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Session nr 27 of 20 November 2013 – recorded- English translation—Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Wivine

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek.

Malvantra spoke after: 1h09min               Total time meditation: 1h35min.

Malvantra: Hello, it has been a while I came to talk with you. For our own reasons, we had to redo all communication circuits. The new circuits with reflectivity will be implemented to show you images and if possible make us visible to you. Don't worry of being alone for the moment. Very few of your companions with whom you started will continue with you here in Placencia.

Continue to do your meditations alone or with two or three as it comes. We have no special tasks for you for the moment.

Prepare your trip to the United States for next October 2014 where you will do the southern States. You'll land in Miami and from there you drive towards the other States to come back through Louisiana.

The ability to bilocate will increase for all those who will join you in these meditations and who will participate in this new way of travelling. Your trips have always been used to destroy large parts of the “dark network” and now you're capable to take in hand the "great demons" by bilocation.

Take only those with you from whom you are certain that they are on the same page, otherwise travel alone with Victor.

You achieved a level that few people will understand, and many will still try to manipulate you. That is what you experienced in several ways.

So stay alone with your few companions and don’t put anything on your web site for a while. You can keep the site and we will see later what we decide. Keep your anonymity for now and live a peaceful life to learn and study with us.

Your life will change and also of those who have trust in the work you do with us. We take you sometimes during your meditations to our schools on the First Mansion World, sometimes to other locations on Earth with other students and other teachers so you learn. Sometimes we show you things of the past and sometimes of the present but we ensure that your mortal mind doesn’t recall any of this. It is knowledge that is passed to your soul that grows more and more.

Now that you are ready and has the required capabilities you'll start giving our teachings concerning the "activation of the spirit receptive glands" to valiant unpretentious people that we will bring you and who are interested in this. Follow very well our guidance in how to present it. Study well with us so that you can understand how this powerful energy from The Trinity works and is transmitted.

It can only be used for good and is immutable. This is not a neutral energy. It is totally unusable by people with evil thoughts who would like to use it to harm others or for their own glory.

This "Energy of The Trinity" can heal, strengthen the immune system, put the soul in harmony, and enlarge mortal intelligence as well as the intelligence of the Morontia soul. It can help to better understand and can lead to a very different "spiritual insight» then everything you have known so far.

You'll help them in the first two steps then it is for them to reach the next ones with the help of their God Fragment through their meditations and by the use of it. Therefore, they will become stronger and stronger.

Later, when they will reach "pre-fusion" with their God Fragment they will become like you and some of your companions. They will use "The power of Love and Mercy from their indwelling God Fragment"; the Energy that comes from within, rather than from outside.

The next step will come when they will see Jesus during a meditation behind or beside them and have learned with him to send the love of his “sacred heart” he will transmit from his heart to their heart.

They can then make another step which is the combination of the ‘Energy of the heart’ with the ‘Energy of their God Fragment’.

Such a person can then send all these 'Energy-Forces' leaving from within to other people, places or disasters. If the person wants to improve a situation for others and ask God for help this will take place, provided that this is in accordance with the Will of God.

The secret lies in your faith and love for God. Just love Him with all your soul, with all your heart, with all your strength by having the desire to submit your will to His and all doors will open.

{Note Wivine February 2015: to understand what follows, you have to know that some people asked me to teach them the first lesson and I had stage fright, not to say panic. They came from the United States on holiday in Placencia and I had to speak English, without written notes to help me out. English is not my best language and I had nothing else to rely on than the stream of words that my Thought Adjuster would whisper. It worked out perfectly and they come back this year for the second part. They were my first Americans and afterwards others came.}

Give this "first lesson of our teaching on the activation of the spirit receptive glands»» to these people we send you and you will see that everything will work out. We will all be there. These people who will follow this lesson this weekend are nice. They will make good use of it for themselves and their environment. They will be an example of a united couple of different races, who will work hand in hand with God, the Creator of All.

{Wivine: the communication stopped suddenly and it took a while before Malvantra came back.}

Malvantra: I'm back. There was a disruption in our communication. We'll stop here for today. Good bye.


{Note Wivine February 2015: our journey through Morocco in October 2013 was accomplished and when we were back we received a request to travel 10 days through the countries of former Yugoslavia. This was done by two of us on the spot while I stayed in Belgium to prepare the route with the Melchizedeks. It was then that I made my first conscious experience with bilocation participating with them in the creation of "Light Columns" and "traditional Light Anchors".


This trip and experience was a success for all of us. We could easily stay in contact via internet and by phone to coordinate everything and there was no time difference between Belgium and these countries. It was the first time that we had to deal with a "huge demon" and we didn't know it. He showed his monstrous eye only in Mostar and we finally defeated him in Zadar (Croatia), our last step on the way back to Slovenia. This was not planned but the Melchizedeks made us change our route the last moment as if they were tracking something that was moving.

Until I saw him standing before me, there in his dark hole in Zadar.

He was horrified and I was stupefied when I saw him trapped against that wall. I started to beam Energy and all of a sudden the entire room was illuminated and the only thing you could still see of him was his contours. All Celestials were there and I know for sure they did their part, but then I discovered something. Particularly that a demon is not able to cope with the harmonizing force coming from one’s indwelling God Fragment and that it is my God Fragment that determines the intensity of the Energy beam, not me.


The demon disappeared following all this 'light' he was exposed to. We didn’t leave him a chance. It was Baphomet, one of which you’ll find drawings on the internet. Well, he was just the first of a long row.

« The 4th Memorial to commemorate the Victory of the Trinity over the Lucifer rebellion” was placed in Serbia in the Ravanica monastery where rests the remains of Tsar Lazar and in the surrounding area. We traveled through Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. }



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.