The Daynals are inaugurating a «millennium of Cosmic Enlightenment».

Session nr 2 of 10 March 2015 – recorded – English translation - Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, Nora, Wilhelm and Wivine.

Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek

Malvantra spoke after 1h38min                Total time meditation: 1h58min.

Malvantra here: Hello my friends, we will resume our regular contacts via Wivine with your group. We will not come three times a week because it is necessary that you have the time to do your 'cleansing work' during your meditations, receive education in our schools on the 1st Mansion World and learn to become our ambassadors on one of the other rebel planets which is named Ohrélia. (Wivine: this was spelled to me in French.)

The people on this planet look like you, unfortunately a large part of this globe has no vegetation due to improper use of nuclear and chemical products and poor management of drinking water. I assume you are familiar with these phenomena.

There has been quite a commotion around the birth of the Avonal Son on Urantia for a bestowal Mission.

We told you last time that two Avonal Sons will work together on your planet. That is to say:

1)   The one known to you under the name Monjoronson who has completed the work of his Magisterial Mission. However he will continue to serve as a 'judge' the Daynal-leader who is here accompanied by 70 associates of his Order.

2)   The Avonal Son born in January 2015 for a bestowal mission who will support in the flesh the work of the Daynal-Paradise Sons.

A Daynal Son is not visible to mortals therefore they are always accompanied by Brilliant Evening Stars who can get visible to Morontia souls and mortals with supra-human capabilities. However they will be visible to the Avonal Son in the flesh who will communicate with them and his Brother.

A Daynal is a Teacher Son of the Paradise Trinity. These are Paradise Sons who visit several times a planet to enhance the spiritual knowledge from Paradise about Beauty, Goodness and Truth. These Spiritual Sons, created by the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit are the Teachers of the Trinity. They possess the wisdom of the Three Partners of Paradise and come to teach systematically the mortals of a planet to help them move towards the era of Light and Life.

In this case the ‘Daynal Leader' will work hand in hand with the bestowal Avonal Son that you can call Skiou, Skion, Scioen or Scion, as you wish.

The Avonal Son on a bestowal mission is here to support the work of the ‘Daynal Leader’ coming to inaugurate a "Millennial of Cosmic Enlightenment".

There is another child of the Celestial Worlds that will be born. It will not be an Avonal Son, or another Paradise Son.

It will be the 1st wife of Adamson (1st born of Adam and Eve from the first Garden of Eden) who received permission to incarnate here in order to continue her path towards the Universal Father as any human being. She will support with her knowledge and wisdom the Avonal Son ‘SCION’ on his bestowal mission and the Daynal that supervises the services of his Trinity Teacher Sons at global level.

This woman will be born in a few years and do not speculate about her birthplace because her parents are not yet selected. It will be the 1st of the adult children of Adam and Eve to return who had chosen over more than 35,000 years to become wards of the Most High of the Constellation Norlatiadek because they did not want to share the fate of their parents in the Second Garden of Eden. Other children of pure progeny of Adam and Eve who were born on Urantia also chose to continue their ascension towards the Universal Father on their birth planet.

They will be the real 'Star Seeds' talked about on Earth for so long.

Priority will be given to the ‘daughters’ to balance the chasm that exists between the sexes in many countries on your world. The 'sons' of Adam and Eve that reside at this moment on Edentia, (capital of the Constellation of Norlatiadek) waiting for their return, will come later. The majority has chosen to come back and will do so one after the other over the coming decades.

They will work together with the already born Avonal Son and the Daynal, who will preside over his associates. More details will be given to you later.

The Melchizedeks Brothers who accompany the Avonal Sons in their missions will also serve the Daynals and there will be more than 12 coming in a physical body during the next years.

Thank you, my children, we will meet again, we will hear each other, and we will continue our program. Good bye.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.