and Life, where everybody can evolve and receive his chances, where there will be peace and harmony.

There will always be difficulties in life, without challenges a human being cannot evolve, but it will not be as harsh and hard as it is now. You will all feel the Love of God in your hearts, everybody will have a nice smile on his face and there will be no hunger and sickness anymore like it is now. This is the world of Light and Life where you gone help us bring all your brethren.

Thank you my children thank you for having listened to me. I say goodbye to you.

MONSANLORAN: We will tell you tomorrow during another meditation what you have to do in Cockscomb.

{Note Kathy: a person of our group had many problems with wandering souls and despite all our efforts to make them leave; they came back all the time. Until the moment where she thought on those ancient Mayan ritual objects she kept for years in her garage. When I took them in my hands I immediately understood, but she did not want to get rid of them immediately. She asked advice on Monsanloran.}

You have to get rid of all these ritual objects immediately. In that sense you are right, all your family troubles come from there. Break them first in pieces, put them in a bag and dump them far away in the sea.

There are choices you have to make in life: or be happy or keep materials that are of no use to you, on the contrary they are harming you and your family. Don’t give them to anybody else, they are too dangerous. Even if they are cleaned up, when somebody is around who knows how to use them it will start all over again. So put them in bags, take them on a boat, go far away in the sea and dump them there. The sea will clean them and it will be so far away that nobody can use them again and we don’t speak about a physical person here.

Because you work for the Light, that you are from The Father, that you are aware of His presence in you, they will try to harm you in all possible ways. The choice (to destroy these ritual objects) is yours; we cannot impose this to you.

{Note Kathy 2013: this person followed the advice of Monsanloran and now she lives in peace with her family and her house shines from the light.}

The Lucifer Rebellion was not a rebellion of human beings on Earth. The mortals of those days were not even aware of it and did not understand what was going on, except a few. This was a Rebellion between Gods and Celestial Beings and they have all been cast out. Lots of them stay on Prison Worlds and others could stay here on Earth and do what they thought was the best thing to do. What they did here was horrifying for us who look at it from our point of view. We will not go into too many details because these sessions are not meant to become a horror film.

Thus, you will have to deal also with those that are called in the Bible “Fallen Angels” and some others of that kind.

What we ask you are dangerous missions in the sense that your lives could be in danger. As long as you stay quiet, keep a low profile and don’t speak about it, you are save and we are there to help and protect you.

The Light of The Father is stronger than anything.

There is no such a thing anymore as a battle between good and bad. There is no such a thing anymore as a devil that can fight God. Nothing can fight God, The Father. They could go on because The Father did not interfere but now it is finished, their time is up.

I thank you for listening and I hope you will keep our advice in mind. Try to organize next week a question and answers session with Tomas. Read some papers in the Urantia Book you are interested in and ask your questions. If somebody cannot attend the session, give your questions to someone that is attending so that everybody can learn from your questions, you as well as the others. Thank you my children.

I hope that we can do both places on our trip next Sunday. For the “Herman’s cave” you don’t have to enter very deep. Once you are inside the cave find you a nice place not too far from the entrance and sit if possible in a circle otherwise like you can, than use the Light Anchor of Placencia to sweep it around with the intention to bring the Light to that place and to remove all darkness and negativity …..Tell the souls who want to go on to follow that Light to continue their path of evolution.

Thank you my children. Thank you very much that we can count on you. Don’t worry for your material lives as you will always have everything you need. You will always have food, shelter, water, health and a little bit more. So do not worry, if you do the right thing you will not suffer. Have faith and be strong. The Father is abundance. He doesn’t want you to continue to life in poverty or in difficulties. When you have faith and work for The Father, when you follow His guidance and give your will over to His Will, He will guide you to a life of abundance on every level. Thank you my children, this was all for today. Goodbye.



For the definitions and explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.