The moral code of civilizations.

Session n°2 of 7 January 2013 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Cyril and Wivine.

Visitors: Lanaforge, Sovereign of the planetary System Satania.

                   Siraya, Master Spirit n°1 of Superunivers n°1, the Voice of The Universal Father.

Received by Wivine.

Lanaforge spoke after 1h06min……           Total time meditation: 1h37min.

Lanaforge here: your trip to Coba (Mexico) is important, especially for those two of Belize who have to store information.

We will use those from here to eradicate certain sad practices that occur very often in your country among certain ethnic groups. It comes all from the same source and we will destroy this in different cities of your country with the Melchizedeks and the Midwayers that usually accompany you. It will destroy in time the whole system that was implemented by the Afro-Europeans throughout all the Caribbean. We will do the same for them as for the Maya’s, but on a larger scale.

The used method will stay the same for you, but not for us. We have put our heads together to see what to do because it doesn’t function quite the same way. By the fact that these people live across several continents and traveled more than the Maya populations these practices are scattered over all North America, the Caribbean and South America. You can spread this 'cleaning work' over several day-trips during the following months because it is from here that we will break this scourge to annihilate it.

You took this task on your shoulders and know its team work. We hope that we can count on everyone.

You are all souls in progression, none of you is perfect. You are all loved by your God Fragment and you are protected by the Midwayers and an army of Angels because this kind of 'cleaning' is part of the work that is under my control.

I thank you all and goodbye.

Siraya here: I am the Voice of the Universal Father. My children, I would like to congratulate you for the efforts made, for all the love you showed to your fellow men and because you came to Me. I, who gave you your life, a personality and one of My Fragments so that you can develop your 'soul embryo' through your actions and decisions.

How does it work?

Your mortal mind, the intelligence of your brain works electrochemically and has a memory. All this will disappear after death with your physical body.

Whenever you make a decision or that you offer spontaneously your help to someone, already from an early age, your God Fragment will translate these actions and emotions at a spiritual level and validate them on your soul like diamonds and that is how your soul develops.

All your actions and selfish thoughts, the harm done to others, your dark feelings are not recorded on the soul because they have no spiritual value. All this will remain behind you here after death and your physical body will dissipate.

When your soul will be resurrected on the First Mansion world and receives her new Morontia body with a new Morontia Mind, an intellect much broader than the mortal mind, she will shine with all her gained ‘light’ thanks to all her good deeds, all she did out of love and devotion, with all spiritual gems she gathered during her earthly life.

If you have never done a good deed or took responsibility to help others, never felt a strong desire to do something good without expecting anything in return, you'll get little light on your soul and will have much more catching up to do on the First Mansion World than those who collected a lot of spiritual jewelry and Light during their earthly life. Here, you cannot see the greatness of the soul of a person, but there it will be visible to everyone.

It is not enough to follow the moral code imposed by your culture and civilization to gain 'light' for your soul. Moral codes vary considerably among civilizations and during epochs. At the moment there are places on your globe where people are sentenced to death for acts considered as criminal in their region according to their moral and religious codes, their culture and their civil laws; for acts that would be totally acceptable in other countries.

I explain it this way to make you understand that following only a moral code imposed by your civilization, with or without a religion in the background, is not sufficient to raise spiritual gems for the soul. The civil laws and moral codes exist for the proper functioning of a civilization, religions are there to make a link between man and God, and it's all part of the gradual evolution of humanity as a whole.

There are many ethnic groups on your planet with a lot of different religions or even without any belief. There are people who live in highly technological civilizations; others live simpler lives in jungles, deserts, the taiga and mountains, more in agreement with nature. They have all their moral codes, and most have a belief in God, regardless how they perceive Him.

My children, I ask you to come out of love to Me, by your own will. No one is obliged, no one is forced. I have placed one of My Fragments in every young life when he or she has performed a first good deed or made a moral decision and in spite of that there is still a lot of work to do to improve yourself.

Thank you all to want to represent Me on Earth; to speak from experience and to meet to meditate in silence; to learn to surrender your will completely to my Guidance and wanting to receive the wisdom of the Celestial Teachers who are here to help you.

Live in peace and come together as before. Give the example. Thank you, my children and goodbye.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book