Live longer to help.

Session nr.21 of 20 June 2013 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Wivine

Received by Wivine

Visitor: Father Melchizedek

Father Melchizedek spoke after 1h40min.            Total time meditation: 2h10min.

Father Melchizedek: Hello, this is Father Melchizedek here. It’s a long time I came to visit you. I wanted to give you an encouragement on the part of our Mother Spirit of this local universe Nebadon, Daughter and Representative of The Infinite Spirit.

My child, you will need to move forward alone in some areas and with your companions in others. You will cooperate with one of my Melchizedek Sons.

There are Melchizedeks, who are sometimes modified to serve as life carriers. They get the ability to create "Midsoniter children" with a Material Daughter or Mother Eve on a midsonite world of a planetary System.

His function here will be a little different because he will help you to create what we asked to call "tertiary Midwayers". You will not work with one of my Sons on the physical plane; this will be done at Morontia level and is not yet for now.

One of the reasons why your meditations last sometimes so long is because we train you and make you understand your role at the level of your Morontia soul, at a Super-conscious level. Then we make sure you don’t remember anything when you come out of meditation.

Carole will also cooperate with a Melchizedek that can carry life to create the ‘tertiary Midwayers’ on Morontia level. This is the reason why your group was reduced to two women living in the same country and able to be physically together in the same place.

Let's talk of something else now, about the Magisterial Mission and the twelve Melchizedeks that will accompany the Magisterial Son who will come in the flesh. A Magisterial Son always uses mortals who are part of the 'Reserve Corps of destiny' and the 'Reserve Corps of those who are aware of their cosmic citizenship' to help him in his Mission.

There are twelve corpses of Master Seraphim in the Seraphic planetary Supervision and each group of these superiors Angels has his share of mortals of the 'Reserve Corps of destiny' under their supervision, that these mortals are aware of it or not.

You are under the administration of the Angels of the Races. These Angels are responsible for ensuring that all races or ethnic groups can get a normal and fair development on your planet. These Angels work with the race commissioners who are often attached to the Most High Observer-Vorondadek of your globe.

Your former Maya group will come back. You will help them to take the steps that follow the transfer techniques of the ‘Energy of the Trinity ', next 'the Energy of love and mercy of the Thought Adjuster', next the 'Energy of love of the sacred heart of Christ', then the coordination of the 'Energy of love of Christ with the Energy of the God Fragment'.

By using these Energies to help your fellowmen and the planetary Supreme, by sending them to countries, continents, war zones and natural disasters, you will increase your mental ability of spiritual insight.

You know that the Melchizedek schools are largely based on practical exercises. It is through acting that you learn and step by step you reach higher knowledge and transform.

Be aware that people who are already working for the Magisterial Mission will continue to do so until the end of their mortal life. Whenever a person dies he will be replaced by someone else who will take over the torch.

Gradually the lives of humans will extend in a natural way as happens on planets with a normal evolution. When your planet will be globally anchored in Light and Life, life expectancy of humans will reach 500 years.

You are part of a generation whose life expectancy is on average 75 years for industrialized countries and 55 years for continents where life is more difficult.

The Energies that are currently distributed around Earth will increase your immune system and your medical professions will also make many discoveries on DNA to improve hereditary defects.

The "mortal staff" who will be chosen to assist the Magisterial Mission will consist of people living in a physical body the time of the duration of their mortal lives and later of human souls who finished their mortal life but decided to stay on Urantia to support the Magisterial Mission in a Morontia body.

These souls will be able with the help of the physical controllers to materialize their Morontia body the time needed to teach people for certain tasks. But they will no longer have a physical body as you have now. Many things are possible of which you have no idea.

My friends, what is most important are your regular meditations to obtain a mind capacity to reach very high spiritual insight.

Slowly your physical body and your Morontia body will blend. When you reach this level, your physical body will survive much longer because you will be able to regenerate it regularly the time required to complete your mission, if you have one.

There are so many possibilities to continue to work for the Celestial Staff of the Magisterial Mission. All depends on the individual, of his greatness of heart, his desire to serve in a humble way, without material rewards or human recognition.

I explained now two opportunities to continue to serve the Magisterial Mission and nobody will receive gifts.

First it is for you to decide with your God Fragment to serve in this Magisterial Mission.

Secondly you’ll need to make a lot of efforts and open wide your heart to help others in a humble way.

Don’t make others believe that you received an important position in this “mortal staff” who will work with the Celestial Staff of the Magisterial Son and that you must consequently be obeyed or that it is you who distribute the cards.

Now you know all the conditions. It is for you to fill them in.

Thank you, my children, thank you very much and keep going, keep going. Good bye.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.