PART 16 - 2011

Session of 23 June 2011 – recorded - English translation -- Original French

Place : Mezza Verde – Placencia Belize

Present : Cyril

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Malvantra MELCHIZEDEK

Teacher HAM

KUWAYA, Master Spirit n°2 of Superunivers n°2, The Voice of The Eternal Son.

MALVANTRA: Hello my kids. I come back to you with an announcement from The Universal Father and our Father Melchizedek. We waited to announce this news until we were sure that everything could be put in place.

Soon you will be able to see us during your meditations here in this temple. We will use the Light Anchor that is installed here and we will pass through what you call the vacuum of the middle. So don’t be surprised if one day you will see a form of light in human shape that looks like you and will communicate with you. Of course it will not be an exact portrait of a human being.

It is difficult for us to explain how we will communicate this way; you will learn it by experience. Don’t be scared anymore if you see a being of light, a light with human contours, a head, arms, a body or a habit in this temple.

{Note Kathy: it happened during the creation of our Light Anchor in Placencia and was seen and described by D-Maya and also during a meditation.... B Maya saw Malvantra with a funny almost square face in 2012 speaking to him face-to-face. The young Maya's have inborn gifts of clairvoyance that the Europeans in the group do not possess.}

D-Maya already saw this in a meditation. We would like that all people of the group could see us also. It will not be for tomorrow but it will come. We are working on it and I make you this announcement so that you can prepare you mentally. Thank you my children this will be all. Good bye.

HAM: Hello I'm HAM, a celestial teacher who worked for nearly 20 years with another group to teach and make understand the basic teaching s of Christ when he was on Earth. My hierarchy asked me to contact you to help Tomas. We agreed on how we will proceed. You all basically come out of a Christian religion, although with some differences and this will help us to teach you.

The very special work you do, will serve you and many invisible beings which had not the opportunity to receive these teachings and they will receive them through your (Q/A) sessions. All of this is new for us and at experimental stage, but the first results are already exciting. So we will slightly transform our own programs and adapt to this new situation.

We would like in time to provide the opportunity to some of these beings that you don’t see to ask some questions that you will not hear, but you will hear the answer through this little one here. When we will answer these beings that you don’t see we will include their questions so that you can also learn.

Eventually other Bible characters that you know could come to speak to you and help you. For now we will start with this program of rehabilitation of invisible souls to you and at the same time you will also learn and evolve.

Thank you my friends, my future students to allow me to speak to you. Good bye.

KUWAYA: I am Master Spirit n°2 of Superunivers n°2 called Orvando, The Voice of The Eternal Mother-Son (or Eternal Son).

My children, we are so pleased to be able to contact you. Personally I am well pleased that something like this is possible in this local universe on this small planet, to be able to speak directly to human beings that still have a long way to go to find The Father.

I want to talk again about my Son, Christ Michael (Jesus). My Son is pretty much like me. You could compare Him to a soft person, quiet, with much patience and plenty of Love and Mercy in Him.

He is a little different from my other Sons. He has something special. He likes to do things a little differently. He has somehow an original approach in his way to look at things and to conduct his local universe. You would call it rather a more libertine attitude, softer and taking more risks. Never, did he deny his Divine Parents. He never took a decision to do certain things without consulting us, without consulting all his hierarchy.

Now that he is Master Sovereign of His Local Universe, that he received all powers to lead it as he wishes, he continues to involve us in the affairs of his local universe Nebadon. He continues to listen to all other hierarchies of the Superunivers, even to his brothers that had other experiences than he.

He has a special idea for (the destiny) of humanity on Urantia; an idea so special that it is difficult to make you understand. It will influence your planetary System Satania, your Constellation Norlatiadek, your Local Universe Nebadon and all your Superunivers Orvonton.

You live in a Superunivers that will represent in time the Paradise Trinity. Other Superuniverses represent only

Your Superunivers represents the complete Trinity, which allows us doing certain things in a more complete manner.

Father Melchizedek is indeed connected to the circuitry of The Trinity, and that’s why through him, different forms of Energy coming from the Centre of Paradise can be sent to this local universe. This is not the case in all local universes and that is why this local universe Nebadon has some different features than other local universes created in Orvonton.

You hear all the time about “Christ Michaels Plans”, but these Plans have never been disclosed. Now, little by little, the veil will be lifted and you will better understand the design behind these Plans, which are related to the presence of The Universal Father, Me - The Eternal Mother-Son - and The Infinite Spirit. Our presence will be more direct in all the Superunivers of Orvonton as well as in this local universe Nebadon and it is from this little planet Urantia that we will proceed. From this planetary System Satania which has so long been affected by the rebellion and its consequences.

The role of a Creator Son like Christ Michael is, among other things, to do everything in his power to bring back the planets to The Universal Father which have suffered the consequences of rebellion; to reconquer them for Him

This is what he did by asking our help, by asking our agreement to do so many special things that have not yet been done in any Superunivers.

My other Son, the one you call Monjoronson (Magisterial-Avonal Son), will also do special things due to the extraordinary situation, the purpose and the role this planet will have to play in the future which is not yet revealed.

You have the outer- space levels, the spaces that are outside the Grand Universe (= Paradise, Havona and the Seven Superuniverses) where life will have to be created one day. One day we, The Universal Father and I will not create Creators Sons anymore and thus other Creators Sons will have to be trained in a distant future.

Your planet Urantia is located at the edge of the Grand Universe, almost in front of the first outer space level where galaxies are created and it is therefore very well located for the role it will have to play in a very…… very distant future.

That’s what we decided to do, The Universal Father and Me, your Eternal Son-Mother, together with our Son Christ Michael and with the support and agreement of The Infinite Spirit.

This was my announcement of today. Thank you for listening to me and I say goodbye.



For the explanations of the words in blue see the Urantia Book.