Session nr 4 of 25 April 2014 – recorded – English translation- Original Spanish/French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Nora and Wivine.

Received by Wivine

Visitor: Kaa-rla –Secondary Midwayer.

Kaa-rla spoke after 1h06min                   Total time meditation: 1h17min.

Kaa - rla: Nora, I'm Kaa - rla, a secondary Midwayer of the JKL family and this area is part of the ancestral regions of my family. I am the secondary Midwayer you always feel close to you. It's me who put my hand on your arm, your hand and your lips and one day you will be able to see me. Our family lived for more than 10,000 years around the temple of Chacchoben in Mexico not far from Chetumal.

I will continue in French now but you can always speak to me in Spanish, and next year you will be able to hear me and perhaps to convey my words. I am the Midwayer that will help you in everything you have to do.

I am a female secondary Midwayer resembling the people of these areas. I have black hair and I wear the traditional dresses from the region of Quintana Roo and Chiapas, and it is with you that I will work. Machiventa Melchizedek, our planetary Prince, gave me permission.

You and your children will have a major role to play in the region of Central America. You'll be able to travel and we will follow you. You have much to learn but you learn well and fast.

One day you will be able to speak out my messages simultaneously in front of your people to help them organize their lives in a better way, closer to God. Thanks to the knowledge and skills you will possess you will prove them that with God life always improves at all levels. You will represent 'the presence of God in the hearts of everyone' as well as the presence of the Supreme Being.

You're still very young (30y) and you'll see how your life will change as you will work more and more with God and us to make a paradise from this planet. Your children are important and it is no coincidence that we have led you to Belize (from Honduras) to meet the one you know now.

Continue as you are busy, do regularly your meditations, long or short it doesn't matter. Do your Energy transfers because those will help you to transform your body and develop the latent abilities that every human being has. You will become what mankind should already have been: an "ILLUMINATED HUMAN" who consciously walks with God, able to hear his or her indwelling Spirit and see the Celestials.

We will introduce together peace in this region of the world. Goodbye Nora. Adios.


{Note Wivine 4 March 2015: Nora is not her real name, it is a pseudonym. A few days ago she saw a tall lady and felt her hand on her shoulder during meditation. She asked me who it could be. I supposed a Midwayer and told her to ask her name next time and confirmation that she is a Midwayer. Both of us had completely forgotten this session. They are always funny these Midwayers. Nora is Hispanic and it is for her that my husband began to translate our sessions in Spanish that some of her children between 9 and 14 years old read also.

She has one tablet for her entire family allowing her to go on the internet to read a bit in the Urantia book in her language because she is interested. She doesn’t speak English and my Spanish is rudimentary.

We always had language problems in our group and it continues. We do the same job but our people cannot communicate with each other; not enough to make a conversation. We had Anglophones who spoke only English, Mayas who did not speak English, a Frenchman who spoke only French, and now a Honduran who speaks only Spanish and a Dutchman who speaks only Dutch. But it works, we manage and from time to time I translate a bit.

This was the last recorded session I made in 2014. The next one was the one of January 14, 2015.

Reading and learning again our ancient lessons was a good thing to do and we are heading now towards new horizons with a good foundation. I will take my recorder again in the meditations from next week on and we'll see what will come next.}



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.