Session 12 of 8 March 2013 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Wivine.

Visitor: KUWAYA, Master Spirit n°2 of Superuniverse n°2 Orvando, The Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

Received by Wivine

KUWAYA spoke after 1h11min                  Total time meditation: 1h37min.

Kuwaya here: My children, you will learn how to work with the “Power of Love and Mercy of your indwelling God Fragment and later with the "Love of the sacred heart of Jesus”.

Once you reach this point you will start sending these different Energies in two stages. First you send “the Energy from your God Fragment” to a person or a country and then you send the “Energy of the sacred heart of Jesus" which flows from your heart to the heart of the person or country.

After a few months of experience you will send both Energies in a combined way. However this is also a step that you cannot control because it will be your God Fragment who will decide when you are ready and it will happen unexpectedly. When you experience it, you will know and understand. These Energies will then come out of you, from your whole body and go to the person or the location of your choice.

You will thus become a living expression of the Love of Jesus for his children, for his human brethren among whom he lived and grew up 2,000 years ago as any mortal. The dual nature of ‘Man-God’ of your Creator Son comes from the fact that he was born and grew up like all of you, ignoring for a long time his divine origin.

When his bestowal mission was fulfilled with success around his 25 years he decided to stay longer to reveal his Father in Paradise and the importance of following His Will. He did so the same way you are asked to do: by meditating or going in silence to listen to this “sweet silent voice” He refused to use his powers as a Creator Son and decided to continue to live his human life just as you.

Now it is up to you to become able to emanate the «Power of Love and Mercy of your God Fragment" and the "Love of the sacred heart of Jesus". You will have consequently a beneficent power on an entire population, on a whole country or an entire continent. You will emit these two ‘Forces and Energies’ from yourself and send them with pure unconditional love.

You will slowly discover the effects of it during your travels. Use these capacities especially for countries, regions and continents. By using them you will not only help those who live there but also the Oversoul of your planet Urantia, your planetary Supreme.

Following your experiences with these Energies we will explain their effects and their powers of which you will become conscious by using them. When we told you: "after doing Morocco, you wouldn’t have to return to this continent"... That was because you would become able to use these immense Forces and help this continent remotely and by bilocation.

Meanwhile we ask you to continue your meditations. Do no longer accept new people until further notice, until those who are here with you are ready to use them.

Continue to work with your Melchizedek-Tontons in Belize with those who live there to help them create 'Light Columns' through you over the whole coastal region. All this work is part of your training and will help you to transform, learn and gain experience.

At the same time something of you all will remain at the places where you helped the Melchizedeks to install these 'Light Columns". People who are able to see beyond the physical will see you in these locations positioned as guards because a fraction of your energy bodies will remain there. This explanation will suffice at this time for your level of understanding.

The more you will work with the Melchizedeks and will do what they ask there where they lead you, the more spiritual education you’ll receive to help your soul to grow. The Laws of the Universe work this way: it is by helping others without asking anything in return that you will receive the greatest jewels on the crown of your soul that you will take with you to shine on the First Mansion world.

You evolve very well; you start to take in hand and to experiment with your abilities. When you meet someone who asks you 'where can I find God', you manage already to say the words you receive from your God Fragment and to stop when necessary. We will put you regularly in these kinds of situations to instigate you to repeat exactly the words that are placed in you that this person needs to hear. You have to learn to shut your mouth; don’t add things of yourself so that the God Fragment of the listeners can continue his work in the mind of your interlocutor.

When you seed, place only one seed not 20 as then none will grow. The human soul evolves the same way. Your God Fragment will make a small hole and place a seed. Then he will water it to make it grow. Afterwards he will make a new small hole and introduce another seed that he will water to grow and so on until the Morontia mind of your soul has a beautiful garden with flowers. This is how you evolve. By always wanting to say too much you end up putting others in confusion.

This is how you reach spiritual insight; a broader understanding of the Wisdom of the Universe, of the Love of God and the expression of His Truth and Goodness. It is this 'higher Spiritual Wisdom' that you must try to acquire.

This is something very different from what you people define as "foresight-clairvoyance". There are people who can see events of the future or the past, receive short messages through their minds wrapped in their beliefs. Take the example of someone who believes in reincarnation and who has hereditary 'clairvoyance' capabilities. Well, when she or he receives something from a Celestial or Spirit she or he will automatically interpret it through this belief. They could tell you: "you are a reincarnation of a famous person and you must search in this direction"... While celestials wanted to say “tell that person to seek in such and such direction with these key words”.

There's a big difference between 'human clairvoyance' and “spiritual insight" to which we want to bring you.

If you have capabilities of clairvoyance or clair-audience, know that these are hereditary capabilities, but they say nothing about the value and the height of your soul. These capabilities are tools to help you to develop provided that you use them with wisdom and discernment, to help you have better contact with the Celestials to receive their guidance.

Otherwise they could block you in your spiritual evolution. When you think that the fact of having them put you already on a higher soul height or worse when you use them to manipulate others for your own benefit or self-aggrandizement. Or in the worst case when you think that with these abilities you have nothing anymore to learn, that you have already reached the pinnacle.

We say to all those who run to these clairvoyants and clairaudiants or transmitters of messages: be careful, take everything you hear or read with discernment and do not put these people on a pedestal.

There's only one person that you can put on a height and that is The Universal Father of which you are an expression. You have a Fragment of Him in you. You walk with God and you will become like Him from the moment you will submit your will to His Will.

Pay all attention! Never put mortals on a pedestal, even though they may transmit the words of Spirit, that they are far-sighted, that they hear and see things you don’t... they still remain souls in ascension.

You are not here to idolize other people, nor become dependent on them. You are here to grow by learning from others as well as from Celestials. Respect everyone because all possess an indwelling God Fragment and are on the way. Don’t feel less worthy as maybe one day the student could well surpass the teacher.

Goodbye and thank you.




For the words in blue see the Urantia Book