PART 15 - 2011

Session of June, 20th 2011 – recorded – English translation - Original French/English

Place: Mezza Verde inPlacencia, Belize.

Present: Cyril and D-Maya.

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Monsanloran and Malvantra Melchizedek

AYA, Master Spirit N°7 of Superunivers N°7 called Orvonton

SIRAYA, Master Spirit N°1 of Superunivers N° 1

Monsanloran spoke after 20min Total time meditation: 1H

Monsanloran: We will speak in French, it will be easier for this little girl and we have to exercise more the different languages.

Hello D-Maya. I am glad you are back in the group; we have been waiting for you. I hope you can make time to join us all to the ATM CAVES in Cayo because very important work has to be done there. Between 300 and 600 AD too many sacrifices of little children and adults and rituals have been done in these caves. Too many souls are hanging there, kept prisoner because of a situation they created. So this has to be cleaned up.

You already saw the documentation. Where you will find skeletons you will have to use each time the Light Anchor of Placencia with the intention of destroying the darkness and the lower psychic energies and give the possibility to the souls to go back to the Light to continue their path of evolution.

Each time you come in a round cave with pottery around you, or pieces of pottery, you do the same thing. We thought about creating a Permanent Light Anchor at some place, but we are still not sure about it. You took the date of July, 6th and that is good. It leaves us some time to prepare what we want to do and what you have to do. When you see E-Maya., show her the pictures and ask her for more details because she has been there so that we can explain more.

We will continue in French now.

I am happy to have you all here. I come to announce that the last session with Tomas was a great success. The souls who followed your session have learned a lot. They have learned about The Universal Father, they learned a bit about The Trinity. They understood certain errors in their thinking. Especially the errors of thinking of Lucifer, Caligastia and Satan they wanted to follow because they believed in those ideas. We will organize one or two more of these Q/A sessions before you both leave (Cyril and Kathy will leave begin august for Europe for several months).

These souls thank you for having received this opportunity to learn together with you and now they understand much better their situation. There are some who already want to continue their path of evolution to The Father. Others still have doubts and would like to learn more. So if you have time towards the end of the week or during next week to organize another session this would be perfect.

Many people begin to awaken; many people want to know. Investigate a bit more the few papers (paper 53 and 54) on the Rebellion and the Declaration of freedom of Lucifer. Try to understand properly the evil that tormented him and why these beings that did not come out of animal evolution like Lucifer who was created by your Creator Son Christ Michael wanted to rebel.

It is very important that you make up your own conclusions from your perspective as a human being living on Earth. It is very important for you and above all for us.

We see things from above. We know the rules, we know God, we know our Creator Son Christ Michael, we know our Mother Spirit (Nébadonia), and we have our Father Melchizedek who is connected to The Trinity of Paradise.

The Lanonandek Sons, who are created to manage the planetary Systems and the planets, see that a human being that starts from animal evolution is able to ascend to The Universal Father while they remain in the local universe to handle this ascension together with others. There is still something here that you should study and understand.

We would like to hear your point of view, how you see this as a human being living on Earth that is not yet arrived at the level of a Finaliter. The Finaliters had their reasons for not accepting what Lucifer said in his “Declaration of Liberty” but you who are still on Earth, how do you look at this? This is what we would like to know.

Many of the ideas of Lucifer remained on Earth and are among your brothers and sisters at many levels. You have feelings that we don’t have, you feel things that we don’t feel and we would like to know how you really see this. How could he drag into this so many Angels and Cherubim, Morontia companions, Planetary Princes and all these Midwayers as well as the ascending incarnated mortal souls who worked for the planetary Prince. Why were these people so attracted by these ideas? We would like to hear your views on this topic and if you could be ready with your questions for the end of this week or next weekend, we would very much appreciate it.

I leave you, my children, because AYA has something very important to tell you. Goodbye, my children. Goodbye D-Maya…

AYA : This is AYA here, Master Spirit no7 of Superunivers no7 called Orvonton, the Superunivers in which you live.

Yes my children, I have something important to tell you.

Soon Monjoronson, The Magisterial Son will come to Earth with his 12 Melchizedeks. He comes to Earth to end all the remnants of the rebellion.

Yes Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia have been judged, they refused mercy and preferred to be de-created. But all these other beings, these Cherubim’s, the Morontia companions, all these angels, that you call "fallen angels" and who were in fact left in darkness, are not necessarily on the prison planets, some were chained on Earth. Some Midwayers which have played their game as well as so many other celestial beings must still be released and judged in clemency and mercy and reeducated. A part of the Midwayers received rehabilitation but there are still so many others.

As we have seen that your first class with these human souls worked out well, we would like to extend these classes also for Celestial Beings that have been created in this Local Universe by Christ Michael and Nebadonia and who stayed here. We want to help them understand their mistakes and offer them an opportunity to review their positions and offer them the clemency and mercy of The Eternal Mother-Son and The Universal Father, so that they can be of service again as before.

Many were dragged into wrong ideas because they saw Lucifer as their God. He stood above them and ruled them. But when all this went too far, they were not able anymore to step back. It was too late and therefore they remained imprisoned in the darkness and partly here on Earth. You will also play a role for those ones. We will arrange something else together with you for the too decadent and too obstinate cases.

This is all for today my kids. Thank you for enjoying this work, thank you for helping us cleaning this Earth from all beings that should not have stayed here and should have continued their path and service. Due to the situation of 200,000 thousand years ago all of this happened unfortunately this way.

As the coming of the Magisterial Son approaches, we already start with this program. To allow humans to move towards Light and Life, all these characters that have nothing to do here must leave Urantia to continue their path and service. If they do not wish to continue, if they refuse our mercy, they will receive the right to no longer exist.

I wanted to announce this because I am AYA and you are working for the Melchizedeks who work for AYA or for the M-AYA Cosmic Masters.

Yes you have a very specific program and we are pleased that you wish to do this. By starting with you all here, other groups will be formed when they slowly will see and understand your work. Thus step by step, in a few decades, we can clean this Earth of all these unfortunate beings who have been poorly directed and who acted sometimes very badly.

Everything you do and all your experiences add much to your planetary Supreme called "Urantia" and from there add to the planetary “System Supreme Satania" and from there goes to The Supreme Being.

The only thing The Universal Father, of which you received a Fragment, asks you is to recognize Him, to love Him out of your own choice and to try to become like Him and to submit your will to His.

The Supreme Being is a Deity created by The Trinity. The Supreme Being is like a little intelligent child that is still growing and growing by your experiences and your decisions, but especially by your actions, when you decide to do something in accordance to the Laws of the Universe and in accordance to The Will of The Father.

The fact of having given your consent for these lessons to help all these unseen and unknown beings to you add very much to the experience of The Supreme Being.

Thank you my children, I'll leave you to your occupations. Good bye.

SIRAYA: I am SIRAYA, Master Spirit No1 of Superunivers No1, The Voice of The Father.

My children, The Father thanks you and is following closely all of your activities. He is proud of you and of the simple and humble way you love Him. Yet to him you are little children and you know how your heart melts when a very little child comes to you with beautiful small round eyes and tells you with a smile "I love you" whilst giving you little kisses. This is the same for The Universal Father. He sees you as such.

The changes of the tectonic earth plates will soon begin. We will ensure that you are all safe, but major dramas will happen in some places with many deaths. It is not that one day you will wake up and you will find yourself alone in a dead city, but in some places this could happen.

Be ready, follow your instructions, go into meditation and listen to your Inner Voice, to the voice of Monsanloran, Malvantra, your guides and your Angels, who will guide you. So be always alert, don't panic when you find yourself in a very strange situation. Keep a strong Faith in The Father and in us. Have confidence because we will walk you through all this.

Very violent winds will sweep Earth and many people will panic. You, instead of panicking stay quiet, calm the others and tell them you will pray to God together. If there are people open for meditations, you tell them to do a meditation together to understand and ask for guidance. These are a few tips that can help you and your entourage when very strange and very weird things will happen.

Thank you very much my children to have listened to me and The Father greats you with a big smile.

Malvantra: Hello, it’s a while ago I spoke to you. This communication system with Reflectivity allows our little girl here to start directly without that I have to lead the sessions.

I will be part of the Melchizedeks you will see. We are strengthening your vibrational frequencies to put you on higher circuits so that you could already see us before we are actually here.

This is necessary to ensure that you get more confidence in that specific work you do for us, as well in the communication system with reflectivity as in the work with the invisible beings that are still here on Earth. It will give you more confidence and will be much easier to receive your orders.

There was a time where we could make ourselves visible to the priests that were once named the Mayan priests. They received their orders, their guidelines and knowledge from us and with this they went among the people, among the human beings.

You will simply continue this work that was stopped due to some developments that happened on Urantia. This is why we raise your frequency so that you can do this former work of the ancient Mayan priests.

At this time, when you talk about Mayan priests, everybody relates always to the region of the actual Mayan culture in Central America. Don’t forget that, during thousands of years, we had lot of centers in different locations on Urantia.

You two will go to your European continent. There are two places where we have been in your continent and we would like you to go there to retrieve data that are still stored there. One of the places is Huete in Spain and the other is located in le Limousin (Tulle) in France. Try both to get there and if somebody else wants to accompany you this would even be better.

Just as you recovered data here in this country (Belize), you will go and retrieve data in Spain and France. When you are in these places, you will put you in meditation and we will put the data in you during that meditation.

This is already a little job that we have for you and if there are places to clean in the surroundings we will let you know.

There are many places in Italy which should be cleaned up. These places are often old castles or old prisons. You Cyril, who will stay not too far from the Venice region, you should go to Venice in some houses if they are open to the public such as the one of " The Medici" and other old families, that were in power for a long time. This is cleaning work that you can do alone. You will use the techniques of your former teachings and you will use the Light Anchor of Placencia just like you have done this morning at Carole’s house.

This little girl does this since many years, she will always continue to do this and she knows where to go. She always followed her guidance, it is not a problem for us to tell her where to go. You Cyril, still have to get used to your inner guidance and will slowly start feeling where you have to clean up.

In general, no matter where you go, either Italy or France, there is always somewhere a castle, a former prison, a weird place where in time of wars things happened. In Europe there are not many places where there has never been a battle, torture or a horrible act. Black Magic practices were also maintained for a long time on the European continent.

You will get used to feel and to know what you have to do on the places where you're going to. Your former teachings gave you the capacity to feel on your body the low energy presences. If you still don’t feel them ask us for help to recognize these signs. Don’t be afraid because these souls require your assistance and they always thank you for having helped them. When you feel them strongly, you'll know that there is much work to do in that area. These souls you feel want to go on voluntarily but there are many others that remain trapped or don’t want to leave.

Thank you kindly to do this work and to arrange to visit these two sites together. I say goodbye to you all and I leave you. The session is finished; I was the last person that wanted to speak to you.



For the definitions of the words in blue see Urantia Book .