We need your help.

Session 16 of 18 April 2013 – recorded – Original English

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: B-Maya and Wivine

Received by Wivine

Visitor: AYA, Master Spirit nr. 7 of Superunivers nr. 7 Orvonton. The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

AYA spoke after 1h30                   Total time meditation: 1h47min

AYA here:  I am Master Spirit nr.7 of Superunivers nr.7, Orvonton in which your local universe Nebadon is located. I am The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

I come to you my children to encourage you to keep faith in our guidance and many beautiful things will happen to you. The coming of your Magisterial Son is a great event for your planet but for Urantia it will not be just a traditional coming.


Because of its situation and location, because it is a decimal, experimental planet, because it is a planet where human beings are endowed with a Father Fragment to develop souls with the potential to reach Paradise, which is not always the case on all planets…….other things and other events will occur.

This is the planet where Christ Michael was born as a baby 2,000 years ago under the name of Joshua Ben Joseph. Your Creator Son chose this planet to make his 7th and last bestowal to show to all human beings living on the inhabited planets of his local universe the connection he has with The Universal Father of Paradise and to reveal the presence of The Supreme Being which is an evolving Deity created by The Trinity a long time ago even before this local universe came into existence.

There are two things my children that are important in what he came to do and what you will express. You will express, just like Jesus did during his life, your connection with The Universal Father through the Thought Adjuster he gave you personally and the second important thing is that you will help The Supreme Being to grow.

After you’ll become ‘perfect’ like The Father in Paradise, you will go with Christ Michael to the outer space worlds to create life as his partner to help him. In order to become his creator sons of the new universe age, you need to have a status in the evolving Supreme Being when she will become God The Supreme. To achieve such a status you need to implement things and take actions in a cooperative way with your indwelling God Fragment and all Celestials that are here to help you in your evolution towards The Father.

You have the desire to help, to act and to do something to make a change…..and we have the know-how, the Knowledge and the Wisdom of the Universe.

Your free will and your decisions are supreme, we will not touch them, but in order to make a change on Urantia right now we need your help because we are the ones that know what has to be changed and how.

Be aware that I am speaking here in the name of The Trinity and also in the name of The Supreme Being.

You will work for the Planetary Government, for the Master Seraphim, and you will also work with the Most High Observer and his race commissioners, first here in this country and later elsewhere.

There is indeed much to prepare for such an event as the coming of a Magisterial Son who will stay here for a very long time in a physical body that will need to be sustained in different ways. On one side with the energy of the food provided on this material world and on the other side with energy coming from the Morontia and even the Spiritual circuits.

Even the bodies of the Magisterial Son, his Melchizedeks and all Celestial Beings coming with him in physical form, are a new experiment that has never been done before on this planet. As everything is special here on Urantia we will have, with the agreement of the Ancient of Days, to make some adaptations on the physical bodies of the Magisterial Son, his Melchizedeks and all his Celestial staff that will come here.

Don’t try to compare this to what is written in the Urantia Book about what has been done 500,000 years ago with the rematerialized corporeal Staff of the planetary Prince, and 35,000 years ago with the coming of Adam and Eve.

In this case the situation will be different and that’s all we will say about the subject.

Thank you my children for having listened to me and cooperating with us. Goodbye and have a nice day.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.