God created all mankind in one form.

Session nr 7 of Thursday 4 June 2015 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, Nora and Wivine in Belize with Wilhelm remote from Europe.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Malavatia Melchizedek.

Malavatia spoke after 1h58min                 Total time meditation: 2h17min.

Malavatia: my children, don't worry for what happened early in the week. You are safe and well protected by a huge army of Celestial Angels which are under the authority of Gabriel of Salvington.

I work for The Most Highs of your Constellation Norlatiadek and with The Most High Observer - Vorondadek Son who is still in place here on your planet.

We told you from the very beginning that you would help the Mayan people and that it was not a coincidence that we guided you all to Belize. This applies to you Carole, Nora and Wivine and at that time Cyril. If you all speak foreign languages and have sometimes difficulties to communicate with each other that has a very important reason that we are not going to reveal but will help your group to unite on a higher celestial realm than the human level.

You have been told that your Maya youngsters would come back one after the other over a period of 5 years and for some it was already the case this year. They still need to mature, grow, build their lives and have their children before they can take in hand their task in future times.

You are all very challenged in your private lives since a few months and believe me it is for your good. You are three women here in Belize, three guardians of a great secret of which just a small part has been revealed to you. You will understand the rest of it much later following your growth.

Don’t be afraid that outsiders, newcomers or former members, can destroy what you built here for years. We will ensure this cannot occur because it is too important. You are significant pieces of a large chessboard. You will implement something monumental here for the future of your planet.

You already know a part of the secret and the second part will be revealed in a few years when the Creator Son who has no local universe will work together with the Avonal Son that you call «Scion» born January, 12th 2015.

The Avonal Son already born and the Creator Son who will be born will grow up together in the same area, a bit as if they were brothers because their families will not live far away from each other.

Do not accept more people in your current group for now, not as a physical presence here with you three or by connecting remotely to your meditations.

Wivine will leave for Europe for several months. You will keep the temple closed during these 3 months so that no one can come to defile or make improper use of it. You'll do your meditations together but each from your home. You won't do group meditations on fixed days and hours during this period and do them only when we will tell you.

{Note Wivine: since its construction in 2009 there has always been a person who kept the temple open during my travels in Europe. This is the 1st time I am asked to close it.}

Many wolfs wrapped in a lamb skin will come to devour you. Be careful and trust no one.

Give the abilities to work with the Energy of the Trinity only to those that we refer to you and at the moment there is only Wivine who possesses this ability.

When the other members of the actual group will grow, will become more mature through their experiences and the work, they will also receive this ability if they ask for it.

When we see that it is necessary to extend this ‘teaching’ to a wider public we will tell you. For the moment it is not a mass teaching. We have told you this so often and we repeat it again. This ‘teaching’ has a goal but we want it to evolve slowly to avoid destruction in the bud by malicious, ignorant or incompetent people with a false understanding of its profound meaning.

If you have the opportunity, go to the temple of Palenque in Mexico. There is knowledge to store and capacities to receive. It is a site of an ancient great school of a powerful spiritual teaching and this knowledge is still there. When you have time and money, go there by bus or car, as you wish; this place is only a few days drive from Belize. The Most High Observer- Vorondadek will be present to welcome you just as he was present at the temple of Coba in Yucatan-Mexico.

Keep confidence because you help us much, even if you don't remember what happens during your meditations. You are taught for a long time on the schools of the 1st Mansion World and you do good work with us without keeping remembrance of it.

Don’t let you shake by the 'dark attack' Wivine underwent last Tuesday afternoon during her meditation in the temple. Be aware that when you fight evil it will turn against you to stop you. She held on, she didn’t get scared and she kept confidence in all the help we bring you in this work and has even seen it. I would like to thank my children and continue with what you do, don't worry, continue.

The Father has everything in hand and is there to support all His children. All of you to whom He gave a personality and it’s through His personality circuitry that you are connected directly to Him. That’s how He helps and supports you well before you received a God Fragment or Thought Adjuster to develop your soul embryo that will live forever if you choose to do so.

Any baby, every child, every Celestial receives a personality and a free will from God and it is through the personality circuitry of God that all are connected directly to him.

A young child receives his personality after birth and is immediately fed by God through this circuitry and when it takes a moral decision thanks to the influence of The Father and the education of the parents it receives its Thought Adjuster who will help it to grow a soul with all the good deeds this person will have done during his lifetime; the eternal soul that can reach The Father in Paradise by perfecting, spiritualizing to eventually become a Spiritual Creature able to stand before God.

God loves you and eagerly desires your love. It is not only you who feel the need to be loved by God; God also would like to be loved the same way by you.

Instead to worry constantly, to send Him prayers for your material well-being, send Him your love, the love from a child to a father, The Father who gave you everything.

God created all mankind in one form.

Of course, if you look around no human looks alike, none has the same size, skin color or eyes. For sure, you can see that clearly in your material life.

Uniformity is not found in the material body, or wealth, or if you live in a great civilization or a rainforest or with possibilities of development that you receive in your environment. No, it doesn’t matter.

- Each one received a personality from God and by this fact is connected to The Universal Father and The Father nourishes this personality with His Love and Wisdom.

- Every human received a mind with which he can think to find God and worship Him.

- Each human receives the Spirit of Truth of Christ on your planet in order to determine true from false.

- Each human receives a Fragment of God to help him develop an eternal soul

and it is in this sense that you are all uniform.

You all received the opportunity to develop an eternal soul, and the creation of this eternal soul depends only on your decisions and actions and not on your material wealth, not on your social environment, not on the place where you live and not the fact that you are an important person like a high priest or a great spiritual master.

It depends only on your desire and willingness to know God, the love you have for Him, your desire to become like Him and your aspiration to serve your brethren selflessly by giving for the pleasure of giving.

This is the only way you can show your love to God: on one side by worshipping Him and on the other side by being of service to your brothers and sisters, little matters by which means. It is only when all will understand that they are brothers and sisters of the same Father that your planet can transform.

My children continue to trust us and have confidence in our protection. You experience difficult moments but this is how God teaches you how to transform and improve your character traits.

They are also tests to see if you really trust Him and have an unshakeable faith in Him.

To believe in God, to love and thank Him is easy when everything is going well, when you have a beautiful life, love and money. It is when the problems appear, when you live in adversity, when you lose a loved one that God can see the true depth of your love and faith in Him.

Thank you children, keep confidence in us as we believe in you. Good bye.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.