Replace human love by Divine Love.

Session nr. 23 of 23 July 2013 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Carole and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor : AYA, Master Spirit nr. 7 of Superunivers nr.7, Orvonton. The Voice of The Trinity and the Supreme Being.

AYA spoke after 1h22 min             Total time meditation: 1h52min.

AYA : I am Aya, Master Spirit nr.7 of Superuniverse nr.7, Orvonton in which your local universe Nebadon is situated. Nebadon was created by your Creator Son -  Jesus-Christ of the Order of the Michael’s. I am the Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

I speak to you directly through a communication system that works with reflectivity as do my brothers, Master Spirit nr.1 and 2.

It is true that if we want to know something of a mortal on any planet in our Superuniverse, we don’t need to go straight to that person. A Mother Spirit, Conjoint of a Creator Son, knows everything about all humans living on planets of her local universe. If we need information about a mortal of Nebadon, we will go directly to Nebadonia, Mother Spirit of your local universe.

Only here the request came from your Master Sovereign Christ Michael. We have therefore installed a communication system that allows us to talk to you directly with the help of Majeston and many celestial Orders.

Christ Michael became Master Sovereign of Nebadon after his seventh and final bestowal on your planet, approximately 2,000 years ago. He received then all powers to rule Nebadon.

This means that his will is law; that all Paradise Sons and other Celestials of Paradise coming to help him or to give him advice will do that under his authority. This title gives him permission to rule his local universe without interference from Paradise.

It also means he has reached higher capacity levels and became more powerful than a Creator Son who has yet to accomplish his seven bestowals in his local universe or a Creator Son who has no local universe at all.

It also means that from now on no more rebellions can occur in Nebadon and that everything created by the rebels which cannot be spiritualized will be destroyed; of course after much patience and mercy so that all celestial judgment are done in a correct and honest manner.

It also means that he may decide to change all plans for Nebadon for some planets when they are in a post-rebellion situation; planets that require exceptional measures to be able to retrieve them and put them back on the path towards the Universal Father.

Because nothing standard happened on Urantia, your planet will continue her evolution ‘off-standards’. Your planet has a beautiful destiny in the next era of the universes when the Supreme Being will become God the Almighty Supreme.

All souls of Urantia are intended to fuse with their God Fragment to follow then a meticulous evolution, a thorough education in the administration of a Superuniverse, Havona and Paradise, to become ‘Perfect’ as the Universal Father after having been embraced by Him.

You will then continue your schooling in the other six Superuniverses, each one supervised by a different Master Spirit. Each Master Spirit possesses one aspect of the seven possible associations of The Trinity. These seven facets are also represented in the Supreme Being.

{Note Wivine: hereafter the seven associative possibilities of The Trinity:

1. The Universal Father –           Master Spirit nr.1-   Siraya. –   Superuniverse nr.1

2. The Eternal Son –                  Master Spirit nr.2 - Kuwaya. – Superuniverse nr.2

3. The Infinite Spirit –                Master Spirit nr.3 - Moiraya. – Superuniverse nr.3

4. The Father and the Son –       Master Spirit nr.4. –               Superuniverse nr. 4

5. The Father and the Spirit –    Master Spirit nr.5. –                Superuniverse nr.5

6. The Son and the Spirit –        Master Spirit nr.6. –                Superuniverse nr.6

7. The Father, Son, and Spirit – Master Spirit nr.7-   Aya. –      Superuniverse nr.7}

You are destined in a distant future to work for and in the Supreme Being. “The Corps of The Finality of Glorified Mortals” will have a destiny noteworthy, hard to explain, but who will go far beyond the regular administration of a local universe. You will later receive creative powers to create life on planets in universes much larger than those that currently exist in the seven Superuniverses.

Your Creator Son Christ Michael and his Conjoint your Mother Spirit, will then have reached levels towards the ultimate, the absonite, touching the absolute and you will continue to work with them in the Supreme Being. This is the reason why those who are enrolled in the "Corps of the Finality' will return to their local universe of origin after having done their experiences and necessary scholarship‘s in the six other Superuniverses.

This is for a distant future but we explained it for you to understand the limited vision of Lucifer and his ignorance on this subject when he declared "that there was no need to let evolve a soul of mortal until a ‘nonexistent’ Universal Father, to return later in his local universe of origin.”

So that you know that there is a purpose and a reason behind your long ascension and that the "Corps of the Finality”, those Lucifer called 'the untouchables ' in his anger and bitterness, has a destiny.

When all Master Spirits gather at Paradise, we become Omniscient and Omnipotent: we get everything, we know everything, we see the plans of The Trinity for the future. This is the reason for which we were asked to implement this communication system by reflectivity to enable us to talk live to the mortals of Urantia.

Don’t forget that during 200,000 years Urantia was cut off from any form of communication with her Constellation Norlatiadek, with Jerusem the capital of your planetary System Satania. The communication system by reflectivity from Paradise to connect your planet to Salvington- headquarters of Nebadon, was even non-existent.

The regular telecommunications are working again and new techniques are developed to better use the system of communication by reflectivity in all Nebadon with the help of the Melchizedeks.

Candidates who receive a task with responsibilities or a position of confidence and therefore also those who will make use of this system of communication via reflectivity must first receive the approval of the Ancients of Days through the service of a tertiary Seconaphim of The Solemnity of Trust. These are Reflective Angels who are sent to assess without faults the degree of trustworthiness of a person and his ability to take responsibilities.

You will need a long training and a huge change in all circuits of your brain and body to be placed on this circuit of communication with reflectivity. This is not done in the twinkling of an eye but gradually during meditations.

Your God Fragment, my girl, pushed you with our help to seek the Supreme Being of which you ignored the existence. YourQueen Mom who will receive one day her Crown with seven jewels’ will be able in the future to talk to you directly without using My Voice. All this is in progress and will come.

It is the Will of The Father that the children of Urantia learn to know their Universal Father and their Universal Mother - the Supreme Being.

All these systems of communication by reflectivity are now engaged so that you would understand things better and feel closer to us. When your planet will get closer to the early stages of Light and Life, many humans will be able to communicate with Celestials, their indwelling God Fragment and the Supreme Being. This will not happen only on your planet, but in all Nebadon and your entire Superuniverse nr. 7 -Orvonton.

The Supreme Being, your Universal Mother is your destiny in a very distant future. It is you who help her grow just as she helps you. She gave you much, you live in her and you will give her love back by doing the most beautiful things: by helping your brothers and sisters in a selfless manner, by replacing your human love slowly with this tremendous Divine Love that Jesus so perfectly demonstrated during his human life and even until the end when he died on the cross------'Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do’.

Thank you, my children; this was my story of today. Thank you and goodbye.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.