Sacred Texts and Books with Revelations.

Session nr. 30 of 11 December 2013 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, Cyril and Wivine.


Visiteur: Malavatia Melchizedek.

Malavatia spoke after 58min                    Total time meditation: 1h20min.

Malavatia here: This is the 3rd time I speak through this girl.

{Note Wivine February 2015: once in Morocco and once in Placencia but I had nothing recorded. I didn’t take my recorder with me in Morocco to learn to follow what I heard in a normal wake state and to trust it, of course also with meditations. When I travel in mission I hear and I see much better than when I'm at home busy with my daily life. It is as if all my sensors are sharpened to accomplish my task at best. The intervention of the Midwayers is much more felt and when I don’t pay attention to the signs because I don’t listen well they suddenly talk with a loudspeaker in my head. Then for sure I understand immediately, no need for them to repeat. }

I am a Melchizedek Brother that deals with your group as a direct representative of Father Melchizedek and the Most High Observer- Vorondadek- assigned on Urantia as an observer for the Fathers of your Constellation Norlatiadek.

Father Melchizedek takes part in two things:

1)   In the development of the communication system with Reflectivity between universes

2)   As a conduit for the passage of the Energy from the Trinity to you.

We ask you to keep this name from now on for this ‘Energy’ coming from the centre of Paradise (not below Paradise) to mortals who know how to receive it. We have shown a figurative image of its origin to Wivine during a previous meditation. She will explain or draw it.

{Note Wivine February 2015: I do not draw well enough to put my art on a Web site. I could more or less explain it to the people in my environment with some primitive sketches.}

This is neither the ‘Energy of the universe’ nor the ‘Primordial Energy’ as described in the Urantia book.

It is an ‘Energy’ that comes from outside, from the centre of Paradise, from The Trinity that your students will use by receiving it to then pass it on to people, countries and continents. They will use it until the time where they will be able to use the "new and combined Energies" coming from within the human being which are transmitted from within outwards.

We believe that by defining it this way and giving it another name than ‘universal or primordial energy’ there will be less confusion.

The term "universal energy" was much less defined for you 20 years ago and is known and accepted throughout the world. At present we must be more accurate because you use a lot of terminology from the Urantia Book. We ask you to continue to use this vocabulary because it is defined in that Book which allows us to work with 'standard terms' used by many people with whom we work.

We know the problem of human intervention in all Sacred Texts and Books with Revelations. That is why Jesus was asked not to leave any written records behind him during his earthly life and to destroy all his written notes and drawings during his youth.

The danger to crystallize wisdom and revelations given to a certain population in a particular period of human evolution has always existed and is dramatic for those who help humanity to progress by providing new information.

Before a book is published it passes through many hands and to survive often political or philosophical ideas infiltrates from the elite of that period in time and the country where it is edited. It always happened and nothing has changed.

When we ask you to read the Urantia Book to seek truths do it always with the guidance your God Fragment, Angels and Guides who will help you find answers to your questions. If this Book does not suit you, do not worry because thanks to your meditations you have opened the door to an individual and personalized guidance. We’ll send you during your meditations images, messages and will explain with concepts that are familiar to you to help you understand.

We ask you to never pick up a book to make it your "Holy Bible". Know that in everything texts, scientific journals, even in novels there may be sufficient elements that we can use to help you advance and learn new truths.

I think that the words I pronounced here will relieve all individuals within your group.

{Note Wivine: we are of different ethnic groups and different levels of education. Some displaced phrases in the Urantia book are shocking. In addition the Book is not easy at all to read. Nevertheless, in my personal opinion, reading the book greatly facilitates understanding where we come from and where we go and therefore also what we do. It is worth making the effort and to look beyond those displaced remarks which we call racist that are contradicted by other phrases scattered in the same Book.}

You are going to stay between you for now and will continue to travel to countries and places that we'll tell you. At each trip you help us destroy a little more of what we call with you the ‘dark grid’.

During each trip we take you to places where you receive additional capabilities of which you are not aware at the moment. It is only when you come home that you realize it and that we can explain how to use it and what it is. You will always come out stronger with more capabilities from these long and shorter trips.

They expand your mind, opens you to other religions, cultures and ethnic groups; you will start to see your planet as a huge village where everyone is brother and sister coming from a single Creator.

You learn by experience, and receive afterwards the explanations. It is one of the main principles of the Melchizedeks schools on the Morontia worlds where your soul will continue to grow until she can leave this local universe Nebadon as a beginning spiritual being. You will continue your evolution as a spiritual being on the Spiritual Worlds of the Superuniverse to arrive finally at Havona and later at your destination in Paradise.

Keep confidence in our guidance, in the guidance of your God Fragment and your Angels. Have confidence in the huge protection you enjoy which, believe me, you need to oust all attacks you have to endure. Understanding how darkness can affect your mind is also part of your growth. However don’t worry, live your life, work, have fun and everything will be fine.

By rereading all your ancient sessions with three years’ experience behind you, you will understand them more and better than at the time.

{Note Wivine: Malavatia asked me to put all my sessions on the website on 1st December 2013 and nothing else. This allowed us to review them all, to remember what we had forgotten by reading them chronologically.}

When you reviewed them all and understood them, we can take the next step and start the next level.

Thank you my children, I'll let you go about your business. Good evening.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.