Love and Mercy pass through the Heart.

Session n°9 of 15 February 2013 – recorded –English translation - Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde at Placencia in Belize

Present: Carole, B-Maya, Cyril, and Wivine.

Visitor: KUWAYA, Master Spirit n°2 of Superunivers n°2. The Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

KUWAYA spoke after 1h25min                  Total time meditation: 1h32min.

KUWAYA here: I am Master Spirit n°2 of Superunivers n°2, The Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

I am here to clarify My Spirit Gravity Circuit which works with Spiritual Energy.

Spiritual Energy and the Spiritual Circuitry I control is something very different from the Morontia Energy and the Morontia Mind circuits, just as it is different from the material energy circuits and the mortal mind.

It is necessary that you understand this very well before we develop more about the energies emanating from your heart, your feelings and the energies emanating from your mind with their connection to the Spirit-Gravity Circuit. I am talking here about ‘Spirit’ at Trinity level, not what people commonly call ‘spiritual’.

This Circuit is connected to all Deities of the Trinity and goes as far as The Deity Absolute. It is in connection with all Creator Sons, all Paradise Sons, all Beings created by The Infinite Spirit, all Mother-Spirits of local universes... even all Angels.

From the moment that you have information, a thought or a feeling of spiritual value that you address to a Personality of the Celestial Worlds, it will reach this Personality. It can be to The Supreme Being, Me, The Universal Father, Christ, or Mother-Spirit of your local universe will reach the one you send it to.

Understand also very well what "Love and Mercy" is…..which can only be sent through the heart and not through the mind.

First study well these topics and when you have understood what has been issued by your science and the Urantia Book I will come back to explain what you are lacking at the level of the Trinity and the Deities.

Thank you my children, thank you.



For the words in blue see the Urantia Book