The development of a Morontia Mind.

Session n°13 of 27 March 2013 – recorded- Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Carole and Wivine.

Visitor: Mardonsoul in ascension coming from another planet of our planetary System Satania.

Received by Wivine.

Mardon spoke after 1h31min                   Total time meditation: 1h55min.

Mardon: I am Mardon and I have something to tell you. I am one of those who observe your group and help you learn how to control these "inner energies” I observe how you learn to connect your mortal mind with the premind of your Thought Adjuster during these profound meditations.

Your Thought adjuster receives the ability to merge your mortal mind with his premind when you have the deep desire to give you over to His Will, by perfectly synchronizing your mortal mind with the Will of The Father. Then the «Morontia mind» of your soul will suddenly appear. The Morontia mind is the result of the combination of two types of mind: of the electrochemical working mortal mind with the premind of your God Fragment.

This is the step you take now, and once you have reached it you just have to express your desire to speak to others according to the Will of The Father. This will allow your God Fragment to talk to those around you as a personality... your personality.

This is not the fusion of your soul with your Thought Adjuster or God Fragment.

It is the human mind coming out of animal evolution which is divinized and God who talks as a 'personality' through man. This will allow your mortal mind to access a broader intelligence which is derived from the Cosmic Mind diffused throughout your Superuniverse by your Master Spirit nr.7, AYA, the Voice of the Trinity and the Supreme Being.

I am a human being like you. I grew up on another planet, a planet of the rebellion (there were 37 rebel planets). I look like you more than you think. There are other ways to achieve the merging of the mortal mind with the premind of a Thought adjuster. This is a new system that we try out and observe with the Melchizedeks.

Of course with the agreement of Christ Michael (Jesus), under the administration of Gabriel of Salvington, who receives much help of Emmanuel, the Union of days - who represents The Trinity on Salvington, capital of this local universe Nebadon.

I received permission to encourage you to persist in what you do. Your group began with two people, grew up to ten and will now decline to 3 or4 persons, to later grow again.

People do not grow all at the same pace. There were younger and more mature people in the group. Young people must first make their life experiences, good or bad regardless, but they must live them. Growing too fast or too soon in the spiritual domain when a young person must still experience so many life lessons is not good.

All young people should receive the opportunity to lead their own lives: getting married, having children, a job, proving themselves in real life by forging their identity; to become humans who can take their own responsibilities and build up endurance from their 'own understanding and inner strength’. It takes time, problems and challenges in order to recognize which are the right decisions to take.

Even if they take sometimes bad decisions or do things you disagree with, it will be these actions that sooner or later will help them find the right path. When a young person does not receive the possibility to distinguish good from bad through challenges with which he can develop character strength and personality, you deprive him from valuable lessons. Please, be patient with young people, they can follow the spiritual path up to a certain limit and then must enter real life to make these experiences that you... all those elderly who are here... had the chance to live.

These experiences are very valuable to the Supreme Being as well as for the ascending soul. When young people come to you, help them out and let them go when you see that their interest goes away. Their Thought adjuster and Angels are doing a good job and we help these little ones to overcome their difficulties. When they are ready they will come back.

{Note Wivine: the young Maya’s were suddenly gone. It was hard for me, very hard after all those years of challenges and adventures with them.}

Stay for the moment with those who are here to continue to evolve in order to bring more help later to your planet and one day to other planets. When your youngsters will return you will be able to help them with far more knowledge on a much higher level.

For those adults who were not ready to proceed to the next step because they preferred to stay with what they knew, not wanting to get out of their comfort zone to learn new things, they will continue their path of ascension by other means.

It is difficult for you to understand where the Celestials take you. You should continue with your faith and trust, advancing while groping in the dark and slowly grow with the little light you receive to guide you. It is exactly to this faith and trust that you are lead that nothing or anybody can destroy which you are building up right now.

Watch back over the years and you'll all see the progress you have made during this time. If you wish to travel to help others with your new abilities, you will receive these possibilities. Here also you need faith and trust that it is possible.

There is so much to learn during a trip, by having contact with other cultures, ethnic groups and religious beliefs, by experiencing how God — the Universal Father - lives in each one of you and works through all.

You will receive valuable lessons in seeing your own desires, needs, sorrows and choices in the eyes of others who live on the other side of the planet. You will recognize your own humanity in these people who look totally different from you, who eat other food, who speak a different language and live in completely different conditions.

Thank you for listening to me. I only received permission to speak to you as a brother, a human being like you from another rebel planet that helps your fellow citizens in the same way that you will do later on other rebel planets, if that is your desire.

The least we can do together is to help our brothers and sisters to overcome the same living conditions and difficulties that we had. Who can better than us understand our brothers and sisters on rebel planets who experienced the same fate? We know the lies; we know the truth and have managed to get out of it.

Then my friends, when you are ready we can go together in all these dark places on earth and later to those of other rebel planets.

See you soon, my friends; a lot of work awaits us. Live all your life in the way you prefer, but when you meet, be always honest, fair and just to each other.

We will not accept that other programs, ideas or personal goals slip in the bosom of this group. Those who are not ready can still continue their path of ascension by other means and can come back if they are sincere and agree to follow our guidance. For the moment we will continue with those who are here. Goodbye and have a nice day. This was Mardon.



For the words in blue see the Urantia Book