Nobody on Urantia is forced to accept God.

Session 1 of 2 January 2013 – recorded – Original English

Place: Mezza Verde in  Placencia Belize

Visitor: Ma-Quin (= new dawn in Maya), Primary Midwayer

Received by B-Maya .

(Note Wivine : the two grandfathers of B-Maya were medicine-shamans. One died a long time ago and the second one became too old and almost blind at the time where he could have taken the boy into the Maya Mountains to train him in a hidden Maya initiation temple 4 days walk from the village. The boy spoke to him about what he was doing with us and the grandfather began to think... after a while he said to his grandson (19 years old at the time) that he was pleased to have at least one grandson who would continue his work even if it was in a different way.)

Ma-Quin spoke after 45min            Total time meditation: 59min

MA-QUIN here: My dearest child it is your own choice for being here, nobody on Urantia is forced to obey, trust and accept God. They have to seek and find The Universal Father themselves. God knows how to interact, touch their heart and send messages and it is the people that harden their hearts to believe that God is within them. The Universal Father wants to communicate and share His Guidance, to let you know your personal Guardian Angel, the upcoming new life on the Morontia worlds – your soul and your heart – where these things started and how it will end, where you come from and where you are going.

That is the reason I am here to speak and to lead you to understand and operate with human beings on Urantia. Living on Urantia is not an easy thing.

There were Ancient Maya people who lived, experienced and passed away, leaving their own believes and documentary behind them.

That is why the previous date of 21rst December 2012 was the widest spread news around Urantia and people believed that on that day, the day of judgement and the end of life would come.


I made several contacts before Jesus Christ walked on earth with the Chiefs and Elites of the Maya’s during their highest civilisations. Their lives were of great value to them and they talked to the Higher Beings by doing regular meditations in their sacred temples and places which made them believe that their celestial teachers were Gods speaking to them.

(Note B-Maya: from there that the Maya’s had many Gods, these Gods were their celestial teachers and they respected them very much. All was about respect to the celestials. The ancient ones went into meditation for everything, even to know when to plant corn; they had no human teachers or human schools. Their knowledge came from the celestials through meditation and by doing so they had access to a broader mind then their own human mortal mind).

I am one of the Primary Midwayers that guided them and today most of those Chiefs and Elites are now celestial teachers working with us.

The messages and the information of those days have been hidden and some of them were even destroyed.

Therefore the year 2012 was an important year on the level of the unseen. It was the time for the Maya’s to open the door, although nothing special happened on the physical plane, to enter into the wider world to share values, norms and believes which will make them capable to live with one another in one society and one system.

There will be those ones who will be asked to keep records and that is why in the year 2012--- I, Ma-Quin, Primary Midwayer ----- could……. after so many years…… make once again several contacts with the people of your group that is composed of different ethnic people to keep the knowledge of The Universal Father.

(Note B-Maya: transmission broke here because of a terrible noise that took me out of the meditation.)



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