Raising gifts for The Supreme Being.

Session 3 of 14 January 2013 – recorded- English translation –Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril, Carole, B-Maya, and Wivine

Visitor: Christ Michael (Jesus), Createur Son of our local universe Nebadon.

Received by Wivine.

Christ Michael spoke after 1h24min…….               Total time meditation: 1h53min

Christ Michael (Jesus) here: My children, I speak to all of you, to those who are far away from this place as well as those who are present here. My children, a bright future awaits you where you can all be of service to your brethren in a way that you cannot understand for the moment but which will help them to better feel the presence of the Universal Father in their hearts and in the future, when they will seek The Father, to feel the presence of The Supreme Being in Paradise.

All of this is in preparation and you are trained to work on many levels.

You are able to work with 'the Energy of The Trinity' or according to your abilities with the “Power of Love and Mercy of your God Fragment” at the visible and invisible level around Earth.

You remove those "partial identities" or ghosts that were part of the 'complete system of humans' before they died which could not follow the soul because they carry lower emotions.

You clean up the ‘negative thought forms' that were created voluntarily by rituals or by people who had a lot of dark thoughts during their lives.

You do a lot of good work for many years and all your souls are linked. When you are in meditation we take you to study elsewhere, or to do a necessary job in other parts of the globe.

The Morontia body that develops around your soul takes more and more place in your physical body. You feel its side effects during your meditations due to the increase in voltage of the nervous system that is strengthened. You find yourself before a huge transformation in order to better help your planet.

The advantage of a group, is that each individual grows faster and better than a person alone. Another advantage of your group is that you perform tasks in a team under our leadership, an ability much appreciated in Paradise.

Perhaps one day each of you will create his own meditation group to help others experience the Divine Spark that lives in everyone.

I ask you to be very careful when you meet people from other cultures. Don't judge them because you don't know anything about their history or their current living conditions. Do not judge others lightly based on your own morals and culture. Every region, every culture has its habits and its moral standards and it's almost an automatism when you watch others living differently to judge them as negative, straggler or wrong. Look at what you have in common with those who live here on Earth, what is beautiful and good in them because in all cultures there is something to learn to improve.

I would like to say a word now on the importance of learning by experience.

Everything you learn by experience is knowledge that belongs to you, that was felt and lies in you. They are your wisdom and your understanding of things.

You start your life with a large empty basket on the back and every experience is an asset that belongs to you that you will put in this basket. The more experiences you will live here and during all your ascension career that will make you grow, the more your basket will be filled with beautiful gifts that you will offer to honor and thank The Supreme Being when you will encounter Her; because She too needs your gifts to grow.

All these experiences full of tears and joys will be later of great value to obtain a status in the new era of the Universes as a Finaliter. To obtain it, you must first have reached Paradise to be embraced by the Universal Father and take an oath. Subsequently you will be included in the "Corps of the finality of glorified mortals". Then you’ll improve by experiencing all facets of The Trinity through the Seven Superuniverses. You will then be a Glorified Spiritual Creature with a dual mind, namely the human mind and the Divine mind that are attuned.

The next step will be a "second transcendental connection with the spiritual circuits' of The Eternal Son-Mother and only then will you become a recognized and accepted candidate with status for the future Master Universe of God the Supreme. Once God the Supreme will receive full powers over the Master Universe in the next era of the universes, you who will then work under Her authority will receive a third mind, namely the Supreme Mind or experiential Mind and your dual mind will then become 'triune'.

I try to make you understand that you have a responsibility to the Supreme Being in which you live and who helps you to develop. You must also help Her to grow by your commitment, your actions and decisions. The important thing is to ascent to Her with a large basket full of gifts that will represent your experiences, your wonderful decisions, your good deeds, the tasks and responsibilities you took upon you. Your basket can be filled with small, medium or large gifts, regardless, once it is filled.

My children, I hope that with this image I could clarify the importance to act, not only read and to be satisfied just with intellectual knowledge.

You learn with your group by experience, by acting each under the guidance of your God Fragment. None of you is the spiritual teacher of the other. You learn all faster thanks to the experiences of the others that are added to yours. Everyone has a role to play in the group because you have all different qualities.

We are not building you out to become a great spiritual teacher that will teach his great wisdom to others. If you encounter a person who asks you questions first ask guidance before responding and don’t say too much. Don’t be rigid in your beliefs; do not impose them because what you understand today you will have to review already next month.

Each of you is helped in the development of his ability to hear and see the Celestials and follow the guidance of his indwelling Thought adjuster, if you make the effort on your side through your solitary or group meditations and by your actions.

The progression of your soul depends on you, it is your own responsibility and not that of someone else; another person cannot activate or delay it.

If you don’t want to stay with this group anymore that is not a problem. Your evolution will continue as your individual progress does not depend only on your activity in this group. It can make it easier, it can make it go faster, but it doesn’t depend only on your presence in this particular group.

If you want to leave this group to make other discoveries, go for it. Do not think that you will do something wrong and do not think that following your departure the group will no longer operate. There are constantly people who will come and leave here.

I tell you this because we don’t want you to follow these meditations and teachings as an obligation with the fear that if you are not going to join them all the time you'll find yourself ten steps backward. This is not the case.

You are all very close to your God Fragment and it is up to you to follow His guidance. You all have your own speed and if you want to follow these meditations, well follow them. If you say 'no, I don’t want anymore, I want to do something else', then you will be guided towards other experiences that will be beneficial for you.

Nobody is obligated to anything. Everything is beneficial as long as you want to help others or work on your soul growth and you all have the capacity to do so. Your will is King and nobody will be punished if he wishes to leave the group or skip a few meditations.

Continue as you do, children. We are all very happy with your progress. I thank you and see you next time.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book