A Paradise Son is born in 2015.

Session nr 1 of 14 January 2015 – English translation – original French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole and Wivine.

Visitor: KUWAYA, Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2 Orvando, The Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

Received by Wivine.

Kuwaya spoke after 1h                 Total time meditation: 1h28min.

{Note Wivine for the non- Urantia Book readers. The session speaks about two Paradise Sons of different Orders.

A Creator Son of the Order of The Michaels created by The Universal Father and The Eternal Son-Mother.

A Magisterial Son of the Order of Avonals created by The Eternal Son-Mother and The Infinite Spirit.}

Kuwaya: I am Kuwaya, Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2, Orvando, The Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

My children, I come to announce a great, wonderful event for your world. One of my Avonal Sons was born January 12th, 2015 on your planet in a very modest family and in a peaceful area.

He will begin his bestowal mission within some twenty years when he reaches adulthood and will be quite in alignment with his Thought adjuster. He will bring peace to your world, this peace you've been waiting for so long. He will bring new spiritual knowledge to light the way for the people of Urantia and a spiritual Millennium will be installed on your planet.

He will grow normally as any male person among you. He will go to school, learn a profession and work. One day he will die a natural death in order to complete his bestowal mission.

Normally it is only once that a Paradise Son comes for a bestowal mission on a planet. But Urantia is not a normal planet and has not known a standard evolution.

When Jesus of Nazareth was born to make his seventh bestowal he could not bring peace because your world was still part of the 37 planets that followed the Lucifer rebellion. Your planet was in quarantine and he had yet to finish the rebellion officially; then Lucifer, the planetary Princes and all fallen angels who participated had to be judged.

Christ Michael as Jesus of Nazareth ended during his human life the rebellion and put an end to the sequestration of all ‘sleeping souls’ of the deceased by your former planetary Prince Caligastia who refused to let them go for the First Mansion World.

After the arrival of Jesus and his return on the Celestial Worlds all this was made possible. The ‘sleeping souls’ were woken up and resurrected ‘en masse’ on the 1st Mansion World.

But many very dark souls remained on your planet, trapped by their own demons, who did not want to go towards ‘The Light’ because they were afraid of it; they were told that this 'Light' would destroy them and that they needed to fight it.

All this 'cleansing' in which you helped and in which you were important elements at some point in time began about 25 earth years ago. Thanks to your training and your help we were able to accelerate the “cleaning of the defective Morontia grid" so that ‘The Light’ could penetrate all these dark places in the terrestrial crust, the underground and on the surface of your planet.

All this was part of the Magisterial Mission of the Avonal Son you called Monjoronson. The reason why we avoided that you believed that this Avonal Son with a Magisterial Mission would come one day in the flesh is because another Avonal Son of which we had not spoken would come here for a Bestowal Mission, who wasn’t born yet of a terrestrial woman to begin his task.

The Magisterial Mission will therefore continue its work with an Avonal Son who will not come in the flesh.

The reason for which you receive the visit of two Avonal Sons with two different Missions despite the fact that you already received a bestowal Son-Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon - is because your planet has a great unique future.

When a Creator Son as Christ Michael does his bestowal on a planet he represents The Universal Father, and will say “Whosoever has seen the Son has seen the Father”.

When an Avonal Son does a bestowal mission he represents The Eternal Son-Mother and will say: “Whosoever has seen me has seen the Eternal Son of God”.

It is important for the destiny of your planet where 'Creator Son schools’ will be implemented for the ascending souls who will play a role in the next universe age of The Supreme Being that you receive as well a Creator Son representing The Universal Father as an Avonal Son representing The Eternal Son-Mother on a bestowal mission on your planet.

This Avonal Son on a Bestowal Mission is not the same as the Avonal Son of the Magisterial Mission for now. These two Avonal Sons will work together on your planet for a long time.

The Bestowal Son is accompanied by his 12 Melchizedeks who will incarnate in the flesh with their own methods. He is assisted by 100 Archangels and two Brilliant Evening Stars, namely those which presented themselves to you under the name of Gavalia and Galantia, which will not embody in the flesh. But due to the high spiritual pressure that will be put on this world children will be born with supra-human mind capabilities and with the help of the energy transformers they will also be visible in Morontia form to those who have developed their ability of clairaudience and spiritual insight.

This means, my children, that your 'cleansing work' is not finished because you will still work for a long time for the Magisterial Mission. When the Bestowal Son will reach adulthood and starts his earthly planetary mission of illumination of all populations, those of you who will still be alive will assist him.

It is a happy event that I wanted to announce on behalf of The Eternal Son-Mother whose Voice I am, as two of Her Sons will have walked your planet in the flesh to live the experience of every human being on a habitable world.

Rejoice my children because finally the Millennium of the Golden Age stands before you for all generations to come, the age of spiritual insight and peace is heralded, the Millennium that you have long awaited.

Normally your world should have been much more advanced to receive a Bestowal Son as Christ Michael and this Avonal Son and that within 2,000 years of time. But Urantia is not a planet like the others; she does not have the same destiny and has not followed the path of planets that have not experienced a rebellion.

Continue, my children, as you are occupied, do not sit down by thinking that there is nothing more to do because many tasks are waiting for you and you are still working for the Magisterial Mission.

Goodbye, my children, I thank you for listening to Me; goodbye.




For the words in blue see the Urantia Book