Open the door to God's forgiveness

Session 17 of 18 May 2013 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: B-Maya, Carole and Wivine

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek.

Malvantra spoke after 1u19min                Total time meditation: 1h59min.

Malvantra here: I come to visit you. It's been a long time that you were together in this place after your holidays and trips. My children, a lot of work awaits us.

Firstly we would like you to finish the work of the creation of "Light columns" with us along the coastal area and a few cities within this country.

You all had personal experiences during this last fortnight. You all understood how much you are protected and how we help you in all that you undertake.

To the person who experienced a mind attack by the dark forces we say that this was necessary so that you would understand how they act on the mind of people and how much harm they can do to all those who are under influence of alcohol, drugs and very strong emotions as anger, hatred and jealousy. You have passed your test very well.

You will all become capable in a few months to cope with the great dark beings (Demons) who are still here in the invisible dimensions. They exert negative influences with all their subordinates and mortals of certain sects.

When we talk of sects we are not only speaking of systems developed by shamans worldwide. We are also talking about mortals with high intelligence and a lot of capabilities that can be found in all areas of science, governments and financial world.

You often hear about the second coming of Christ, which is poorly understood. Christ is active in all areas near you. All those who go in meditation and have faith in their indwelling God Fragment, who help their brothers and sisters, will be able to see him the way he is usually depicted.

His ‘second coming’ will not be in the physical world. He will work actively with you by giving the means to have access to abilities that will give you a greater spiritual insight to reach levels of knowledge beyond your terrestrial sphere. He will help you achieve this in collaboration with your God Fragment.

You here, you work with the ‘Energy of your God Fragment" and some already with the 'power of love of Christ' as well as with the spiritual energy circuitry from The Eternal Son-Mother.

To reach this stage you need first to acknowledge the existence of your indwelling Thought Adjuster, to love God and your siblings in a selfless manner. By wanting to help your brethren with much dedication and learn to come very close to your Thought adjuster by submitting your will to His. It’s only than that your God Fragment can make a great instrument of God from you to help your visible and invisible siblings; by helping the Midwayers in their ‘cleaning work’ to bring your planet to its first steps towards the era of Light and Life.

You will also receive the ability to help your planetary Supreme Urantia so that she becomes aware and receive all the love and powers of The Trinity she needs to stabilize.

By continuing to work with your new abilities you will manage to develop "two Morontia glands" in your brain that will help you achieve the highest level of spiritual insight and clairaudience that a human being can reach on Earth.

Development and access to these capabilities start with the heart; this is the first gland receptive to Spirit that must be developed. It is love and forgiveness.

Not just forgive by saying: 'Ok, if I have to... I forgive you’. No, you only forgive when you no longer bear a grudge against the person who harmed you, voluntarily or not. Forgiveness means that you get to see the good in that person and no longer feel jealousy, hatred, anger or a need for revenge.

When you do this you open the door for the forgiveness that God has given you since the beginning of your existence for all the misdeeds that you could have commit, voluntarily or not. Then you will come to feel the love and forgiveness of God and accept it. You won't be able to have access to God's forgiveness if you are unable to love those from whom you feel did you wrong and accept that nobody is perfect.

God forgives and has already forgiven all bad deeds that a person can do in his life, only the person must open the door to this forgiveness by loving others and being able to show that he or she is able to do the same thing as God.

This is a very important lesson for all those who hold resentment in their hearts... let it go…... let your hate, anger and resentment go. Sprinkle love above it and send love from your heart to the person who did you wrong and then let it go.

You will thus be issuing your ills and will open the door to the love and mercy of God for you. You will then swim in a halo of light that will bring your mind, soul and heart in harmony in order to continue your path of evolution and ascension on Earth and later on the Mansion Worlds that have been created for you for this purpose.

There you will receive a new semi-material (Morontia) body that will serve you better, which will give you greater intelligence and insight. You will go to other schools and receive other experiences to continue your ascension until Paradise to become 'Perfect' as The Universal Father.

To all who believe in reincarnation and we are not asking you to change belief, but we say this: "We affirm that from now on all souls that managed to grow with benefits, as little as it might be, will enter the Morontia Kingdoms of Heaven to continue their education, their ascension and evolution.

The things that she has not done properly will remain here on Earth like half-conscious ghosts and you will adjust what you call 'karma' on these Morontia worlds. You will much better understand there your actions in a gradual, nice and loving way and through understanding you will forgive others and yourself. It is this way that the ghosts with their negative residues left here behind will dissipate without problems. This is how your karma will disappear and you will continue your ascension without returning to a physical planet.

For those who believe that the soul goes immediately after this life to God or maybe to a creepy place we tell this: Please note that there are no creepy places on the Mansion worlds of which Jesus spoke. There are many Celestials there to help you understand your mistakes so that you can continue your path of ascension.

Every person who believes in God, little matter how she/he imagines the First Source and Center, will have access to the Mansion Worlds, to the worlds of Heaven, where they will continue their evolution as it is foreseen by the Plans of Christ Michael (Jesus) and his Father, The Universal Father.

My children, don’t start a heavy discussion on religion with anyone. You are here to make known the presence of God’s Fragment in everyone. This Fragment with which one can have an intimate, personal relationship, as two friends who speak, listen and get along with each other and that it is within the reach of all.

Your physical differences, expressions and understanding will remain. The goal is that all understand that each one of you has an indwelling Fragment of God and therefore you are all brothers and sisters coming from One Father who loves you.

Every person that opens to the truth that God lives in him and that one can have a personal relationship with Him, understands that you don’t need to die to meet Him, will transform all civilizations, the way religions exercise their power, governments and how others are treated from inside out.

This knowledge will spread slowly but surely. This knowledge is latent in many religions around the world. It will be activated by a ‘Corps of servants' like you around the world and at the same time.

The system to make known the ‘indwelling God' will be decentralized so that nothing or no one can hinder its spreading that will eventually extend around your globe.

Thus, the "Kingdom of Heaven" of which Jesus spoke will be also established on this planet.

You will receive the help of a Magisterial Son, his Melchizedeks and a staff of Celestials, some of which will be visible in Morontia form and others in a physical body at the right time.

Thank you, my children, I wish you a good day and we are all very glad to see that your group has received a new member and that you get along well. Goodbye my friends.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.