The Spirit Gravity Circuit of The Eternal Son-Mother.

Session 10b of 22 February 2013 – recorded – English translation - Original French.

Session in two parts.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Carole, B-Maya, Cyril and Wivine

Visitor: KUWAYA, Master Spirit n°2 of Superunivers n°2, the Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

KUWAYA spoke after 1h02 min                 Total time meditation: 1h37min

Received by Wivine.

Continuation session 10a of 22 February 2013.

KUWAYA (continuation) : The Spirit-gravity Circuit of The Eternal Son-Mother contains all the spiritual values. Nothing can alter this circuit, nor a rebellion or a false thought. All thoughts, prayers and feelings with spiritual value that emanate from a Celestial or a mortal of the Superuniverses are automatically attracted by this Circuit of The Eternal Son-Mother and thence the prayers or requests will go automatically towards the Celestial Personalities or concerned Deities.

When we talk about a request of high spiritual value we speak for example of a demand where we are asked for assistance and means to help others. Not constantly material assistance in the style "my God I feel poor I do not have what others have... my God I do so much for the poor give me lots of money,...My God I want to serve others but I have so many other important things to do”. These are prayers that are limited to the ego and the material. These kind of prayers cannot be heard or attracted by the ‘Spirit-Gravity Circuit” of The Eternal Son-Mother.

This ‘Circuit’ can also operate between two or more people who feel the same in their hearts, who have the same spiritual ideals and who gather to achieve a common goal of service. Then this ‘Spirit-Gravity Circuit’ will surround these people at the heart level and from the heart it will move throughout the body to transcend the level of the mortal mind and climb on to the higher consciousness of these persons.

This can begin with two people who live in the same area. After a time this group can grow and members may even be at a distance. This 'Spirit Circuit’ that will surround them will take them on a much higher vibratory frequency than the one of the material world to assist them to work together remotely.

It is for this reason that you had to first create a permanent Merkabah Light-Anchor- here in your place. Over time, by doing together these regular meditations, you started to be encircuited through your heart and your Morontia mind and eventually rose. Now your development is such that you no longer need to connect to the location of this permanent Merkabah in Placencia when you are separated from this place to do your group meditations.

The way you are connected has already changed several times and it will still evolve. When you all have reached higher emotional and energy vibrating frequencies... and you still have to turn a few corners... we can explain more.

All we ask you now is to continue to do what you do because your task or what you do during your meditations has not been disclosed. Your task is not only of great importance for your planet or yourself, but also for all other rebel planets that have yet to be rehabilitated and brought back in the orbit of Light.

There are Melchizedeks who work on these rebel planets that are close to you to observe everything that is happening here. The project which began here came not from us, but took shape following the request of this girl and it is due to her request that everything started on order of the Universal Father. All those who feel and think as she will eventually join her; you will all be able to do wonderful things to unseen levels. You will not have a public role to play but you will one day be able to help others who have the same goal to acquire your abilities when we will give you permission.

To meditate with the intention of communicating with your indwelling God Fragment is to take one of the fastest highways for your soul survival and its ascension towards Paradise.

Do not forget that your work and your social life are windows through which you can let know The Father. We don’t ask you to preach on the streets or in churches. You can show the Fathers Love and the Mercy of the Eternal Son in your workplace, in your home to your life companion, your children and friends, in your sports environment by being nice, good and radiate your Light.

For your "invisible work" you simply go into meditation. Soon you'll be helped by of other "Melchizedek Tontons” who are in office on other planets to build out people. But before that you will first help these rebel planets with your abilities under the guidance of the "Tontons" out there.

There is already one Melchizedek near you as an observer who wishes to establish the same thing on the planet where he works.

Understanding higher knowledge coming from Spirit with your intellectual electrochemical brain is possible up to a certain limit, afterwards you’ll understand by the intelligence and the size of your heart as well as your Morontia mind.

Let us speak now of a baby or a young child. If it does not receive love or enough interaction with his mom, his dad and others, his intelligence will never reach those heights as when it would have received all the love and attention it needs. A child grows up with affection, by playing with it and not only by food. All parts of a child's brain are only developed around 6 years of age.

There is a fashion in your technological civilizations to increase the intelligence of a child before his brain is fully developed. There is nothing more wrong than to pay more attention to the development of the brain as to the development of the heart and the feelings of love in a child. Any child who could grow up with his parents, in a stable and loving family environment where they took care of him, will have a much more developed brain and become a more loving person as any child who was placed too early in kindergarten, nurseries, and schools or left many hours alone before a television. It is a very important thing that your societies and your moms should consider because it is the development of your future generations which depends on it.

Your societies should develop situations in which your children can grow up with love, in security and understanding to bring forth future generations with a quality of heart and morality able to bring your world into the era of Light and Life.

There have been enough studies on this subject in your science to corroborate what I tell you here.

Thank you my children and have a nice day. Good bye.



For the words in blue see the Urantia Book