PART 13 - 2011

Session of 12 June 2011 – recorded – English Translation -Original French

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Monjoronson, Magisterial – Avonal Son

Monsanloran Melchizedek

Monjoronson : Hello, my children. It is with great joy that I come to you again. You have a very difficult task, but you will receive all powers and capabilities to perform it.

Some of the Melchizedeks, who will join me when I will come on Earth already deal with you and take great care of your small team. You're all pampered and protected as valuable assets to perform the task we expect from you.

What you will do tomorrow, despite the fact that you will not understand nor see the direct results, is very important. There are many places that must be cleaned, to use this word. This region has been terribly infested a long time ago, in fact since hundreds of thousands of years. That means that every small place where you go to clean with the help you receive, is extremely important for the entire planet.

You have received a very hard training to be able to do this work. Now we are going to give you even more power and more capacities to achieve this at a much higher level. You don’t ask too many questions on the subject and its better like this. Do the work and we will disclose you little by little what has been done and what it is. These are small enjoyable journeys for you, sometimes a little adventurous and acrobatic, but still pleasant and by doing them you do much good to this little planet.

Everywhere you go, in any country where you pass, we will let you do this kind of work. Therefore be always alert when we will try to communicate with you. Sometimes you will be working together, sometimes alone and be sure you have all enough capacities to clean and do the work.

Discretion is still required, but you know that by now. You also know that these are not topics with which you have to show off or they will put you very fast in a “house for crazy people”, as you say, or a psychiatric hospital.

Thank you very much, my children. I wanted to thank you personally for this work that you will undertake and that you have already started. Goodbye, my children.

MONSANLORAN : I come to you with the details you need for tomorrow. Go to Cockscomb and you will be guided to the right place. We tried to give an image to this little one here, but it was not so successful. It is a clearing, you will follow the road and at a certain place, there is a clearing. Take a machete with you to cut the vegetation to be able to sit comfortably.

You will create a Permanent Light Anchor like the one of Placencia. You are already used to it because you have created several. You will put yourselves there in a circle and create a Merkabah Anchor of Universal Energy while asking to keep it permanently anchored in that location. It is not important for us which place you want to do first (Cockscombe or St.Hermans cave), but if you leave early, you will definitely be able to do the two places. We count on you.

Creating a Permanent Anchor of Universal Energy in that location will help evolve all people that will pass by and become aware of its presence. You will also be connected to this new Anchor, which means that whenever you enter into meditation, you have to connect yourselves to this anchor just like you connect you to all anchors you helped to create. This will maintain them active and will increase your power and your skills with universal energy.

Thank you my children, I will see you next week when you have time to meet to discuss what you will have done tomorrow. Goodbye, my children.


Session 15 June 2011 – recorded – Translated in English - Original in French

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Monsanloran Melchizedek

AYA -Master Spirit n° 7 – of Superunivers N°7 Orvonton. The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

Monsanloran: Hello my children thank you for coming together today to listen to me. You did a good job last Sunday. We guided you properly to Cockscomb and we laughed well, but you eventually found the right place.

The Anchor you installed will be a great wellbeing for the region. Many people visit this place and, when they will come there to picnic or to relax, they will experience the effects of this Anchor and start to meditate. Thus, because it is a small reserved corner, not too much in view, this Anchor may play a similar role as the one of Placencia.

"St Hermans Cave" was something else. Millions of souls have been maintained imprisoned there for thousands of years because of rituals of what you could call sorcerers. These are low advanced souls but this way we can remove them to continue their evolution on the first Mansion world or “other places” that are more suitable for them.

These souls were trapped by rituals known by some shamans or sorcerers, regardless of their name, that used a negative psychic energy to hold them and force them to harm. Not everything that was removed from there were human souls. There were other life-forms present that were used to keep these human souls captive which had to continue their path elsewhere.

You may wonder why we don’t do it ourselves immediately and directly. Well we need you to be able to take actions. It is the human being who has to help his brethren with our help. We need you to act on the field, to do what should be done……which is what you could call a co-creative work.

You are the intermediaries, you go to the places and it is through you that we can act as well as through your bodies which have been extensively prepared for this work and still are today. Not everyone is able to do this without the training you received and still receive to do this work. It is a very specific work.

We use your group here for this cleaning-up, to help all those lower souls to continue their path and also the more advanced souls that are more able to make a choice. We will use your lessons and your Q/A sessions with Tomas and perhaps another teacher called Ham, to help them understand whereto they may evolve and why they remained here. Thus they will be able to make informed choices.

When someone has to judge, to decide without knowledge, he cannot make good decisions. This is why we will give them these trainings during your Q/A sessions. Therefore, if sometimes you receive answers on your questions with information that is not very connected to your questions, it will be on purpose. This will be done for those souls that will follow your lessons.

I hope you don’t fear, you must already be familiar with this situation. These are your companions, your brethren, without physical body that didn’t receive a good education and stayed here for many years by their own choice. They must go on now but knowingly and that’s why they will receive these lessons.

We are preparing another trip for you, probably the “ ATM caves” in Cayo. I don't know if you will be able to do the trip in one day, that’s up to you. You need to make the complete tour in these caves, even going very far inside. We will give you instructions on what you have to do and where. Put shoes on that can get wet because you will walk in water in these caves. They are very popular and well known with guides and so on. It is a place where human sacrifices were practiced a long time ago. I think that there are even skeletons and old pottery.

Do you have any questions?

Cyril: Good afternoon Monsanloran. When we were in the St. Hermans cave and we used our Placencia Light Anchor to clean the cave, we had to put our flashlights on the ground and close them. At one point one of these flashlights lit itself. How was this possible?

Monsanloran: You are always accompanied by Midwayers when you do this kind of work. This little girl here did not know when to stop the sweeping with the Light of the Placencia Light Anchor all over the place. The Midwayers, who are able to do this, simply lit the flashlight in front of her that was lying next to you as a sign. Now that you are aware of their presence you can agree with them on a sign, like they did here deliberately, when you need to do something and you are not very sure of yourself. You can always agree with them about a specific sign to help you out.

They are there to help and protect you and they serve as intermediaries between you and us.

Another question?

Cyril: Yes Monsanloran. When we finished the sweeping with the Anchor, B-Maya and I went higher up and deeper in the cave while the others left the cave. We decided to do a meditation. When we started the meditation we had immediately a very high pressure on our head and felt a terrible weight on our stomach which was very uncomfortable. We stopped the meditation and left the cave for fresh air. What happened? Thank you.

MONSANLORAN: It was a lack of oxygen. There is a lack of air circulation in that cave. When you went higher up where the ceiling of the cave became lower and you had to crouch, there was not enough oxygen. Therefore, by putting yourselves in meditation in such places with that energy power still around you, gave you a feeling of losing balance because of a great lack of oxygen. That’s why you had that nauseous feeling. You did the right thing to stop immediately, and get out breathing some fresh air.

The lower psychic energies don’t leave just by the use of a Light Anchor; they leave also through your bodies. It was therefore not a good idea to do that meditation in that cave without enough oxygen, while your body was still working to help depart these lower energies and souls that had to continue their path of evolution.

Next time, don’t start a meditation after such a work because you are still working even when you leave the place. They leave faster in open air and we made you understand that you needed to stop by putting a strong pressure on your heads.

Another question ?

Cyril : No Monsanloran. I thank you for these explanations and it will not happen again.

Monsanloran: Very well, my boy. Then I'll leave you to your concerns. Take your information for the ATM caves, because you will need several hours to remain inside. You need to do things in different places and we will prepare your tasks and give you clues where to do what.

It is important that you're six, minimum 5 people. This will be a different job, but we will enhance your capabilities so that you are able to do the work and we will be at your side. Don't be afraid, everything will be alright as always. Goodbye my children.

AYA: Hello this is AYA here. Master spirit No. 7 of Superunivers No. 7, Orvonton, the one in which you live. I am very pleased to see that your little group does faithfully his work for Monsanloran.

Thanks to you all here and those who are not present today, we have been able to install the Reflectivity System in a much better way. It will be used to give messages in several languages at the same time all over the world, for our communication with human beings. Our job now is to train other T/R's around the globe that gradually will understand and know in what they are involved.

You'll be soon put in contact with other people in other countries that will assist you. Or you will go to them, or they will come to you to accompany you in your work. We need more people who can do this or maybe you can start travelling to different countries to do certain jobs….. well… this is for the future. Fear not for your financial means, we know that travelling on earth is expensive. All of this will be arranged, you'll see, just like you've found “the tracks of the jaguar” (in Cokscombe Jaguar parc to show us the right place).

When the Magisterial Son and the twelve Melchizedeks will be here, other tasks are waiting you, tasks of coordination like those of Monsanloran. I don't mean that you are going to do the work of Monsanloran but that you will have other coordination tasks to do under the directive of Monsanloran, Malvantra and even a few others to facilitate the coordination between your Superunivers, this Local Universe and this planet.

It is from here that it will start: from Urantia.

Urantia will be the “the communication center” between the Superunivers Orvonton and this Local Universe Nebadon of Christ Michael and Nebadonia. You will play a role in this with others. This role will be revealed much later. You will have a role to play in this with others with whom you will be put slowly in contact; other people in other countries that will also be connected to this type of Communication system by Reflectivity.

I thank you very much my children and have a good afternoon.



For the words in blue see Urantia Book.