Thank you for wanting to get closer to us.

Session nr 26 of 3 November 2013 –recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Belgium.

Present:-Wivine and two people following their 1st lesson of the activation of the ‘spirit receptive glands’.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Chief Bzutu ABC-022 Secondary Midwayer.

Bzutu spoke after 39 minutes                  Total time meditation: 48 minutes.

BZUTU: I am Bzutu, ABC-022, Secondary Midwayer and Chief of the 1,111 Secondary Midwayers who remained faithful to Christ during the 200,000 years of the Lucifer Rebellion.

We are posterity from the invisible children of Adamson and Ratta; we are their invisible grandchildren.

You will receive during your meditations and gradually as you work with the Energy of the Trinity, one of my brothers or sisters to help you in what you want to do to serve God and humanity.

Following services you'll receive later each two personal guardian angels, known as the "Guardians of destiny" or the guardians of your destiny. These Midwayers and these Angels will accompany and guide you like your indwelling God Fragment does.

One day, if you wish, you'll work for us. You will help us in this work of "cleaning the dark grid" which is part of our multiple tasks.

All this is very new to you and you'll need time to get used to our very close presence as well as the presence of other Celestial Orders, as the Melchizedeks.

We have other ‘brother-sister’s’ who are Primary Midwayers. They are descendants of the one hundred corporeal members of the staff of your former planetary Prince Caligastia and were born 500,000 years ago. They are closer to Angels and serve as liaison for us with the Higher Celestial Hierarchies.

It is possible that you receive later a Primary Midwayer to work with you.

Don’t think that the Midwayers will constantly stand beside you as everyone has a lot to do on this side of the veil. We will always stay in touch and if you need us just call us and in a few seconds or minutes we are near you, depending where we are on the globe.

We like your cat. We also have pets; we use your pets because they can see and feel us. Observe your cat because we'll use her to make you feel our presence unless you want to agree on other signs? Just tell us and declare it. There is a lot of work to do which will please you and at the same time you will grow and evolve.

Thank you kindly for wanting to come closer to us and we’ll try to let us know by you. This was Chief Bzutu, ABC-022, Secondary Midwayer. Goodbye, my friends.


{Note Wivine: I know this young couple of less than 30 years old for more than 10 years and one day they asked me to provide them these capabilities. I therefore taught them the first steps of the new teaching of the Melchizedeks by giving them the required capabilities to begin to use the ‘Energy of The Trinity’. Bzutu came to talk to them during our meditation. Something I wasn’t absolutely expecting because meditations with beginners are usually very short as they are unable to stop their thoughts. On top of that it takes me quite some time before I find myself in a state of deep meditation where my mind is completely blocked to be able to transmit…...and yet it happened.}


{Note Wivine February 2015: this young couple is active now in "the cleaning of the dark grid" with their capabilities and independently of us in Belize. They follow their own program and go to what they feel directed. They don’t join our group meditations because of the huge time difference and meditate together. }



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.