A New Spirituality and a New Man.

Session nr.19 of 8 June 2013 – recorded– Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Carole and Wivine.

Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek.

Received by Wivine.

Malvantra spoke after 1h32min.               Total time meditation: 1h49min.

Malvantra here: my children, a new drama has affected your group once again, don't worry. The group should be reduced to 2 or 3 people. All those who were not ready will continue their path in different ways because we are going to take you to very high levels of spiritual insight.

You are the precursors of a "New Spirituality" of which you will follow the first classes with us, with teachers that you will be able to see.

You've discovered that you lose all feelings of your body during meditation, and when you return you hear the surrounding noises again and are able to slightly move still having your eyes closed. Then you go back to another state of consciousness where you lose again all body sensations and after a time you come back. This going back and forth happens several times during your long meditations.

This is the new way to reach the highest level of spiritual insight.

While you are in meditation your Morontia soul with her body is taken away and your physical body is put in a coma-like state in which you cannot feel or hear with your physical senses anymore.

It is then that we, the Melchizedeks, take over with the help of the Power Directors and the Angels who help with energy transformations. We take you to schools where you perform tasks to better understand what this 'New Spirituality' will mean for the 'New Man of the future.

Currently few people of your generation will reach this stage due to our training to be able to modify and help humanity under our guidance. They will be the pioneers of this 'New Spirituality'.

Future generations will have other bodies. There is no need to bring back Adam and Eve or their offspring to enhance human bodies biologically so that mortals become genetically more open to spiritual matters and would get a stronger immune system. This will happen in a different way.

There are now "Divine Energies” dispersed all over the globe by humans and Celestials that transform and rewrite the DNA of all ethnic groups.

The children of your youngest generation and their offspring will be much smarter, much more aware on spiritual levels, will have a capacity to hear and see us that your current generations should have reached since a long time.

You're often talking about Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children with superior intelligence and psychic abilities, but the problem is that these children grow up in an inappropriate environment. Their current parents cannot give an adapted education to their children who are often aware that they far transcend their environment. Some are even on drugs from a young age to keep them quiet.

The real Crystal and Rainbow children have yet to be born, and those will be the children who will ring the bells of the beginning of the era of Light and Life. We’ll tell you more on this subject later.

One day you will create on Morontia level with the help of Mother Spirit Nebadonia the ‘tertiary Midwayers’. These ‘tertiary Midwayers’ will aid these prodigal sons and they will grow up together. This is all what we will tell you about this topic for the moment.

The guidelines of "Christ Michael and the Universal Father plans" for the evolution of humanity say that humans must consciously participate in all levels of progress. Of course, you will encounter less qualified people at the highest levels, but this is not important. What is important is that each individual contributes consciously in his corner with his means to change his planet to host a "New Spirituality" on Urantia and that this is done with our help and under our direction.

Your physical body and the Morontia body of your soul are constantly updated on higher frequencies. Today, we have increased the frequency of your ‘physical body’. This is the reason why you had it so difficult. This strengthens the nervous system and the nervous system gives signals through biochemical neurotransmitters and "electricity" and that is why you constantly felt the need to move your arms, legs, heads and jaws.

What you learn here in your meditations is to reach the highest level of spiritual insight. Indeed, you will arrive to dematerialize someday your physical body and travel into space to visit other planets and come back. But this is not the real goal; this is not a necessity to achieve eternal life for your soul.

People were able to do this since antiquity. On all the American continents there are natives who have done this and are still able to do it; there are also people in Russia and in the Himalayas who know how to do this. There are people who can be in several places at the same time, who can cross walls and much more.

These are not the big secrets. These are "gadgets" that you will receive as a bonus for the efforts deployed to achieve this higher spiritual insight with the help of your God Fragment, the independent God Fragments and us. You will learn more about this later.

Thank you, my children, to be here together and goodbye.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.