Luoja Michael–Creator Son–presenting himself.

Session nr 8 of Sunday 14 June 2015 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, Nora, Wivine in Belize with Wilhelm remote from Europe.

Visitor: LUOJA –Creator Son of the Order of Michael – who doesn’t rule a local universe.

LUOJA spoke after 1h15min           Total time meditation: 1h26min.

LUOJA: I am Luoja, a Paradise Son of the Order of Michael. I'm a Creator Son who will be born soon on your planet and I will work with my other brother, the Avonal Son you call ‘Scion’ already born on Urantia.

We’ll first implement together all the wisdom and knowledge necessary to let your planet evolve towards the era of Light and Life.

Then we will prepare Urantia for the role she will play in the future era of the universes when the Supreme Being will become God the Almighty Supreme and will receive full powers over the seven Superuniverses revolving around the Isle of Paradise and the 4 outer space levels that revolve around the seven Superuniverses.

It is your Creator Son, Christ Michael who runs this entire enterprise and as well Scion as I, Luoja will work hand in hand with him.

There are other reasons why I'll be born here.

Although I have no local universe to administer, that I didn’t create Celestial Orders with a Mother Spirit, or physical humans, I still need to experience all Celestial Orders created in a local universe to be able to do my job in the next era of the universes. This also implies to follow the ascension path of a human soul since its creation on a physical planet until it becomes a beginning Spiritual Creature ready to leave the Morontia worlds of the local universe to continue its ascension to Paradise.

Christ Michael (Jesus) already allowed me to bestow in all Celestial Orders created in Nebadon such as the Melchizedeks, Vorondadek, the Lanonandek, the Life carriers, the Material Sons, Seraphim and now I will be born of a woman like any human being - the lowest intelligent order of the creation of a local universe.

I have also to do my experiences to be able to work in and for the Great Goddess of Experience - the Supreme Being.

This means that I'm also working with AYA, Master Spirit who created your Superuniverse nr 7 Orvonton - the Voice of the Trinity and the Supreme Being.

When Christ Michael became Master Sovereign of Nebadon with full powers over his universe, he lost his ability to create other Orders of beings. For this reason, I will stay longer in Nebadon after my experience as a human to help create the 'Creatures' needed to change your local universe and your planet for its future destiny.

Urantia will receive a school where the capabilities will be given of 'Creator Sons and Daughters’ in the next era of the universes to members of the ‘Corps of the Finality’ to be able to create life in a relationship on the worlds of the outer space levels in very remote times.

All this requires a lot of preparation, and these plans have already been designed for hundreds of thousands of years.

I thank you my children, I wanted to introduce myself and clarify in a simple way the reason for my future incarnation on your planet.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.