God knows only two kinds of people

Session nr 5 of 23 April 2015 Ė recorded Ė Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, Nora, Wilhelm and Wivine.

Visitor: Thought Adjuster or God Fragment.

Received by Wivine

Thought Adjuster spoke after 1h55min††††††††††††††† Total time meditation: 2h13min.

Thought Adjuster: I am Wivineís Thought Adjuster. I will be the one in the future that will talk to you rather than other Orders of Celestials because she is now completely under my command and control. Our fusion has been postponed, but is a fact and will happen.

At the moment there are only two people in your current group, you Carole and you Wivine, who are able to use the power of the 'Pure Energy' of your Thought Adjuster. Therefore, we ask you to stand from now on across from each other during the "cleaning work by bilocationĒ.

We did our first test in the city of N-Jamena in Chad. We changed you from place to put you face to face. Both of you used these 'Energies' to cover the entire region of Chad. All darkness above ground and below was attracted to this city. It was a first experiment but convincing and others will follow.

We ask all of you to do first the African countries. Africa is the largest and richest continent at all levels on your globe, and everyone eats from it except the local population. For centuries, 500 to 600 years, a deliberate war has been waged against the black race by the white races including the Europeans, Americans, Canadians and the Arabs who are cousins of the white European race varieties.

You will not pass through the currently established countries of Africa. These artificial borders were created in the 20th century by Europeans. You will pass through Africa as we will show you, through their great ancient kingdoms. Africa had huge civilizations, well before the white European populations could read and write. Do your research and look for these ancient Kingdoms and ancient Cities which were centers of trade. Do this continent from the Mediterranean coast to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, including all islands which lie around.

The Father in Paradise knows only two kinds of people: those who know Him and those who donít know Him. He is not interested by the color of your skin, your hair or the color of your eyes. He is only interested in your soul and that this soul honors Him.

You live in a local universe with a potential of 10 million inhabited planets. Not all carry life for the moment because Nebadon is in full development, but nowhere will you find people who look exactly like you.

There is however a basic pattern that determines that all colored races of a planet must one day fully blend and this global population will never possess a Scandinavian skin color, but will look rather violet-olive or what we call the "white" of the spheres. This is so for all planets that experienced a normal evolution.

You have not experienced a normal planetary evolution due to the Lucifer rebellion and the default of Adam and Eve. But, when all your current populations will be fully blended... and this will happen, believe me, it will,... your global population will have dark hair, black-brown eyes and a dark olive-brown skin. There will be only one type of blood flowing through your veins and all will have the same skin color. This will bring the end of racial hatred with all its sad consequences and a truly global spiritual awakening with economic prosperity for all.


There is no planet with people who have blue eyes, white skin and light-colored hair when all races are blended. These are features of the Adamic offspring, but these attributes have recessive genes which mean that dark skin, dark eyes and dark hair will automatically dominate the Adamic physical features. It was so planned for all the inhabited planets by Christ Michael, Supreme Master Sovereign of Nebadon.

Andon and Fonta, the first humans and ancestors of all mankind were born almost 1 million years ago and were a little more than 5 feet high; they had black eyes and dark skin. They lived first in the treetops of forests and later with their descendants in rock shelters or semi caves.

Almost 10,000 years later Onagar was born, the first spiritual leader of these Andonites tribes that were already widely spread. He told them about the 'One God' and gave them an understanding of the Ďhereafter'. He started a high spiritual civilization and organized the society of these primitive peoples. They succeeded with their mind capabilities to achieve a high spiritual culture that glorified The Father in Paradise, which was never surpassed for almost 500,000 years.

That what now prevails in your materialistic societies, having a larger house than your neighbor, a bigger car, more wealth and power, lies far behind those times. It became however the standard of today's Western societies and all those who are following them. There is no drop of Divine acknowledgment, or compassion for their fellowmen. Even huge religious organizations and the Great Powers compete, some through war and some economically to maintain their power, wealth and influence.

Even those who claim to be spiritual have a mind stuffed of materialistic thoughts; donít like to give but rather prefer to receive. In some former and current spiritual movements such as the 'New Age' there wasnít and there's still no place for the Creator of All.

Those who will change the face of your planet will be those who are aware of the indwelling presence of God, those who follow their inner guidance and of these "Humans" will come more and more.

My children, you donít fully understand the impact of what you are doing here and it is true that what you do looks more like toddlers who strive to fill an Olympic swimming pool with a small bucket. But we help you, we are there and by doing what we ask you will grow and become one day so capable that you will do great wonders. Not in the eyes of the people, but in the eyes of God.

Thank you for working close with your God Fragment, with the Melchizedeks, your Angels, your Cherubim and Sanobim and the Midwayers that surround you to make your world a better place to live.

We are very aware of all efforts and sacrifices you make. Continue because you will feel the rewards in your heart, and they shall be as beautiful colored jewels scattered all over your soul.

If you have challenges and difficulties to overcome and deal with in your life be grateful because these life lessons you are learning, as hard and difficult they can be, will make you more Godlike than any gift we can offer you.

See you soon, my friends and goodbye. Make sure, my girl that each member of the group receives a translation. Thank you and God bless you all.


{Note Wivine: I didnít receive during ten days any indication for the next place to do by bilocation and several of us had a few serious private problems to solve and difficult decisions to make. We have apparently all responded well because suddenly everything was solved and I was informed about the places to do: encircle Boko Haram in Africa. After the necessary research, I knew that we had three cities in three countries to do in a single meditation.

It was:

- Chad, city N Díjamena

- Nigeria, city Maiduguri

- Cameroun, city Maroua.

We started with N DíJamena and when we were there at a junction with a roundabout they let me switch places with Wilhelm so that I found myself face to face with Carole. We were barely settled and were already completely surrounded by dark clouds. Suddenly the Thought Adjusters of Carole and I began to radiate from our forehead to generate a high column of white Light. Then even more dark clouds arrived to this Light. They showed me a map of Chad and I saw that these clouds came from all over this vast country.

Later they placed us in a circle around the city because this intersection seemed to be on the edge of the city and it was only then that the Midwayers came between us. We created together a huge Light Anchor and it was again the same pattern: first lots of dust and many other things flew left and right out of the hole; then I plunged into the opening to come out again and but I cannot describe what came after me. Everything became black before my eyes and I had the impression to fell in deep meditation. Then a thought came in my mind that we had to go to Maiduguri in Nigeria and there I could see again the surroundings.

Suddenly Christ Michael-Jesus stood between us with "Baby Scion" in his arms. He did something but I didn't see what. Afterwards we went to Cameroon in Maroua where Christ was again present with 'The Baby' in his arms. He did again something, or maybe both of them did, but I cannot tell what. After that we went a long time in deep meditation until my Thought Adjuster gave me a sign that he had something to say.

There's still much 'cleaning' to do, but with the new abilities and the valuable assistance from Above it is progressing well.

Yes, I'm very optimistic and I cannot imagine things would go on otherwise.

Darkness is only darkness and preachers of global disasters are near-sighted. They lack a dimension, the one of Higher Spiritual Insight and a blind and unwavering trust in the Infinite Goodness and Power of God. God and his Sons will not abandon us. Yet, they like that we cooperate regardless in which domain, even if it is with a small bucket. It is mainly the motivation behind our actions that counts for Them and only that.}



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.