Expressing superior spiritual Thoughts and Feelings.

Session n°8 of 7 February 2013 – Recorded- English translation – Original Dutch.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, B-Maya, Cyril and Wivine.

Visitor: Monsanloran Melchizedek

Received by Wivine

Monsanloran spoke after 1h30min            Total time meditation: 1h46min

Monsanloran here: We will use the Dutch language because the concepts I have to explain are too difficult for this girl to express them in another language.

I'll explain why your thoughts associated with your feelings are so important.

There was a time where the descendants of Adamson and Ratta, who lived in Iran in the Kopet Dag mountains near Turkmenistan, scattered around the Mediterranean, in Egypt, Persia-Iran, in Turkey until Russia. Many departed from there to the Scandinavian countries and stayed during 3,000 years in Denmark from where they controlled the Norwegian areas. They descended slowly to the North of Europe and mingled with local people to then invade all continental Europe. {Note : Adamson was the 1rst son of Adam and Eve).

Adamson and Ratta possessed superhuman abilities. Their brain and DNA was different from yours. The aim was that their descendants, as well as those of Adam and Eve would blend with the existing human races, but it didn’t happen sufficiently due to a lack of Adamic offspring.

The potential of the human brain is currently developed in a different way to deal with this deficiency and with you this is done largely during your meditations.

We will improve among other things your imagination so you can imagine a better world in the 'now' with all your heart. If you succeed you can help the entire planet provided you do it with love and see ‘the dream’ as if it already happened.

If you manage to put your feelings and your imagination to a higher spiritual level, these thoughts may even reach the “global Supra-conscious of humanity" in which the "Independent Fragments of God" will weave them.

If anyone of you is able to produce very high altruistic spiritual feelings for his neighbor, for his community, his family, your planet in accordance with the will of God, then we can go even further and involve other planets. Such a person can then influence from Earth another rebel planet and it is to do this that we prepare you here and now.

To obtain this level, you should be able to work with "The inner Force of Love and Mercy of your God Fragment" which means that you need to be in alignment with your Thought adjuster.

Take note that I put the emphasis on the "good feelings" associated with a “good mental thinking” because a ‘mind thought' as large as can be your imagination cannot alone achieve this goal. The two must be of such high spiritual insight so that the God Fragments can weave them into the global Super-conscious of humanity.

If in the future other people may reach higher potentials of spiritual insight and have these kind of thoughts and feelings they will be connected automatically with those thoughts and feelings that the “independent Fragments of God” already have woven into the "Super-conscious of mankind" and that is how slowly more and more people will be influenced.

There are people who possess these skills and develop them on their own. The danger for such a person is when he or she wants to make these 'living dreams' with other people who have not such higher feelings and thoughts. Then, this person may not fully realize his or her "dream" because it will always be tempered by those who think and feel things differently with whom he or she wishes to work.

The great danger to envision 'mental impressions' in group, even with good intentions, comes from the fact that you don’t know the true thoughts and feelings of all those in the group and that you don’t have it under control.

This is why we recommend those who possess the ability to make 'living dreams' with a greater spiritual value to help your brethren and who may bring them to such heights that the 'independent Fragments of God' can weave them into the "Super-conscious of humanity", not to do it with other people. We recommend for the moment to do so alone.

There are some groups which are under our control that we monitor and manage and if there are negative thoughts that infiltrate by less scrupulous people, we remove them. However, if it does not happen under our control or with our agreement …that’s another issue.

Continue as you are busy and do not put you on the public square with your knowledge and skills.

Thank you.



For the words in blue see the Urantia Book