Under the tutelage of Archangel Michael.

Session 28 of 26 November 2013 – recorded – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Cyril, Carole and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael spoke after 1h07min -------Total time meditation: 1h25min.

Archangel Michael here: I received permission to talk to you about one of my tasks that I'm experimenting with you for a long time. I help you to block your mortal mind or your flood of thoughts when you enter meditation. It took time to put in place a system to achieve this. I am helped in this by the power directors who control the energies and the Midwayers.

All those involved in your meditations are helped this way to enter a state of deep meditation and the same thing will be done for those who follow the classes to receive the capabilities of the new teachings of the Melchizedeks where you activate "the spirit receptive glands".

You are all under my tutelage and protection when you are helping with the destruction of the 'dark grid’, as well during your travels abroad as in the country where you reside. The cleaning of this 'dark grid’ includes:

-          Small entities: from psychological, emotional and mental thoughts such as anger, fear and hatred.

-          Ghost phenomena: these are the negative residues of a human life which remain here when the soul leaves for the Mansion Worlds. The soul takes only with her the acquired spiritual values.

-          Demons: intelligent demonic entities maintained and nourished by sacrifices and ritual ceremonies that can be labeled as evil.

-          Souls: souls who remain here because they are reluctant or unable to leave. They also possess free will and were allowed to do so up to a few years ago. These souls must now find their way towards the Light to continue their evolution according to the plans of Christ Michael (Jesus) and the Universal Father.

I also help you in with the use of these "new Energies from within” that you can send to people, countries and continents. We prefer to call them this way for now because they are nowhere clearly defined.

I help you also in the growth of your Morontia body, which is composed of energies that are mid-material and mid-spiritual which fully resemble your physical body. When this 'body' is ready you can leave your physical body and appear with your Morontia body in another place having the same appearance. You will even give the impression to others that you are there physically.

 (Note Wivine: we call it also "bilocation" between us, but I don’t know if the term is correct for this type of phenomenon. I don't even know if there is one. I guess that we will then be able to condense this Morontia body, with or without help, in order to give the impression that we are physically present somewhere else. However, we are not yet there, at least not consciously.)

It is also in this phenomenon that lays the secret of the regeneration of your physical body so that you can still serve for many years.

All this requires a lot of work, studies, meditations, time, endurance and tenacity. It requires trust in the inner guidance of your indwelling God Fragment and the Celestials that accompany you such as the Order of the Melchizedeks which are familiar to you, but also others that are less known to you.

When you were on a trip it sometimes happened by chance that you entered churches or places of pilgrimage which were dedicated to the Archangel Michael. It was my way of giving you a sign that you were under my supervision.

Your Melchizedeks are your teachers, and we also work with a group of “independent God Fragments" who assist us in the development of a global system to easily spread and make accessible this teaching that leads to the use of these "new Energies from within."

Please, don't worry for disasters, tsunamis or other side effects of climate change. You will receive new energy capacities that will form the counterweight. Your planet is young, has been severely damaged but she will recover in her ways with your help and the help of many others that use other systems and techniques.

One of the reasons why we attracted many of you to Belize and that we directed you to the Maya’s was because these people who live in the regions from Yucatan to Honduras has the necessary knowledge and skills to work well with "Mother earth". I'm not saying every Maya, but in general they have still this concept and respect for her in their culture. We chose Central America, because it is from here that the North and South American continents will be brought in balance.

Don’t ever lower you to proclaim that the 'Light' will be spread from here to the world. Don’t be ridiculous. The 'light' and enlightened people are evenly distributed throughout all continents of the globe.

Those of you who already traveled have well realized that worshipping, the practice of meditation and the knowledge of an indwelling God Fragment can be found in many cultures on all continents.

You could see how God acts through His indwelling Fragments in all. You may have noticed that He makes no difference between educated or not educated people, between poor or rich, and even less between skin colors. From the moment a person opens the inside door to God, this person's life will change and this is true for every human being who lives on Earth.

God doesn’t ask you to be qualified; He doesn’t ask you to read a 'book' and even less to know it by heart, or to follow the teachings of a Master. Therefore let all discover their way the joys and the riches that God can offer them with the help of their Angels, Guides and indwelling God Fragment.

Thank you, my children, for listening to me. Please note that I'm always here for you and that you can always appeal to me to help you. Goodbye everyone.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.