The Supernaphim of Divine rest and Worship.

Session n°6 of 24 January 2013 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: B-Maya and Wivine.

Visitor: SIRAYA, Master Spirit n°1 of Superuniverse n°1, the Voice of The Universal Father.

Received by Wivine.

SIRAYA spoke after 1h21min                   Total time meditation: 1h44min.

Siraya here: I am the Voice of the Universal Father. My young children, I am pleased that you have decided to go several times a week in meditation. It is very important those meditations are done with more than one person in order to get more encircuitment for the entire group, regardless that you meditate together in a same place or remote. If you organize them at regular intervals warn the others so that they can participate if they wish and if they have time.

I’ll explain something else now.

You have seven stages of development to pass in Paradise before reaching the Universal Father. These seven phases are each headed by a Primary Supernaphim. These Supernaphim are Paradise Angels created by The Infinite Spirit.

You may compare them a bit with the seven steps of the lower Ministry of the "Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits" on your planet who transform the human mind according to the evolution of men and are proffered to you by the Mother Spirit of your local universe Nebadon, a daughter of The Infinite Spirit as well.

The function of the " Adjutant Mind-Spirits' on your planet are the first steps to reach the sublime grandeur of the seven steps the Supernaphim will help you achieve on Paradise before you stand before The Eternal Son next before The Universal Father.

I will only comment the first and seventh stage you will cross on Paradise to draw a parallel with what is happening here during your meditations.

When the pilgrims of time leave Havona to Paradise, there will be a Supernaphim beside them when they wake up; it will be the same who contributed to help them fall asleep on Havona.

These Supernaphim are called "the Instigators of rest”. They help you to sleep on the last circle you will cross on Havona before your departure for eternity on Paradise. It is the last transition sleep that you will experience. You will have during this transition sleep a transcendental metamorphosis in order to obtain residential status in Paradise. This deep sleep of metamorphosis transforms you and will be totally different from all other types of 'sleep' such as the night rest for your body to recharge energy, or the "sleep" during Seraphic transportation to move from one celestial world to another.

It is learning to appreciate the "divine rest" of Paradise, resulting in a total different state of “being”, passing from one state into another.

What is happening during your meditations is similar to this deep sleep of transcendental metamorphosis. During your deep meditations your state changes. The mind of your soul is expanding and approaches gradually the first phase of the Morontia Mind. It increases your intelligence and your understanding. This helps you in your studies and your daily life. It helps you understand more truth and acquire knowledge for the benefit of your soul for which she normally has to wait until she reaches the First Mansion world after physical death.

During your meditations you will gradually build a Morontia body around your soul which will look like you. Your physical body will change also; the mitochondria or central energy cells will change from cells that feed on glucose into cells that absorb more ‘primary energy’. This physical transformation will occur first in your brain and later throughout the body. Following this you will gradually have less hunger and less desire for sweets, your cells will regenerate otherwise and your health will improve.

This is why we compare the transformations that occur during your meditations with the 'sleep of metamorphosis' that you will undergo when leaving Havona for the eternal existence of Paradise.

Your current transformations are also followed by a Primary Supernaphim because it is a first experience on your planet. He is in contact with the Chief of the 12 Master Seraphim of planetary Supervision, also a Primary Supernaphim.

We warn you that this is not easy, sometimes hard to bear. It requires endurance, courage and determination because it is a long-term training if you want to achieve the following phases:

- Represent The Universal Father and The Supreme Being.

- Learn to use the “Energy of The Trinity » and in time the “Power of Love and Mercy of your indwelling Thought Adjuster” to help your fellowmen and Urantia, your planetary Supreme.

- Becoming an ambassador for the visitors and students of the Morontia Worlds.

The last stage you will pass on Paradise is the correct application of worship. The Supernaphim who help you in this are called the "Conductors of worship".

By reading with sincerity your "prayer to The Father" that I have helped you write before beginning your meditation and then expressing your desire to enter into meditation to listen to the inner voice of your Thought adjuster to obtain direct contact with him………. you show your love, your trust, your faith and worship to the Universal Father.

This worshipping you practice here on a mortal level, you will learn how to apply it on the highest spiritual level on Paradise during the seventh and final stage before being embraced by The Father and be enrolled in the "Corps of the finality of Glorified Mortals".

Worship is the greatest joy you can experience in Paradise. It is the greatest privilege and the first duty of all ascending souls. You will then stand before the Gods of the Trinity in such a huge spiritual and emotional state of worship that it will touch the heart of The Infinite Spirit, The Eternal Son and The Universal Father. These three Gods of the Trinity will then make appear a triple light fluctuation which reflects their intense joy and approval.

Then The Father will take you in His arms, take a handkerchief to wipe all your tears, all your fears, all tensions that you may have lived to reach Him in order to become "Perfect"; because when He embraces you no hint of negativity may remain.

Know, my children, that when He feels your sincerity, your love, and your faith during your meditations, He will take you from time to time gently in His arms to remove your tears so that you would feel better; so that you forget those things that hurt you to bring back joy in your heart.

During your ascension from a mortal to the stage of a 'Finaliter' there will be seven Jubilees on which we will organize a great party for you.

The 1rst Jubilee will take place when you'll eagerly desire your fusion with your God Fragment. When your Thought adjuster may 'control' your thoughts with your agreement, because you have submitted your will to His which will be like an "engagement party" for both of you. Then your God Fragment will know your fusion is a fact. Then we will organize your 1st Jubilee and it is the celebration of this Jubilee that you are experiencing here and now.

The second Jubilee will be when your soul is resurrected on the 1st Mansion World after your physical death.

The 3rd Jubilee will be celebrated when your soul will actually fuse with your God Fragment.

Then will come the 4th, 5th and 6th Jubilee.

The seventh and largest Jubilee will be your incorporation in the "Corps of the Finality of the Glorified Mortals" who has an eternal evolutionary destiny.

Thank you, my children. This is an important lesson so that you understand the relationship between what you are doing now with such determination in your meditations and the final paradise phase where you will stand before The Universal Father to become "Perfect" like Him.

You will all one day be able to help many people with your future capabilities. They will come to you to learn what you know to become like you, and you will hand over your abilities.

See you soon, my children, until next time.



For the words in blue see the Urantia Book