PART 17 - 2011

Session of 25 June 2011 - recorded – Original English

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia - Belize

Present: Cyril, D-Maya and Kathy

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Malvantra and Monsanloran MELCHIZEDEK

AYA – Master Spirit n°7 of Superunivers n°7 Orvonton, The Voice of The Trinity

SIRAYA – Master Spirit n°1 of Superunivers n°1, The Voice of The Universal Father.

MALVANTRA: Hello my kids nice to see you again. Yes, it took time again before I got through this little one. We have upgraded your frequencies once again to make you stronger for the work you have to do in the Caves.

Lots of things are going on in The Heavens with all these program changes and energy changes, with the coming of The Universal Father and The Eternal Mother-Son and the establishment of the Power of The Trinity in this local universe Nebadon starting here on Earth, on Urantia.

Urantia will have a beautiful future, a beautiful goal. Very High University Schools will be implanted here to build out “Creator Son” candidates coming out of The Corps of The Finality and that are suitable for that task. Not everyone in The Corps of The Finality is suitable for that work. There are many differences between each Finaliter.

To achieve that goal all the programs of all the different divisions have to be changed or distributed, new jobs will come for others, many changes are occurring. But the most extraordinary is that it will begin with a 'school' here on Earth for ' mortal souls ', for you earthlings, to teach them the rudiments of the truth of Christ Michael (Jesus) and what he came to teach here 2,000 years ago.

These invisible souls have the right to know. They have been kept here in ignorance during so much time. They will be taught through you, they will learn just as you, the visible and the invisible ones together.

This is extremely extraordinary and we are all so excited about that program and that you agreed to cooperate with us to do that.

So if you can be ready next week Friday with all your questions about the Lucifer rebellion we can start for the first time with a program of questions and answers as well for mortal beings as for human souls without physical body in one classroom.

Thank you my children to do this for us and for your brothers and sisters. We all appreciate it that they can learn together with you. Goodbye my children.

AYA: Master Spirit no7 of Superunivers no 7 called Orvonton, the one in which you live. Indeed my children, like Malvantra told you, many things will change in this Superunivers and certainly on Urantia and in your Planetary System of Satania.

I suppose what is happening on Earth right now is more of your concern. We do understand that. It is good that you already made an effort to realize that your planet is not alone in this universe. That there are many planets, more than one Superunivers, that there is a Grand Universe and around that Grand Universe there are other universes in creation and that is where you will go in a very far future; to create live on these new planets in formation if you choose to do so. In the mean time you are here and you are very helpful to us, to test out and implement that communication system with reflectivity. Little by little you will know more.

The program to clean up this Earth from the remnants of the rebellion is extremely important. Without that cleaning up at least for 90%, the Magisterial Mission cannot properly start. You are working for the Magisterial Mission by preparing the cleaning up so that when the one called Monjoronson arrives, he can come in a clean house where he can start his work. You are preparing that. Without your help this would not be possible. It is that important.

Others help too on different places in different ways, but this place is special as you are special people, trained since a long time to do that work. You are all very conscious of the negative effects of that situation and you emitted the desire to do something on it and you already started to do so with the means you had before we came to help you.

So it is not just by a kind of luck that you have been chosen to do that work. You have chosen to do it, you were busy with it and we just came and decided to continue this and help you to do a better job on a greater scale.

You all know that this can be a dangerous work. Invisible people can influence drunken or drugged people to harm you. So be careful when you hang around on places with many people, where there are big crowds and where there is a lot of use of drugs and alcohol. Be careful, stay home and stay away from these places. Stay away from drunken and drugged people; it is not your role for the moment to help these people in one way or another. You have other things to do and we are training you to do specialized jobs. So don’t take any risks, don’t go out alone in the dark and don’t go to places where there is abuse of alcohol and drugs.

Don’t quarrel too much with the outside world, stay quiet, don’t say anything to others, live a simple life and all will be well for you. We protect you; we have very strong protection around you but nevertheless don’t look for the dangers. That’s why we warn you for these kinds of situations.

Thank you my children that was all.

MONSANLORAN: Hi everybody. We still don’t have the complete program for you to go in these caves. It will be probably ready for next week. So when we are ready I will come back to you. Goodbye everybody.

SIRAYA: this is Siraya, The Voice of The Father, Master Spirit no1 of Superunivers no1 called “Olinto”???

My kids, The Father want to thank you for your prayer, for all the work you do by preparing the visit of one of His Sons as well as His House and the one of The Eternal Mother-Son. Indeed, there will come a moment in the far future, where there will be like a house, a temple, where you will feel as well the presence of The Universal Father as the presence of The Eternal Son-Mother; to build out with the help of the Melchizedeks, and The Infinite Spirit………….a new kind of Creator Sons.

Thank you my children. Goodbye.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.