The planet is on the right orbit.

Session nr.20 of 16 June 2013 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Carole and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitors: Malvantra and Monsanloran Melchizedek.

Malvantra spoke after 58min                   Total time meditation: 1h28min.

Malvantra here: My children, things are good as they are.

Please be aware that whenever we can implement a "Light Column" through you, you gain from it. When you go to holy places of ancient cultures there is sometimes one of our brothers still active and we reinstate these places through you so that all people who pass by can benefit from it and at the same time we break the ‘dark grid’.

You will also receive skills and knowledge of which you will not be aware in your daily life. When the need is there for you to know, believe me, you'll know.

We don’t allow you currently to use your abilities to the maximum. When the time of God will come, your abilities will be amplified by 1,000. by 10,000 to get the results we want.

Many things will change on Urantia and in the hearts of people. Don't worry because there are still swirls as they are only the last bursts of the 'Beast'.

Christ Michael, our father, has put this planet back on the right orbit, one that leads to The Universal Father and he has no intention of losing his grip.

Any difficult circumstance helps the inhabitants of your planet to reconsider their point of view and to learn.

The Most Highs- Vorondadek are hard at work with the Governments of your planet and they get good results. Obviously you need a little patience, an angelic patience which often lacks you because you only see the short duration of your life. We are already seeing the goal towards which we sail; we see it in the distance. Everything is done without haste and with the participation of human beings. Whenever someone has a heart change, that he begins to feel love and the desire to help others, we can help a little more. Sometimes it is necessary that people realize the horror of certain acts and how this has an impact on the world.

Continue my children; continue with what you are busy. There are people who know more than you and there are some who know less. But there are also those who pretend to know more. Continue my children. You're all in the same boat and no human being can claim to have reached the ‘perfection’ of The Universal Father. We know that relationships in family or with other people are sometimes difficult and that there are a lot of prejudices about nationalities, ethnic cultures and religions.

Human beings like to have power over others: in the best case to feel safe or in the worst case it is thirst for power or self-aggrandizement. Even among people who are looking for abilities to help others who are in what you call 'the spirituality' you will meet this need to dominate others and that on many levels.

You will understand later why there were so many changes these last nine months in the environment of your group.

We will give you a little key: "9 months is the time needed for a fetus to grow and be born on this world." You must also grow and generate a new child. Think about this little sentence and when you will have understood it we shall return.

Be aware that you don’t lose your time during your meditations even if they last about 3 hours. You learn much; you do full of activities and feel every time that something changed in you. You still need a long workout for that where we are taking you and you understood now that your physical life is not eternal but rather the life of your soul.

You are two women of almost the same age {+/-60 years} that will continue together and when both are ready, we will give our agreement to enlarge the group; for the time being leave things as they are and continue. We are preparing others to join you to work towards the same goal.

We know that in your heart you are healers, not transmitters of messages, so stay what you are: people who grow up and receive the means to help their brothers and sisters another way. We find many who want to cut the leaves and the branches of the trees but very few who want to destroy evil at the root.

I thank all those who work for a long time in silence in this work of healing and help to others. You all have an important role to play but not all the same. We were with you from the beginning of your training and education and are helping you. You have all different ages, different life difficulties and we appreciate when you use your learned abilities to help others, your family and yourself.

Goodbye, my children, until next time.

Monsanloran here: girl, when you pass through Mexico, visit the site of Chacchoben. I will be present with the Most High Observer and his race commissioners. Please bring with you what you need to receive our instructions. You will learn to know another of my brothers whose name will be revealed later. Meanwhile continue to do your work in silence. Goodbye children.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.