Scion, the incarnated Avonal Son is already at work.

Session nr 4 of 6 April 2015 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, Nora, Wilhelm and Wivine.

Received by Wivine

Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek.

Malvantra spoke after 52min                   Total time meditation: 1h16min.

Malvantra here: Hello everyone, we congratulate you with your bilocation work in the countries of the Middle East during this period of many disorders in those regions.

These are regions which were inhabited by great people; descendants of the corporeal staff of your former planetary Prince Caligastia some 200,000 years ago and by the progeny of Adam and Eve some 35,000 years ago. The First Garden of Eden was on a submerged peninsula on the Mediterranean coast of Syria and the Second Garden of Eden was, just like the ancient city Dalamatia of the planetary Prince, lying on currently submerged lands across the coasts of Kuwait and Iraq in the Persian Gulf.

I came to make a few comments on what you've experienced last Saturday in Jerusalem and Masada in Israel.

It is indeed Scion, the incarnated Avonal Son you saw arriving as a 'Baby' with his Angels. We have celebrated there the resurrection of Jesus that took place some 2,000 years ago. You've heard the songs of the Angels and have done your homework with the Midwayers to create a Light Anchor above the “Dome of the rock” in Jerusalem. It was indeed Christ Michael who came next to flood all Jerusalem and many more remote areas with his clear “blue and white Light”.

When you were in Masada, it was ‘Scion’s white Light’ that penetrated the mountain and all the underground corridors leading to the four corners of the planet which are already free to let penetrate the Light. You believed that Jerusalem and Masada were places where there were demons or dark thoughts forms you needed to withdraw, it wasn’t.

We confirm that the 'Dome of the rock', built on top of the second Judaic temple of Jerusalem, is one of the holiest places and most inaccessible to the public on Earth. This place was already important long before the arrival of the ancient Hebrews, Turks and Christians.

Scion, despite the fact that he isn’t 3 months old, is already working on Morontia level on your planet. You can tell hereafter the story of Homs where he also helped you.

Already now everyone who meets him is attracted to his personality, charisma and magnetism. He sends messages to the soul of each person he meets even if it is only a short moment. Don’t think you need to wait 25 years before this incarnated Magisterial- Avonal Son is active on your world.

His Mission is not a bestowal Mission according to the definition described in the Urantia Book. However his incarnation was important just as is your participation as a human being in this great cleaning work which must be done on your planet to anchor The Light in all its underground circuits.

There are other things to do below ground and in the seas for which you will need the one you call now 'The Baby' in your bilocation work.

Apart from the dark networks there is still a great danger on your planet, and that is the accumulation of nuclear waste underground and in the seas for which neither your scientists, nor the military have a solution.

We'll clean it up with your help and that of Scion thanks to your ability to use the Energy of your indwelling God Fragment. It is this 'Energy' which can neutralize the effects of nuclear waste without causing disasters.

As they are located in places that you don't know and to which you have no access we will take you there to neutralize everything. You will have no recollection of these places or of this work except for this one time where we showed Carole what you do there. You will never now the geographic location of these places for your protection and thus will be unable to tell anyone where they are located.

There is still other waste and other hazards that lie inside the Earth of which you have no knowledge, of which you know nothing. So we won't tell you anything about it, but it needs also to be neutralized so that your planet would be cleaned of dark Morontia forms and great physical dangers.

Nuclear energy is not really a physical, material energy; it already touches ‘spiritual energy’ and no human being, as bright as he can be knows how to neutralize its side effects. That is why we need you who know how to use the Pure Energy of your God Fragment, which only He will measure out as needed through you. This is why you will also help with this work on other rebel planets.

The more you are the best it is because the work will be faster done. We know very well that this training takes time and that skepticism and materialistic thinking are restraints for many.

Continue your program in the Middle East as you undertook it and we will be there. Follow our guidance concerning the places to do because we know the strategic positions and how to frame the terror that is rife in many Arab countries. Evil is not always there where you think or what is told you on TV.

Thank you my children, thank you very much, have a good day. Good bye.


Comments Wivine:

As I have more free time now we got back to our dark places cleanup job. We do four meditations a week of which two are used to go consciously to places determined in advance by bilocation.

We started with Syria by going first to Aleppo and then to the city of Homs.

Here is the story of Homs, a town that has been completely destroyed, where we went to the Khalid Ibn al Walid mosque. You will find pictures of Homs on the internet, not nice to see.

I stood before the mosque with the two minarets in front. The others had not yet arrived and I went inside the mosque. There was like a big dark cloud inside. This presaged nothing good. I left and waited a while outside.

A little later everyone arrived by air and all put themselves on the agreed locations with the Midwayers between us. Then someone else came: "a Baby" dressed in white who irradiated plenty of light. He positioned himself to my right between one of our group and the Midwayers.

When everyone was in place we created together a Light Anchor of which we could see the lights bursting when the Anchor was generated.

As usual, first a bunch of dark dust with stones came out of the ground and they took us a little further away from it. It didn’t stop and suddenly “The Baby” with his radiant light entered this column of dust until I didn’t see him anymore and started to fear for him.

But he returned, shining as before and 'floated' back on his place (he didn’t really stand on his legs").

Shortly after the 'monster' tried to get out all around the mosque. Tentacles came out of the openings of the minarets and round black masses were coming through the openings of the remaining domes. The beast seemed to have difficulties to get out.

Bubbling masses of oil came afterwards out of the mosque with above rivers of dark blood, as in Aleppo.

We were all sending constantly Energy and Light to this black monstrosity that something was trying to suck up from above. Suddenly they managed to pull it out and take it high in the sky. It looked like a huge black jellyfish with long dangling tentacles.

When this thing was far enough from Earth it was destroyed by a 'beam of light' or a 'laser beam' or something else of which I suppose would be dangerous to people because they pulled this dark thing high in the air to do it.

The thing had no consciousness, it was like a thought-form, but they showed me that one of its tentacles was already anchored in Lebanon.

4th of April 2015 – Jerusalem and Masada in Israel.

We were led in Jerusalem to the 'Dome of the Rock'. We were with three and each had chosen on the internet photo the location where he would stand to make the circle. Thus, the 4th place was free. When we were there we saw the Midwayers arrive and take their positions. Suddenly “The Baby” arrived too, wearing white cloths, shining with intense light and carried by his Angels to position themselves on the 4th place. Then other Angels came who placed themselves higher, above us.

When all were in place we created immediately a huge Light Anchor whose sparkling lights scattered in all directions.  Then I saw Jesus coming down above the roof of the Dome with his hand on his heart, radiating many colors. This image changed and I didn’t see his shape anymore; flashes of blue and white light came out of him. This blue-white light descended then on the cupola of the Dome to extend over all Jerusalem and probably further. Then the Angels began to sing beautiful songs that I'm unable to reproduce.

Suddenly it was finished and we were told to go to Masada. When we stood on this high mountain positioned as had been agreed, came the Midwayers and to my surprise our fourth person. He shouted from afar: look my friends, they picked me up so that I can still participate. He was so happy.

We created a Light Anchor and after it came into existence a different white Light came down inside the mountain to continue his way through underground corridors in all directions. And then it was over.

This was our Easter meditation: an unexpected gift that we will never forget. It gave us a lot of courage to continue with more enthusiasm and joy what we do and ……………………with the support of «Baby Scion» we can only move forward.


For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.