No one is perfect on your world.

Session n11 of 1 March 2013 recorded- English translation Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Carole, B-Maya, Cyril, and Wivine.

Visitor: KUWAYA, Master Spirit n2 of Superunivers n2 Orvando, Tle Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

Received by Wivine

Kuwaya spoke after 1h Total time meditation: 1h20min

KUWAYA here: My girl, your feelings are so depressed and sad. Your efforts are indeed little appreciated by humankind, by your environment and sometimes even those of your group but we care about you, little one.

When one has a strong selfless and courageous character, serving others without expecting something back, simply because one feels that it is the Will of The Father; when one is able to love their brethren not as a brother or a sister but rather as a father or a mother loves their child, then that person has the kind of paternal or maternal love that exceeds and transcends by far the brotherhood among humans.

The important thing is not to be liked or appreciated by your conjoint, your family, your friends, your relations but to do the Will of The Father.

Of course everyone judges others by their restricted human morality. Dont you do the same sometimes? Your world and its morality must still evolve. We warned you girl that there would come a time, just like for others who follow this path, that your environment as spiritual or religious it may be, will not understand you anymore.

Just as the mother of Jesus, despite the fact that she was a woman devoted to the Scriptures of the Hebrews and the Law of Moses, didnt understand Jesus anymore when he refused to become the King of the Jews in Palestine and chase the Romans to bring back their former grandeur.

You advance too quickly and it baffles them, thus dont expect their respect or understanding. You receive our understanding, our encouragements and all the help you need to continue the work started.

All the lines and the train tracks are now in place. Your locomotive stands before you. then please take control with both hands and make sure your headphones are working to follow our orders. You have a wagon behind you where many people can sit to accompany you on this journey.

I ask others to not criticize or attack this driver who only follows our guidance on rails from which she cannot deviate. If you dont like what this person does, if you feel you know better, well show us but not this way.

We give responsibility to people who have been tested, who are able to take them. If you are not the train driver, if you are the one sitting in the passengers wagon, that means you are not ready to follow our guidance.

We warn you that we will not accept hypocrisy on the part of the members of this group, nor of future members or outsiders who try to obtain some benefits or take control. We will not allow it to anyone.

The train will cross the world because there is a rail network created and prepared for this purpose and many people will go up and down this train.

However, we will not allow anyone to climb or stay on that train with false motives or a double-game policy to serve their own purposes and not God or their brethren.

We warn you all once again; as well those who want to join her as those who are in this group: no one can stand in the group if their motives are not pure and if they do not come to learn. Do not attack the girl that we have tested in many ways and although hard to see if she would take the shot and to what extent she can go.

Then all those who want to approach her, be careful with your intentions and all those who are around her be sure of yours.

Your group is composed of humans with their good and bad sides and it is not because somebody transmits messages of the celestials or that we work with them that they have already reached 'perfection'; the kind of 'perfection' on which you all need still to work for thousands of years, before you can stand before the Universal Father.

Be aware that no one is perfect on your world, not those that convey our messages or those who reads them. You are all humans whose soul is growing; you're all small children and babies. To all those who think they have to teach others and no longer have to learn, we say go back to school and learn new truths so that you can align with the Will of The Father.

Thank you, my children, and goodbye. I'm KUWAYA, Master Spirit n 2 of Superuniverse n 2, Orvando, the Voice of the Eternal Son-Mother who spoke here as the Mother of Christ Michael, one of Her thousands of Creator Sons who are very dear to Her heart. Goodbye, my children and thank you.



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