The material body, the soul and The Spirit.

Session n°4 of 15 January 2013 – recorded – Original English

Place: Mezza Verde – Placencia – Belize

Present:  B-Maya

Visitor: Unknown celestial (did not present himself).

Received by B-Maya

Visitor: unknown celestial (he did not present himself).

Unknown Celestial:  my dear child listen very carefully and take note that I am here to explain a little bit about the soul, the Spirit and the material body.

The majority of the humans fail to understand that every human being is composed out of different elements. Although these elements (physical body-mind-soul- God Fragment) can function by themselves, the material body is not strong enough to continue to survive by its own.

The mind in every human being is the strong source that let them do things through their daily lives. The Spirit (God Fragment) is the most powerful element and the majority of the people cannot see him.

But God, The Universal Father, always seeks the soul and how strong she is to be able to travel to reach Him.

I am going to explain you some changes that took place in Coba, the trip you did in Mexico last week-end with your companions.

{Note B-Maya: to understand what is explained below you have to know that when we arrived at the site we all had terrible pressure on our chakra 6 and 7 and around our upper brain. When we arrived at the highest Maya temple Wivine, Carole and Victor where seated on a wooden bench to go in meditation and Wivine told me to climb on top of the high pyramid to do there what the Ancient Maya Priests did. I had it very difficult to climb the last 50 steps because I had the impression that a heavy load was put on my shoulders. When I arrived at the top the celestials directed me where to sit and Wivine gave me a sign that we all could start the meditation. I was immediately gone without noticing my body anymore. Suddenly I heard Wivine calling me that the meditation was over. I tried to stand up but couldn’t move and after a while I felt terrible pain on my legs and had many difficulties to get down the pyramid. This pain in my legs lasted almost 2 days. We all were wondering what happened. What follows is the explanation.}

When your group arrived at the Maya site your chakra 6 and 7 were restless, they continued to cause pressure on your heads and during this occasion something happened to the part of the brain where the chakra 7 is located.

Remember that the body is composed out of living cells and they are able to react to the environment and the atmosphere. However during your meditation on top of the highest Maya temple, the cells of chakra 7 were drifted apart to have easy access for receiving and transmitting data.

During the meditation your soul had easy communication with the Higher Celestials without you knowing it. This is because your body don’t function anymore when the soul leaves until the moment the soul returns in the physical body. When the soul left your body you felt like a balloon floating in the air and when Spirit let her come back unexpectedly there might be some reactions that show on the material body. For instance you might feel a terrible headache, pain on certain locations or even having a terrible fever. This is not something strange; it simply says that the soul is capable to live longer than the material body.



For the words in blue see the Urantia Book