Don’t interfere into other people’s lives.

Session n°5 of 21 January 2013 – recorded- English translation- Original French/English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: B-Maya, Cyril, Carole and Wivine.

Visitors: Lanaforge, Sovereign of our planetary System Satania.

             Nebadonia, Mother-Spirit of our local universe Nebadon.

Received by Wivine.

Lanaforge spoke after 1h25min                Total time meditation: 1h46min.

Lanaforge here: I am Lanaforge, Sovereign of your planetary System Satania with Jerusem as headquarters. Satania is the planetary System in which you live and I present myself this way to give you an idea of who I am.

What is happening today in North Africa and the Middle East is a response to the blockade that you have helped to place in Turkey along the border with Syria, Iraq, Iran and Armenia. This prevented 'evil' of forcing a passage into Turkey or Iran.

The invisible leaders of these terrorist groups are now required to force a passage on the other side. This is why we told you a few weeks ago that you must go to Morocco to maintain this harmful influence between certain limits that exploits ‘Islam’ to create terror. There is no real idealism behind these movements, regardless what they declare to be or want to achieve. They are there only to create discord, terror and war.

By doing Morocco, the North African region will be more protected and you will no longer need to go back physically to the African continent. We will later send you to Northern India (Punjab) to stabilize the Islamic regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan bordering Iran. Don't be afraid, you have always been well protected and so it will stay.

Now for Belize.

You will be accompanied by a Commissioner of the races and the Angels of the races which are under the supervision of the Most High Observer. Do all towns and large villages along the coast. Go each time, if possible, close to the center and we will implement a ‘column of light' through you during your mediation on the spot. You have several months to make these trips before returning to Europe.

Thank you, my children, that’s what I wanted to say.

Nebadonia here: I am Mother Spirit of your local universe Nebadon.

I constantly keep your hearts in peace. You are filled with my love and care. Don't worry, my little ones, if you are not perfect. You will not be perfect before you reach The Father in Paradise. You are a human being, you have all life difficulties, friendships, sometimes enemies and you all experience misunderstandings or disagreements between families and friends.

All of you are transforming very fast, so fast that your families, friends and outsiders don’t understand you anymore; or your way of thinking or acting. The more you will follow the inner guidance of your Thought adjuster, the more you will follow the moral codes of the local universe or Morontia Mota.

Mota is a higher philosophy containing cosmic insights of the Morontia worlds, which is quite different from your materialistic, limited way of thinking.

Avoid interfering into other people’s lives even with the best intentions.

Take, for example, an older man who has a quiet life, who has the habit of travelling by bus and that suits him. Suddenly his children want to buy him a car and he must learn to drive. The old man does not want to and yet they insist with the best intentions. The old man finally agrees, gets his driving license and the car is purchased. The man starts to drive and after a while he has a car accident: the car is destroyed and his leg is very badly hurt; to the point that he has difficulties to get on the bus, the bus that has brought him everywhere where he wanted. The man was happy and because his family wanted to interfere in his life he got problems.

Be very carefully, my children, before interfering in other people’s lives with the intention to help from your point of view, because sometimes you can do a lot of harm and a disservice.

Be well aware that you are not going to continue to live according to the moral principles, the religion or philosophy of family, friends which may give you problems. You will begin to see things differently and will not participate anymore in their way of thinking, neither of those you considered before as great Spiritual Masters or Light workers.

From now on you'll live constantly and consciously with God and under His Guidance. This means that you’ll give the "goodness" of The Universal Father to others. This means that from now on you will help everyone even the biggest murderer on your planet. The major criminals have also a ‘soul embryo’ to develop and a God Fragment.

No one asks you to be good friends with people who want to harm you, who hate you, with small or large criminals that are dangerous to civilization. On the other hand, what you can do is use your abilities to send the 'Energy of the Trinity' or if you are able to the "Power of Love and Mercy of your Thought adjuster" to these souls so that they can be touched by God’s Love to give them a change of mind; to make better people of them who might one day look for the indwelling presence of God

So many people are driven by 'hate' when they consider criminals and sometimes even others. We ask you not to think this way anymore, nor to do so. Help your family, your friends and your worst enemies the same way. We have Celestial Courts to judge souls objectively, with mercy and love; this is not your function.

You are all able to work remotely with the greatest Divine Energy. You can no longer think like the man in the street in the style of: "Oh he is nice, I'll send him some good energy, but this one I don’t like, I give nothing." Or, this person does not believe in what I am doing then he gets nothing either. Or, he is a horrible criminal who should be damned '. These ways of thinking are not of your level. From now on, you will not make differences between people. You will help them all and learn to transcend your lower human feelings.

This is the way to reflect "The true Love and Mercy of the Universal Father".

The Paradise Father does not make a difference between people, souls or personalities. He wants to draw them all towards Him. If you want to become like God, start doing like He does because that is what He expects from you. Send His "Love and His Energy” to all because He loves everyone equally and banish the word 'hate' from your vocabulary and your hearts.

We don’t ask you to run to everyone telling you love them. Not all people you will encounter are aware of what you know so don’t make a fool of yourself and don’t put you in danger.

Thank you very much for listening to me and I say goodbye to all my children; that’s all for today.



For the words in blue see the Urantia Book