The Jaguar.

The Maya Jaguar teaches that people should never try to be what they aren't.

The Maya Jaguar also teaches that power, by itself, is not enough.

Session nr 18 of 27 May 2013 – recorded - Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: B-Maya and Wivine.

Visitors: T’Chakbč- Mahual –Secondary Midwayer

              Ma-Quin, Primary Midwayer.

T’Chakbč-Mahual spoke after 1h30 min               Total time meditation: 2h13min.

T’Chakbč-Mahual: I am T’Chakbč-Mahual, a secondary Midwayer known to you as the presence of the Jaguar in this region. I received permission to speak to your group. I worked for some time with you when you helped the Melchizedeks in different places to break the 'dark grid’.

I was born more than 30,000 years ago. I belong to the descendants of Adamson and Ratta. I studied the rebellion in all its aspects before the coming of Jesus of Nazareth or Christ Michael 2,000 years ago. I was in contact with those who were trying to create life here on Earth, projects in which I took part. I was a young guy, a foul, I loved adventure and I learned and also did things I'm putting right here with you now.

After Christ Michael left your planet Urantia, he asked me to come with him to study those aspects of the "rebellion" with the Melchizedeks on the Mansion Worlds. They founded special schools for the Midwayers where we could learn about the reason for the creation of life and the purpose of "humans" on this planet.

Then I worked a long time on other rebel planets with my knowledge. However, I'm back here with your Melchizedeks who work for 'AYA' to help you in this 'cleaning work' because there was a time I was part of the experts who contributed to the creation of this ‘dark network’. So I know very well how to destroy it.

I was introduced to you for the first time 2 years ago by a person outside your group when you needed to visit ‘Cockscomb Jaguar Park’ to create a 'permanent traditional Light Anchor'. We told you through him to 'follow the footsteps of the jaguar', what you have done to find the exact location.

I was presented to you a second time 3 months ago when you were working with the Melchizedeks in the village of the banana plantation near Cockscomb. I came to you after the Melchizedeks had created their 'Light column' through you during meditation. I showed me to B-Maya as a jaguar and sat in the middle of your circle. I hit the knee of each of you with my paw to tell you that the work was done and that we thanked you.

There's a reason why my symbol for you is the 'Jaguar'. The Jaguar has a meaning in Maya religion. There's a reason why you are here and that the Melchizedeks asked you to create such a large number of 'Light Columns' along the Belize coast.

My domain was once this region and I live here again. My actual home is the "Maltucia cave", which was discovered by the father of B-Maya more than a year ago. We prevented you from going there because it is indeed very dangerous. One day all of you will go there with the Melchizedeks and me to meditate and then more will be revealed.

I joined you in all your travels and I will go with you to Morocco.

Tell Charles that he is currently under a strong attack of dark energy because he decided to accompany you to Morocco. It is a test for him to see if he is strong enough to resist in order to join the trip. The work there is important and will serve the entire African continent.

I am T’Chakbč-Mahual, the Jaguar and thank you for having accepted my presence. Goodbye, my friends.

Ma-Quin here: I'm Ma-Quin, Primary Midwayer. I come to talk to the youngest of this group. B-Maya, you have the opportunity to receive at your disposal a plot of land as native of this country. This is not a random plot because it hides a secret and that is the reason why it remained there for so long to be finally distributed to the members of your family.

In a few years I'll show you where you are going to build the same building as in Placencia. You can build it in wood or another material so that you have your own ‘meditation place’ where you will receive the needed revelations for the development of your land.

I am your contact and later you will understand the reason for your presence in this group. Do not try to get all this land for you alone right now.

First of all let your family and your parents enjoy it. Your parents have made a great effort to educate you the 'right way' as they say and let you study. They have waited a long time to have you back to help them. Be patient and you will receive all instructions and knowledge of what you and your father have to do with these lands. Follow the right course of action, the laws of your country so that you don’t lose the land.

Your role is to become an example and a beacon of light for your people. You receive during the meditations with this group the knowledge and skills to prepare you. More will be revealed in a distant future.

Thank you, my boy, for listening to me and having responded to my call to participate in this meditation. Goodbye, my boy.

{Note Wivine February 2015: B-Maya received officially his plot of his family ancestral land in September 2014. He currently handles the cleaning, the planting and prepares the construction of his house. He is now 23 years old, completed his studies, has a good job and marriage plans. His ‘meditation place’ will come later. Patience!}



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.