The heart – a spirit-receptive gland.

Session 10a of 22 February 2013 – recorded- English translation - Original French.

Session posted in 2 parts.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Carole, B-Maya, Cyril and Wivine

Visitor: KUWAYA, Master Spirit n°2 of Superunivers n°2, The Voice of The Eternal Son.

KUWAYA spoke after 1h02 min                 Total time meditation: 1h37min

Received by Wivine.

KUWAYA here: I am Kuwaya, Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2, the Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

My children, you have so much to learn. You all want to run before you can walk. Take your time because the next step you will make is still in preparation.

You will receive the ability to use "The Power of Love and Mercy of your indwelling God Fragment". Some already achieved this and others are getting there.

The next step will be 'the Love from the Universal Father' and 'the Mercy of the Eternal Son-Mother" which are both focused in your Creator Son Christ Michael and is symbolized by the ‘sacred heart of Jesusin Christianity.

My Son, Christ Michael, will forward you this great power from His Heart when you are ready to give everybody in abundance without distinction. He will stand behind you, a bit on the side, so that you can recognize him when your time will come. He will then send it to you from his heart to yours so that you immediately can transfer it towards others. As soon as you are ready to use it Jesus will come near you and will direct you to make you understand how to use it.

The third step will be the coordination of the two but you haven’t reached this yet. It will be the full integration of the first two steps and then this combined 'Energy-Power' will come out of your whole body.

The fourth step will be revealed later.

I'll explain something else now.

Your Urantia Book speaks of "two glands that make you receptive to spirit matters”.

To be able to work with the “Energy of the Trinity” and later with the “Energy of your indwelling God Fragment” you need first to activate these 'spirit receptive glands.

The most important circuit of these two glands is the one that connects the heart to the brain.

The heart possesses the largest and strongest of these two glands. The heart is the first organ that must function in the embryo and then the fetus; the lungs, the brain grow afterwards. It is the heart that creates the network of blood vessels and neurotransmission. It is the heart that gives signals to the brain for its development. It is the heart which is the center of all emotions, as well positive as negative.

It is through the evolution of emotions and intellect that primitive humans develop from the animal state until the moment where they are able to understand the concept of a single God after having worshipped during their evolution stones, animals, the sun and stars. It is only after a slow evolution that they achieve to make moral decisions with spiritual value and that they may become a HUMAN walking knowingly with his indwelling God Fragment.

To get so far emotions must first develop; emotions of bravery to protect out of love one’s family. Then it will become love for the larger family, the clan, the tribe and then it widens and becomes love or patriotism for the country. Then it still widens to become love for all humans of the planet and then you achieved it.

If you manage to feel love for your brethren without distinction and that you want to serve for the pleasure of serving then you will be in the beginning of the era of Light and Life, you will approach the state of Paradise individually and later collectively.

Even the biggest criminals do love someone; their mother, their father, a woman or their child... somewhere they like someone. Maybe they will only take care of their families while destroying the rest of the world, which is quite possible. But they love their family which is the first form of love that may feel primitive men.

Higher spiritual knowledge cannot be understood nor pass through the mind of your electrochemical brain; it has to be sent to the heart.

When you develop your soul through your desires, motivations and actions, her "Morontia body" will grow and take shape. Her mind-intellect will approach more and more the Morontia mind of the First Mansion World. At that time the acquisition of higher spiritual knowledge will pass through your heart and soul-mind to help you evolve.

This is what is happening during your meditations.

During your meditations your physical mind, your physical brain is blocked which allows you to gradually have direct access to higher knowledge through your heart and the Morontia mind of your soul. Much will depend on the height of your faith, your trust and love for God and your fellowmen.

{to be continued in session 10b of 22 February 2013.}


Pour les explications des mots en bleu voir le Livre d’Urantia.