A special branch.

Session nr 29 of 28 November 2013 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, Cyril and Wivine.

Visitor: The Avonal Son or Magisterial Son.

Received by Wivine.

The Magisterial Son spoke after 1h03min             Total time meditation: 1h16min.

The Magisterial Son here: I am your Magisterial Son, a Paradise Son of the Avonal Order. I am the brother of Christ Michael (Jesus) who is of the Order of the Michael's. We are Sons of The Trinity and that’s why we are brothers.

I am here to announce that you are officially accepted into our 'mortal team' which will serve the Magisterial Mission. If you wish, you can assist us for many more years than your mortal life would have lasted in normal conditions.

Your fusion with your God Fragment will be delayed but he will always stay with you.

Those who were part of your group from the beginning, living in Belize or in another country, as well as those who will join you later through the new teachings, can all be part of a 'special branch’ if they wish so.

This ‘branch’ will be first trained through the ' cleaning exercises of the dark network' to become later our ‘spokespersons’ for an audience that will come from the Morontia worlds. These Morontia beings will come to study all experiments that have been done here as well as other projects that still need to be started of which you are not aware for now.

One day you will speak before an audience of mortals to convey our messages live. You'll do this with open eyes as if you were giving a speech before an audience. You will be so good in blocking your mortal mind that you will transmit automatically the flow of words coming from Spirit and the Celestials in full knowledge. You’ll let you guide and will express our words without problems.

I'm going to respond now to Cyril regarding the "three traditional permanent Light Anchors" he created with his wife three months ago in Vietnam on sensitive locations during their trip. His question was if they could be considered as a 'Memorial in honor of the victory of The Trinity over the Lucifer Rebellion".

I confirm that you have created the '1st Memorial of the victory of The Trinity’ in Asia; others are still needed in this continent. You proved that you could follow our guidance and although you didn’t dedicate them to The Universal Father, The Eternal Son and The Infinite Spirit, we have ensured that they were.

{Note Wivine: it was the ‘5th Memorial of the victory of the Trinity over the rebellion of Lucifer’ created on this globe.}

We announced a while ago that we needed ‘7 Memorials’ on the planet after the creation of the first one in Belize. We have decided to put more following the beautiful results they produce and the difficulties we meet to break this 'dark grid', which requires a lot of caution and preciseness.

If your life partners wish to follow your group meditations they are welcome; if they don’t wish to follow them respect their wishes. We are working on them during their sleep to transform their bodies. Don’t worry for their souls which have free will just like you, they will follow their ascension in their own ways. However, your partners will be able to support you during your travels.

Go on with your work, your meditations and lessons. You will see how you will have changed in a few years’ time and what you will be able to do. We prefer to say as less as possible; it is better that you discover this little by little so that it becomes a normal thing for you. It is imperative that you can continue your daily life as others without feeling exceptional, maybe just a little different.

Thank you my children I'll let you continue your day. Good bye.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.