A Creator Son will be born in the next few years.

Session nr.3 of 18 March 2015 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Carole, Nora, Wilhelm and Wivine.

Visitor: Christ Michael – Jesus of Nazareth and Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon.

Christ Michael spoke after 53min.             Total time meditation: 1h16min.

Christ Michael here: I come to announce something very important that I will try to explain because it concerns my second coming and my promise to come back.

Be aware that a Creator Son who became Master Sovereign of his local universe will not be born again out of a woman on a material planet, after having completed his seven bestowal missions in all Orders of beings of his creation, ranging from the Order of the Melchizedeks until the mortals on a planet.

When I came here as a Creator Son of the Order of Michael's, to live my life as Jesus of Nazareth, I did what any other Paradise Son in a bestowal mission would have done. I gave spiritual teachings on a higher level during my earthly life. I bestowed after my physical death my “Spirit of Truth” upon all humans and I opened the door to the God Fragments so that they could indwell the minds of all children after they have taken their first moral decision.

You currently live in the century where all celestial communications and all spiritual circuits were reopened. Your 21st century is the century of the opening of a "Millennium of Cosmic Enlightenment" and of what my second coming really means.

If I had to come back in a physical body, born of an earthly mother, this would mean that mankind didn’t change after my departure, it would mean that my bestowal mission would have failed at all levels, which is not the case.

When I died on Golgotha I left a ‘Morontia imprint’ of my human person which impregnated all Earth.

Following this imprint, the opening of all spiritual circuits and the ‘Energy of the Trinity’ which is poured out on your world in large quantities, the human soul will develop new faculties and bodies of spiritual insight that man didn’t possess 2,000 years ago.

More and more people on your planet will develop these new soul faculties, become able to see me during their meditations and feel my presence physically a bit the way Midwayers can do.

The more people will develop their ‘new Morontia soul faculties’, the more I can get visible to them. The day your physical body will be sufficiently blended with the Morontia body of your soul, you will be able to see me with your physical eyes.

When enough people have developed their new soul faculties I will show me physically with my Morontia body with the help of the Energy Transformers and Power Director's. I'll show to different people on the same day around the world; to people who know me, who needs my wisdom and advice.

Less informed and more materialistic thinking people might then believe that I'm back in a physical body but this will not be the case because it is not necessary.

After my departure from your world 2,000 years ago, I left behind me some ‘potential’ to allow mortals of Urantia to develop these soul faculties. In these various faculties lies the possibility to develop "two Morontia glands" in the brain which will enable you to hear and see at the highest level the Morontia and Spiritual worlds.

This will allow you to receive straight personal teachings; not like it used to be in ancient times through Masters, Initiations and Books because the time of Master-teachers for the masses is over.

However to help you to move faster because you stayed behind, one of my Brothers came - 'Scion' the just born Avonal Son- to support your development and to enhance your understanding of these new soul faculties whose development is your responsibility. He is here to explain the new capabilities of the "Future Man”, to teach them because initially not all will be aware of it. This also means that ‘Mankind’ must learn to take in hand its own spiritual evolution.

I repeat: there are no chosen people. Once I am known, that someone search for my presence, I will manifest myself. This will first happen on Morontia level during your meditations, then you'll feel me physically in your normal life and later I will be visible to the physical eyes. I will appear to people and disappear again after having given my instructions; comparable how I manifested after my physical death on Golgotha to the Apostles, Evangelists and all those who gathered in those days in my name.

Wivine, the reason why you don’t feel me when I'm talking to you during your meditations is because I communicate through the “communication system with reflectivity" set up by the Melchizedeks. The days you felt me physically next to you to ask to do something immediately, I came with my 'Morontia imprint’. This is the mystery that you did not understand. I came indeed here in one of your lessons; it was my presence that these people clearly felt almost physically that day.

Another Paradise Son will be born within a few years of an earthly mother. He is not an Avonal Son; he is Brother of my Order that has no local universe.

He will come here to help me and make his experiences in the material worlds of time and space. It will be a preparation for his return later to implement the 'Schools of the Creator Sons and Daughters of the future” that will come out of the "Corps of the finality of glorified mortals”.

There is another reason for which a Creator Son comes on your planet and that is because a Creator Son like me, that became Master Sovereign of his local universe, loses his 'creative' assets. Therefore, I can't create other Orders of beings in Nebadon anymore.

We will better explain this later following your level of understanding and progress. Your planet is very dear to me and I hold her in my hands because she has a great destiny.

My children go on with what you are busy. Teach those that I will send you as this will be your way to open the path for your brethren that are entering this «Millennium of Cosmic Enlightenment» which the Daynal Sons came to inaugurate.

We will not give you a name right now for the Daynal responsible of his associates of his Order on your planet. Have patience, and even more patience and much more patience.

The Avonal Son born last January is one of my best collaborators in my local universe. He does not come to redo my work: the “Spirit of Truth” is poured and the “God Fragments” are in masses on your planet. He will support the work of the Daynals with his Avonal Brother who came for a Magisterial Mission and who will not incarnate. He will prepare the way for my brother of the Order of Michael's that I won't name you either.

Thank you, my children, goodbye and until next time.


{Note Wivine: to avoid a misunderstanding, I tell you that the name 'Scion' for the just born Avonal Son was first revealed to a person of another country who is not part of our small group. Then this name was simply confirmed to us in our session nr.2 of 2015 with the different ways to write or pronounce it, depending on the used language.

For the presence of Christ Michael close to me: I have felt his presence many times beside me over the last 4 years, talking to me in my head in a strong, authoritarian way, as a Chief. I always wondered how I could feel him so physically without seeing him, standing squarely alongside me. He is a Paradise Son, not a Midwayer. In addition he is the only one to do so. I've never felt a Melchizedek or another Celestial this way. What meant in my logic that Christ Michael was able to do freaky things others could not; but what and how?}.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.