I won't let you alone.

Session nr 15 of 13 April 2013 – recorded – English translation -Original French/English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: B-Maya, Carole and Wivine.


Visitors: SIRAYA, Master Spirit nr 1 of Superuniverse nr 1, Orillington, the Voice of the Universal Father.

                    MA-QUIN, Primary Midwayer nr 173.

Received by Wivine.

SIRAYA spoke after 2h                  Total time meditation: 2h35min.

Siraya here: Master Spirit nr 1 of Superunivers nr 1, Orillington, the Voice of The Universal Father.

My children, I come to speak about My Son, who is known on your planet as Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth and for others as the Creator Son of your local universe, of the Order of Michael's... Called by them Christ Michael.

I am not used to talk about My Sons that I created and conceived with The Eternal Son-Mother. These Sons possess creative abilities and received an extraordinary and unique personality. None of them are the same. Some will tend to reflect more My way of loving My Creation, My fair and right way to lead with great clemency, rigor and wisdom while others will be more inclined to manifest the Mercy of the Eternal Son-Mother which She expresses entirely through Her Personality and in all Her facets.

My Son, ‘Christ', tends to his Mother to demonstrate tremendous mercy, patience, clemency and feelings of love for all his creations in his local universe. Nevertheless he still has some features of Me and among other things his determination. When he decides something he will stick to it no matter what happens. Perhaps, you would say that he is stubborn, that he does not like to abdicate, that he won't change his mind. Well Yes, that’s how he is. When he takes a decision he will do everything, but everything, to stick on it.

Therefore, he ended up on the cross. He decided to never use his capabilities of a Creator Son to save his human life or do miracles knowing full well that it wouldn’t serve any purpose. He held on, remained determined in what he decided and I didn’t intervene because it was "his decision".

He did not do that to sacrifice him for you. He did not need to sacrifice him for you, he could have arranged everything in a wave of a magic wand. But he refused to use his abilities to save his human life, or to dazzle everyone who had begun to hate him because he didn’t want to give them what they asked: "the Kingdom and the worldwide supremacy of the Jewish people."

However he also did something else, my children, by remaining a few years more on Earth.

He opened the living way to Me, a living religion that he demonstrated during his human life. Then he gave the possibility to any child to receive one of My Fragments as soon as they take their first moral decision.

This God Fragment contributes to the development of your embryonic soul and will fuse one day with your adult soul so that she can continue her path towards Paradise to join Me, to become a Deified Spiritual Creature, 'Perfect' like Me. Therefore your soul shall leave your local universe where Christ Michael lives, your Melchizedeks, Angels and many other Celestial Orders such as the Vorondadek and Lanonandek Sons.

The ‘way’ he has opened for you and all human creatures of his local universe living on millions of other planets, is a religion, not a spiritual teaching in the sense you understand it.

The ‘way’ he has opened for you is a personal religion. A link between your mortal mind, your being wishing to know Me to have a personal relationship with Me. You will experience intense joy knowing that God is near you, that He is accessible to you and that He lives in you following your faith and inner conviction.

God is personal, which means that you can talk with Him from person to person, communicate and commune with Him to eventually put your will in His Hands so that He can guide you towards Him, towards a better life, to a more independent life, to a life full of joy, with tears and difficulties in order to learn; a life full of abundance and experiences.

I don’t ask you to live poor and unhappy. I ask you to live properly, to have a beautiful career, a successful life where you can prove yourself, to have financial means that allow you to study to have a profession, to trade and travel.

This is also abundance that you are entitled to. This will allow you to do a lot of experiences, to meet people, to have friendships, perhaps enemies, to live new adventures and new difficulties. A healthy economic life, acquiring wealth in a fair manner is not contrary to the religion of God. People, who are poor, sick and living in miserable conditions don’t think about God because they are too preoccupied with their hungry stomachs, their health and misery.

An economic crisis and situations of poverty are not good for the development of souls seeking God. God does not want poverty for His children. Poverty and disease don’t give opportunities to all to develop.

Therefore I say that a religious life and I really insist on the term 'religious', meaning to link your personality, your soul, your will to God’s Will, is very well possible with a career, good finances earned by hard work and honest means. Do not think that a person who communicates with his indwelling God Fragment, who submits his will to God, can only be someone who lives in cloisters or caverns.

Religion is part of your material life and part of your experiences on this physical world. Your souls are only in an embryonic state, your souls will become adult when you pass the Seven Mansion Worlds, the Morontia worlds until you reach Jerusem the capital of your planetary System Satania. At this point you'll be ‘adult souls’ and maybe you'll have already fused with your God Fragment.

In your present stage it's already great that you learn to communicate with God, that you try to put your will under His control so that He can lead you to your destiny by keeping this faith and unwavering trust in this relationship and personal religion with Him.

In 'spirituality' or the 'spiritual' as it is known today by many people on all continents God is often left out of the equation... they speak of Masters, Energies, Reincarnation, but not of that intimate contact or this tremendous personal experience that you can have with your indwelling God Fragment.

This Fragment which is God, will speak directly to you from the moment you open the door and that you go in silence to tell Him: "My God, I want to hear your voice and I want to do what you expect of me." It's so simple.

Then I, The Universal Father - the Creator of All - will open my arms when I feel you are sincere, you have faith and trust and that you won’t walk out on Me. Then I'll let you feel My Presence immediately in your daily life. Faith and trust in a God you cannot see must grow and it will evolve until you will have the absolute certainty that this contact is there every moment of the day.

My children, talk about 'religion' as a religion speaks of God and places Him at the centre. In this case it is to experience My Fragment that I granted you personally. Who speaks in My Name, which is Me, and which is constantly in contact with Me. From the moment you will be very close to Him, that you have put you under His control, you don’t need to look for Me somewhere else anymore, you will hear Me very clearly.

I am your Father who lives in Paradise and who also dwells in you. I deeply wish to have a personal, daily and constant contact with you. Trust Me and you will receive prove even if at the beginning you will grope around and have some doubts: have trust and you'll receive your evidence. This will be your personal prove that you cannot transmit to others because it is difficult to pass on.

Live your religion and your personal connection with Me and I'll bring you to extraordinary adventures and inner joys that will make you understand that your life just begun and will last a long time, a very long time after having left your physical body on your planet. You will receive on the Mansion worlds, the Morontia worlds and the Spiritual worlds regularly another body adapted to each evolution stage of your soul and these worlds.

The path to Me is long before I can take you in My arms so that you become like Me: 'Perfect'. But I will always be at your side, inside of you, close to you and I won't let you alone.

My Son, Christ Michael and his companion Mother-Spirit of this Local Universe created together and separately many Orders of Celestials that are effective at different levels to help you move towards Me.

Thank you my children, I wanted to clarify this because much vocabulary is used right now on your world which brings confusion.

You live a personal religion with your indwelling God Fragment and it is this personal religion that will bring you to spiritual insight.

Goodbye, my children and continue as you are busy

Ma-Quin (English): this is Ma-Quin here, Primary Midwayer nr 173. Your group will grow with more people of this country. This is necessary for what we have to do to prepare the coming of the Magisterial Son, his Melchizedeks and other Celestials as our planetary Prince Machiventa Melchizedek as well as mortals who are part of the reserve Corps of destiny and the cosmic reserve Corps of universe-conscious citizens.

Numerous transformations must be done to the mortals of the ‘two reserve Corps’ on their physical body to enable them to see and hear the Celestial entourage of the Magisterial Son because they will not come in a physical body. They will be visible on Morontia level.

These transformations are heavy, may be accompanied by pain, symptoms of high blood pressure, enormous fatigue, pain in the bones, the sensation of having electricity in legs and arms and other side effects. They are done by secondary Midwayers, Life Carriers and Physical Controllers.

All these side effects will disappear. If we see that the pain is too strong, we slow down the process. It is up to you to be consistent and accept the changes. If you don’t want them, tell us.

Other preparation work awaits your group in this country. We will not explain everything. The only thing we ask you is to cooperate with us, with the group of secondary Midwayers working under my direction to continue this preparation.

We never promised anyone in your group to still be alive when the Magisterial Son will manifest in a physical body. This will depend on you, your age and his timing. In the meantime, you can all help to prepare his coming.

I would like to say to the Maya youngsters that we are very close to them and we need them to prepare us a beautiful garden. We will guide them in its creation, which plants and fruits to plant, how to build their own house and the place where they will do their meditations to communicate with The Father.

Take your time. For those who have ancestral land, continue simply with what you do. For those who have no land, don't worry, a plot of land will be made available later.

Thank you, my children, it was a long time ago I spoke to you and it was a real pleasure for me to see you back together. Goodbye, my children.




For the words in blue see the Urantia Book