PART 14 - 2011

Question and Answer session with Teacher Tomas

Session June, 17 2011 – recorded – Original English/French

Place: Mezza Verde in Belize

Present: Carole,Cyril., B-Maya., E-Maya.

Received by Kathy

Visitor: Monsanloran Melchizedek

{Note Kathy: I wrote the name TOMAS as Thomas in the beginning. Due to a session in 2012 we were told that his name is written without “H”.

Monsanloran spoke after 47min. Total time meditation: 1h56min.

MONSANLORAN: Hello my kids, nice to have you all together. I just come to have a little chat with you all. We upgraded your capacities for the work you have to do in the Caves.

The details will come later but you will have to use the Light Anchor of Placencia at some places, create one on another place and use the one of Cockscomb on another place. You will be accompanied by different Midwayers that will guide you through this trip. You have already a few dates in mind and we will try to give you all the clues you need to do the job. You can already go on the internet and try to find all the documentation there is on these caves. One of you already went in them, so by discussing together what one knows about it and the documentation you will find we gone try to give you some clues where to do what.

I am going to let you start your lesson with Tomas and we brought many souls with us to follow this lesson. Thank you my children.

Do not worry about all the work that still has to be done. It will take time to clean the entire planet, more time than you will live here on Earth. We start with you all here and in time other groups will be formed and continue the job. You are our first weapons against these creatures and all the problems that come from it. So don’t worry, we know very well and exactly what we are doing. Thank you all for having listened to me and help me in this tremendous big job that has to be done. Thank you and goodbye my kids.

TOMAS: Hello my friends. Nice to see you back and I hope I will be of some help. I suppose you have your questions ready, so let the first one start and ask.

Student: I have questions about The Universal Father. What does it mean when the Urantia Book states that « He has created the Heaven and The Heaven of Heavens with all their hosts?”

TOMAS: To answer that question I have to start with what I explained last time: The Trinity.

The Isle of Paradise has been created first by The Universal Father with The Eternal Son-Mother and The Infinite Spirit, thus by The Trinity. That was the first created place.

The Universal Father took 2 parts out of Him, first The Eternal Mother (or Eternal Son) and then, out of both (Eternal Father and Eternal Mother together) The Infinite Spirit came into existence.

When the Infinite Spirit came into existence she created immediately Havona. Havona is a big Universe with millions of planets circulating around The Isle of Paradise where The Universal Father resides.

The Trinity Deities created Paradise Beings that live in Paradise. They created other Deities and Beings who reside on Havona.

When The Universal Father emitted the will to create human beings like Him and spoke about it to the Eternal Mother-Son, automatically The Infinite Spirit started to create all the Superuniverses.

To do this, The Infinite Spirit created the Seven Master Spirits and out of each Master Spirit a Superunivers came into being. We have 7 Superuniverses and 7 Master Spirits.

Afterwards a lot of other Celestial Beings were created to administrate and to create the material worlds (in the Superuniverses).

It is only after the creation of the Superuniverses with their Local Universes that there came a possibility to create life on planets in these local universes; Intelligent life out of which human beings came out with a capacity of soul development. A soul that through evolution could ascend to The Paradise Father by passing through all these celestial worlds.

Does this answer your questions? (yes) Next question.

Student: This passage states: “The myriads of planetary systems were all made to be eventually inhabited by many different types of intelligent creatures, beings who could know God, receive the divine affection and love Him in return.Who are all these different intelligent creatures?

TOMAS: When the Superuniverses were created by the Master Spirits, The Universal Father together with The Eternal Mother (or Eternal Son) created the Creator Sons. In each Superunivers you have 100.000 Local Universes and the space of each Local Universe has to be organized by a Creator Son. The name of your Creator Son is Christ Michael. He created all these planets and planetary systems in this local universe called Nebadon. A local universe has constellations and in a constellation you have planetary systems. A planetary system has about 1,000 habitable planets. It is on a planet like Earth (Urantia), which is located in the planetary system of Satania, where it is suitable to create life forms out of which human beings come forth.

The atmosphere and the temperature can be different on all these planets and this means that it is not possible to create the same intelligent life-forms for human beings with a capacity of soul development on all these different planets.

You have planets without oxygen. You need oxygen to live by breathing, but there are planets without. You have planets with much more heath then here. So the human beings who are created on all these different planets look very different from you and have all intellectual capacities and possibilities of soul development. If you would be able to meet them, you would see that they look much different then you. You would not be able to live on planets without oxygen with your type of physical body.

They all have a mind, intelligence and can develop a soul. When they receive a Father Fragment (=Thought Adjuster), which you need for the development of your soul in combination with your mortal mind, they have the possibility to learn to know The indwelling Father and to reach Him by loving Him; you can only reach The Universal Father if you love Him.

Not all human beings are able to reach The Universal Father in Paradise. Some are embraced by our Divine Mother-Spirit Nebadonia (of this local universe), some are embraced by Christ Michael (Jesus) and some are embraced by The Infinite Spirit; this means that some will stay in the Superunivers Orvonton and some will stay in this Local Universe of Nebadon.

On Earth all human beings receive a God Fragment to develop their soul which stays with them during their complete evolution. At a certain moment in their evolution they will fuse with their God Fragment, which happens normally on the Mansion worlds. A soul of a human being on this planet is able to fuse in time with her God Fragment. By doing so the personality of that soul will be given to her God Fragment and both will continue their journey to The Universal Father to be embraced by Him as one and unique celestial being.

This is not always the case with human beings on other planets. They receive sometimes a God Fragment that does not stay with them once they leave their physical body. These souls will also evolve further on the Mansion worlds and will fuse later with a fragment of our Divine Mother-Spirit, or of Christ Michael but not with their God Fragment,.. or possibly from The Infinite Spirit, it all depends.

Does this answer your question? (yes) Next question please.

Student: If we do all the right things and know God well. Do you think we could become like The Universal Father and have everlasting life?

TOMAS: You are meant to have an everlasting life. Once your God Fragment or Thought Adjuster, starts creating you a soul with your mortal mind and you do the right things, your soul will evolve, will have capacity for eternal life. Once you leave your physical body behind you, your soul will continue to evolve and learn on 1.500 celestial worlds if you choose to do so. You will receive an eternity of time to reach that goal if you do indeed always the right thing, love The Father, have the desire to reach Him to become like Him. You will receive possibility to go on your own pace and rhythm to evolve to The Father and have an everlasting life. Once you have fused with your God Fragment - your Thought Adjuster, you have certainly reached the point where you will reach eventually everlasting life.

If you do bad things, if you don’t want to go forward to The Universal Father, you will drift away from His Light until you reach the point where you don’t want to do any effort anymore, where your soul just prefers to end her existence.

To reach The Universal Father, to reach that everlasting life is very demanding. It asks efforts from you, efforts of service, of love for The Father and service to your brothers and sisters. Certainly to learn to work in group, in a team, to work with more people because that’s the most important thing you will have to achieve, working with different people together on one project.

I am here with you, I give you this lesson, but we are with much more. We are with more than 10 teachers to work on this lesson here. I am the one who speaks to you and the others are helping me in this.

When you will be on the Mansion worlds you will meet souls of human beings that lived on other planets and who are so different from you. They belief and think about The Universal Father from a different point of view. You will have to learn to work with them, to understand them and to be patient with everybody.

You are a group of people coming from different countries, different languages, with different physical features, different religions and cultures, and you work all together for Monsanloran Melchizedek to do a great job and to learn more about The Universe, The Universal Father and all created Celestial Beings who are there to help you evolve and reach The Universal Father. What you are doing now is already one of those first lessons you normally would start learning on the First Mansion World.

This is a very good experiment for you all to learn to work in the future with people coming from different planets, looking different, with different backgrounds, religions and believe systems that will go with you to the same school classes on the Mansion Worlds. Be grateful for this opportunity you receive here and now.

Next question.

Student: The Universal Father is not the personal Creator of a Local Universe, but He created The Paradise Universe. What is the difference between a Local Universe and The Paradise Universe?

TOMAS: With “The Paradise Universe” we relate to “The Isle of Paradise” which was the first creation of The Trinity and the second creation was “Havona” when The Father made the Wish to create beings at His own image. Havona is a universe that circles around Paradise. These two together are also called the Heaven of Heavens.

From Havona seven Superuniverses were created.

The Isle of Paradise with Havona around it and the seven Superuniverses are called The Grand Universe.

In a Superunivers you have different Local Universes and all life in a Local Universe is created by a Creator Son from the family of The Michaels and your Creator Son is called Christ Michael.

Indeed, The Universal Father does not create directly the planetary systems with their planets because that is done by a Creator Son with his companion The Divine Mother-Spirit of the local universe, the daughters of The Infinite Spirit.

Other question please.

Student: I am studying Social Philosophy in my classes at school and there are things that confuse me in comparison to what The Urantia Book says.

How could the Ancient Philosophers have views and visions about the future which is now happening in our actual life? Did their visions and views come from the inspiration of their Inner God Fragment?

TOMAS: The great philosophers could envision the probabilities of evolution of humankind. They certainly had reached a point where they followed the guidance of their Thought Adjusters extremely well. There is a place in the universe where there is the possibility to see the probability of the evolution of humankind at a certain point in time. When I speak about the probability it means that because you have free-will you can always change your future. You will find more information in the Urantia Book about this. When you will read these papers you will understand more.

Does this answer your question? (yes)

Next question.

Student: Most of these Philosophers views are agreeable, but when they reach the topic of the creation of a human being I am confused when they say that God created first a human being without gender; that humans are all created equal and the same. But how did we change in female and male appearances with different roles to play in our families and societies?

TOMAS: There is a kind of confusion in the Bible stories about the creation of human beings. First of all it is not Adam and Eve who were the first human beings. The statement that God created first a human being in one form without gender is not very correct.

When the Life Carriers implanted life here it started with “one cell” with the possibility in its DNA to evolve into a human being with the shape you have now. This cell evolved first in waters, evolved further into different animals which came on land, these animals evolved further and some started to walk on their legs of which some primates or apes are remnants. In time there is always a kind of genetic jump out of which suddenly a beginning of an evolved human being appears. Human beings come out of evolution and they have always been male or female during their evolution. All that confusion about God creating human beings out of one gender is not very scientific and not very correct.

Everything in the universes has in a certain sense two genders. There was a need of a masculine and feminine gender on your planet for the reproduction of human beings and they have to come into balance and harmony.

There is no difference between the souls of a man or woman created with a God Fragment and the mortal mind. You receive the same capacity of soul development regardless if your created soul is polarized female or male.

Your hormones, the chemical functions of your bodies, the roles you have to play in society can make you act differently in the same situation. There is certainly a difference which means that male and female are complementary. It is not so that one is always more intelligent than the other. I can assure you that there are very intelligent females on your planet, much more intelligent than millions and millions of males and vice versa. All these differences about power and capacities are just men created due to the fact that it was the one with the biggest physical power in ancient days that could survive and evolve.

If you keep your own child away from education, from learning to express her and you let it do just little tasks, how far would it evolve you think? If you give another child with the same capabilities as your first child all the possibilities to evolve, to have education, to learn, to see the world, this child will have much more possibilities to develop.

When you lived in times where life was very hard with pretty much wild life around you and you had to live in caves and situations like that, there was the need of strong males to protect the family. Now you live in a world where there is much technology, where women can evolve and study as well as men and that difference flows away. A woman has her own nature; she is made to give birth. Her hormonal system affects here too and she will always be more caring, feel more responsible for her kids and for their education. She will be more preoccupied with that which is an important role, a very important role. The man has other roles to play. When a woman has to take care of the kids, the man has to provide the necessities, the food and everything for his family. Children need both parents to evolve and grow in a healthy way.

Just like you have The Universal Father and The Eternal Son that you may compare to a Mother because The Universal Father create Sons together with The Eternal Mother-Son.

Does this answer your question? (yes)

Another question?

Student: A question about the different races on Earth before Adam and Eve came here.

Why is it necessary to have at a certain point different colored races for the evolution of Human Beings?

TOMAS: I know that the problem of the races is very difficult on Urantia because nothing has evolved here like it should have been due to the rebellion.

Human beings come out of animal evolution. The first human beings capable of taking a moral and intelligent decision were very different from the actual human beings with all their different skin colors. Their capacities, their intelligence was much lower. They were very aggressive and made constantly wars.

At some point in time, and this happens on all planets, a genetic jump appears which brings forth the different colored races. Each colored race has his own capacities and specifications. Your planet is a decimal, experimental planet and something different has been tried out here. All these different races were born in one and the same family. This does not happen on other planets where they appear at different times thus coming out of different families.

When the different races came into existence they did what they do everywhere, they fight each other. They made wars and after a while the strongest ones survived and blended.

Due to all what went wrong here and the rebellion, the expected blending of the races did not happen properly.

When humanity achieves her maximum biological evolution level she is ready to receive a Material Son and a Material Daughter which are called an Adam and Eve. They come here with a physical body with a very high Divine DNA and their purpose is to make children between each other.

The DNA of all races of humanity has to be upgraded at a certain moment in their (biological) evolution to increase their intelligence and their psychic capacities to give the soul the possibility to evolve on a higher level.

Adam and Eve had schools, gave lessons and made children. They were called the violet race. Their skin color was not violet but they had a violet glow around their bodies and that’s why they were called the violet race. They were Divine beings and after making a few hundred thousands of children, their children lose the capacity of being immortal. Adam and Eve were immortal and you cannot compare these Material Sons and Daughters or their children with the human beings that lived on Earth at that time.

The purpose was that their own mortal children after a while would mix with the most evolved human races. These humans made great efforts to listen to their teachings, to go to their schools and follow the rules of The Universe.

Now, with all the blending of all these races since the last 30.000 years everybody has a little bit DNA of the violet race. Some have a bit more, others have a bit less, but everybody has. Due to the default of Adam and Eve, their mission could not be completely accomplished like it should have been. And yes, you live all together now with these different skin colors which should have been normally blended into one color at this time of your evolution.

The upgrade of human beings is done differently now. You are receiving tremendous charges of Universe Energy that upgrades your DNA and your intelligence so that everything what went wrong can be corrected. The idea of one race being more intelligent with more capacities then another race is very, very ridiculous at this time. It is just a question of power games and possibilities of education. Everybody if he wants in your civilization can go to school and certainly with the possibilities of the internet that are available you can educate yourself and go forward.

Indeed there are remote places, deep in jungles, in this continent, in Asia, in Africa where you have still people living the way of life of hundred thousands of years ago. But if you put these children in schools of the western civilization to educate and teach them, they will become like people of a western civilization. It is just a question of mentality and environmental conditions.

Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes Tomas and I had two other questions but that first question was answered so totally that it answered the two other questions.

TOMAS: Thank you.

Another question?

{The following Q/A were in French  and translated in English}

Student: We have questions about The Lucifer rebellion. Lucifer attacked in his Declaration Of Liberty pretty much the Corps of the Finality. He felt that the ascenders should enjoy the liberty of individual self-determination. He condemned the Ascension Plan. What kind of liberty did Lucifer talked about? We have more the impression that he spoke only of his own liberty and not ours and that the human being was not his first concern.

TOMAS : Indeed, he was what you would call a smooth speaker. He was a high celestial, a great Lanonandek, very proud, very beautiful, and very intelligent who suddenly began to corrupt his own mind. At what point this happened is difficult to say, but he had his own ambitions. Indeed, when we look back his first concern was not the human being. He used in fact the humans.

Keep in mind that all the Universes, the Ascension Plan, all the planetary systems, the local universes, the Creator sons, all this has been created to allow animal life to develop gently, to let a soul ascend slowly to become like God, a Divine Being.

It was a sensational idea of The Universal Father because in the beginning everything was created by the Trinity, by the Deities of Heaven or the created Celestial Beings of these Deities. But to let evolve animal life on material worlds into a human beings with the possibility of soul creation that could slowly evolve to be able to embrace The Universal Father and become like Him, Creators, was an enormous project.

Somewhere it did not please Lucifer. He was impatient and especially ambitious. He did not want to recognize God; he didn’t even want to recognize his own creator (Christ Michael). He wanted his own freedom to do his own thing. For him freedom meant to get rid of the administration and the rules of The Universe; first from those of his local universe and second from those of the Superunivers (Orvonton).

His famous freedom didn’t go far. Perhaps there were things which were not quite alright and had to change. A local universe has many problems and challenges at the beginning of its creation and during its development. But by doing what he did, many things happened that should not have happened.

Many celestials followed him and many others over time realized the error in his speech and the way he looked at things. No, indeed, his first concern was certainly not the evolution of the human soul; it was mainly his own ambitions.

Does this answer your question? (Yes thank you). Do you have another question?

Student: this is a question about the symbol of the Dragon. The Dragon symbolizes the trio Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia and the rebels. The symbol of the Dragon is found everywhere on Earth, and particularly in Asia. Is there a relationship with the rebellion?

TOMAS : Caligastia with his acolytes, Beelzebub, Abaddon and others took this symbol, which is why it is in the minds of many people here and it became part of their beliefs and symbols. Dragons are in some civilizations rather seen as horrible, dangerous and evil animals. In the Biblical religions you often find the dragon crushed under the foot of the Archangel Michael. The dragon is the symbol of the beast and the beast was the trio Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia. The beast had three heads here on Earth. Does this answer your question? (Yes thank you).

Student: Lucifer attacked his own creator Christ Michael. Lucifer, Caligastia and Satan did everything possible to miscarriage the bestowal mission of Christ Michael here on Earth 2,000 years ago. How did they do that?

TOMAS: When Christ Michael lived on Earth as Jesus in human form he was a human like you, they attempted to win him for their cause. When they saw that it didn’t work they tried to kill him through others.

They tried especially to win him for their cause. That’s the basis of the means they used. When Christ Michael was a human like you he had also to do his experiences and recognize the inner Voice of The Father and learn to listen to it. He also had to pass the 7 psychic circles and he did that pretty fast, around his 25 years. Afterwards he received the choice of still doing something on Urantia or leave and return to his Throne in Heaven. He preferred to stay for a while.

They tried by all means to influence him and win him to their cause. They have put him in danger several times. Already when he was a small child Herod ruled that all the first new born sons were to be killed, his parents had to flee with him to prevent his killing. They tried everything, to kill him, to influence his mind, but they failed.

Does this answer your question? (Yes thank you).

Student : In the chapter concerning the "Theft of Liberty" of humans is said: "that a monument of wisdom rises slowly and that there will come a day that it will exist as the perfected system of Satania.". What is this "monument"?

TOMAS : This concerns the evolution of The Supreme Being into God The Supreme. She evolves with the experiences, evolution and "acts" of every human being on each planet. The Supreme Being created for each planet "A Planetary Supreme" which evolves as well and also a “Supreme” for each System of planets. When the “Planetary Supremes” and the “Planetary System Supremes” will evolve towards Light and Life they add all their experiences and their growth into God The Supreme.

Does this answer your question? (Yes thank you) Another question? (No).

Then my children I thank you very much for being so attentive and to have endured the upgrade of the frequency on which you are now. Thank you for your patience.

We thank you all. We will end this session and see us next time.



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