Open the path towards Me.

Session n7 of 4 February 2013 recorded- Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: B-Maya, Carole, Cyril, and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: SIRAYA, Master Spirit N1 of Superuniverse n1, the Voice of The Universal Father.

SIRAYA spoke after 1h39min Total time meditation: 1h57min.

Siraya here : my little ones, I encourage you to continue the path you are walking. I know that it is a difficult path especially for you, children of Urantia, who remained so long in darkness.

B Maya and Carole, the work that you do for Belize by accompanying the others in all these coastal villages to help the Angels and Midwayers under the direction of Monsanloran Melchizedek, is to create "Light columns" consisting of Energy of The Trinity that we are anchoring in the center of Earth.

The "Merkabah Light anchors" you are consciously creating to meditate around, can also be used to send Energy to places and people; you can even choose the places where you want to create them.

However you cannot use the "Light Columns of the Melchizedeks" that we create through you during a meditation in very dark places chosen only by us, to send Energy. We ask you even to leave each time immediately these sites afterwards.

These "Light Columns of the Melchizedek who depart from Paradise and are anchored in the center of the Earth, work with the Energy of the Trinity. This much more Spiritual Energy is slowly spreading like a fog in all these villages and their surroundings. This Energy will affect little by little the hearts of all people who killed, stole and ran malicious practices without too many scruples. This 'Light' will eventually touch their hearts and they will begin to have remorse, to reflect on how they acted and regret what they have done. This will encourage them to pick up slowly with The Father for advice and they will thus find a better way to go.

All this takes time because it is a slow process.

All low entities, the remains of human souls charged with negative energy in the form of 'ghosts' that can come from ordinary people until very malicious people, fallen angels and created demons will feel most uncomfortable with all this 'Light' that spreads slowly. Eventually, they must make their decision: follow this 'Light' or be destroyed sooner or later by it.

When you have done this work in your country a huge "Light barrier" will extend to serve all the American continents; because this 'Light' will spread in all Central America, North America and South America. All evil that has been implemented by rituals should disappear over time. You will see that the villages where you've been will change rapidly and that the population and the economic structure of these villages will improve.

We need a certain time to anchor a "Light Column", and as you've checked it takes 25 to 35 minutes. In extremely dark places it will take even more time because we will have more difficulties to pierce the resistance of darkness. It is up to you to see how many villages you're able to do in a single day. Yesterday you did 4 places and it is wonderful that you were able to hold on.

{Note Wivine: it was more than enough, some of us had headaches, some dizziness, all a great fatigue and we had even not done many miles because it was in the vicinity.}

Try to continue the work you started in My Name as all these 'Light columns' are implemented on behalf of The Universal Father.

If necessary, the Melchizedeks will send you much later to some islands of the Caribbean, but first finish this work before the beginning of your summer. You will thus make an excellent job to pave the way for others to ME.

Thank you, my children and continue. Thank you very much.



For the words in blue see the Urantia Book