A new mountain to climb.

Session nr.31 of 25 December 2013 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Carole, Cyril and Wivine

Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek.

Malvantra spoke after 40min                   Total time meditation: 1h16min.

Malvantra here: I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The year 2014 will be constructive in all we do with you. There is work to be done in countries, you’ll have to work on yourselves and we will teach you how to bilocate consciously.

You can choose a place in another country or a location in Belize you know. You will put you in meditation with the aim of projecting you into that place to create 'traditional Light Anchors' with us. We will regularly do this kind of exercise until you can bilocate easily and consciously.

Don’t think you will succeed in a few weeks, it will take years of exercise to master this at the level we want you to reach; but you will improve with each exercise.

This will allow you to do some work in countries where you could be in physical danger, like countries in war, regions where there are life-threatening diseases and other dangerous stuff that is done in some places of which you are not aware.

Start doing these exercises; decide a day and a place where to project you and we will be there. These ‘bilocation exercises’ will last half an hour, don’t think they will take hours.

We will see the progress you make so you can do this kind of exercises during your trip in the United States to cover larger parts. Search on the internet maps and pictures of the places where you certainly need to go.

You still have much to learn and of course it will take thousands of years before you reach The Father in Paradise. Nevertheless everything you learn here will be of great benefit for the future of your soul. If you happen to acquire the ability to constantly renew your cells in order to keep your physical body much longer you could be of great service in the Magisterial Mission.

It will obviously require efforts and you will be tired; up to you to choose when, where, how and the frequency of these exercises.

When you are a little more advanced we'll see if we can let you meet one of these 'masters of the East' who have the maturity and capacity to dominate their ‘inner Energies", to constantly rejuvenate their physical body and are able to live hundreds of years. They will help you but for now it is too early.

The 'communication system by reflectivity' works very well that we have developed from Paradise to your planet. Thank you for having participated in these initial tests (in 2011) which allowed us to convey the same message to different transmitters around the world in different languages.

Each transmitter that receives a message will interpret it with his guides in his vocabulary, with his religious and cultural backgrounds. Each transmitter will add a topic and everything will be transmitted in an understandable language for the culture where this message will be given.

When you put these different messages one next to each other you will see that they will expand yours. When you’ll come in contact with transmissions of distant countries such as e.g. Russia you will see that they too speak of the same thing as you.

We have never said that messages transmitted through the ‘communication system via reflectivity’ are transmitted to perfection by a transmitter.

The limitation of the mortal mind, the knowledge of a language, religious and cultural backgrounds play a role in the restriction of the actual message sent by ‘Spirit’. This applies to all channelers, transmitters/receivers and visionaries.

It is for this reason that we considered this system to send the same message around the world in different languages. This will give you confirmation of what you receive and each received message will complement the overall picture of what we want to convey.

We are glad that you started to review all your sessions in chronological order. You will see that you will better understand what we wanted to say through the words written in these messages.

Ask questions to your God Fragment or to us and everything will be implemented to give you answers, by a movie, a conversation, a book or a situation through which you will understand the best attitude to take.

Thank you, my children, we are pleased to see that despite the vicissitudes of your group you reached the top of the 1st mountain to climb. We will now start the descent and prepare the climb of the next mountain which will be much higher.

Be happy, my children, because God is joy and abundance if you leave Him space in your heart to prove it to you. Goodbye and thank you.


Note Wivine  26 February 2015:

We started with the exercises of bilocation in 2014. These were not fake exercises, they were to clean "dark places". The pattern is almost always the same. We form a large circle around the chosen location, than Midwayers arrive to stand between us, next we create together a "Light Anchor”. After a while lots of dust and debris come out of the Earth, the obelisk, the mountain or the building around which we find ourselves. Sometimes so much that the Midwayers take our hands to pull us back.

Then small black entities fly in the air and when they are out we wait. Sometimes we have to go down through the opening made by the Light Anchor through black corridors to attract the small or large demon of his or her hole. When it bites the bait we fly quickly out of the hole and once on the surface they put us on a distance to avoid it hit us.

Don't worry, we hear them coming from afar and we are much faster than them. Sometimes we go first through halls with rooms that have closed doors. When we open them we see that they are filled with dark souls and we ask them to follow fast the Light Beings to get out of there and that is what they do immediately. When the demon is out of the hole we transfer Energy. Sometimes it disappears in the 'light', and sometimes it is suddenly out of our sight.

Demons may have all kinds of shapes; they resemble monstrous animals on four feet and may have a size between that of a panther or be as huge as a three-store building, if not more. They never smile and are always angry because we upset them.

We started by an inaccessible mountain in Belize in the "Maya Mountains" of which 'ancient shamans' knew that some were locked up to avoid them to harm.

We did also: Mexico City – El Salvador – Guatemala – Honduras – Nicaragua – Costa Rica and Panama.

We did Damascus, Bagdad and Petra in the Middle East.

Paris, place de la Concorde with its Obelisk from Egypte.

We did the Obelisk of Central Park in New-York coming from Luxor-Egypt.

We did the Obelisk in London coming from Luxor-Egypt as well as Edinburgh-Scotland.

And many other places but the work is still not done.

In June 2014, it was time to prepare our trip to the United States. I received a message that we had to do Washington and Wall Street, but it was not possible during this trip. We then did these places by bilocation in Placencia before our departure to Europe.

Early October 2014 Victor and I landed in Miami. Carole, remained in Belize and participated with us in all the sensitive places via bilocation. We did in average 3 places per day for 19 days. The coordination worked well: in the day we communicated by phone and texting and in the evening we discussed everything via Skype-internet.

It was the heaviest and longest trip we had undertaken so far. We rented a car and every day we had to find another hotel to finish the program. We received three topics to cover:

1)   the secession war or civil war,

2)    the Ku Klux clan, slavery, civil rights movements and

3)    the relocation of the native Indian people in those regions.

We started in Florida following the West Coast towards Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, coast of Alabama and back to Florida where we descended to Miami by the east coast.

The "6th Memorial in honor of the Victory of the Trinity over the Lucifer rebellion" was placed in 'New Echota National Park (Cherokee Nation), in Chatsworth in front of the House of Cherokee Chief Vann and in another place in the area of the Cherokee nation where the 'Trail of tears' started.

A Memorial is composed of three traditional Light Anchors: one for each Deity of the Trinity and they are placed in such a way to form a triangle or a straight line. They are never placed hundreds of miles from each, on the contrary and we don’t decide where to create them.

I came back with a lump in my throat; I saw too much, I understood too much. I had some acquaintances in Florida but I didn't want to meet anyone. It is only in the meditation of Wednesday, February 25, 2015 that I was able to express it and shed my tears.


"I ask forgiveness to all countries and people of the world for what my race, the white race from Europe has done to them for hundreds of years and continues to do."

Out of greed, hatred and arrogance and thanks to more advanced war technologies. It started with firearms, cannons, biochemical weapons and then the atomic bomb.

I don’t point the finger to anyone. I'm from Belgium, a country who had a colony in Africa and I am not proud at all of what we did in Belgian Congo.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.