Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 18 - 2011

Session 29 June 2011 – recorded – English translation- Original French

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present : Cyril and Kathy

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Monsanloran and Malvantra Melchizedek

KUWAYA, Master Spirit n°2 of Superunivers n°2, the Voice of The Eternal Son.

SIRAYA, Master Spirit n°1 of Superunivers n°1, The Voice of The Father.

Monsanloran Melchizedek: I have instructions for you my children. Next Wednesday you go in the ATM-caves with those that desire to go with you. Regardless of the number, it will be sufficient and you are both strong enough. Follow the guide which will come with you.

As soon as you see a cave with pottery, broken or not, you send 3 times universal energy with the techniques of your “ancient teachings”. At some point you will arrive at a place with a large burnt skeleton. If the place is large enough, create a Permanent Light Anchor at this location and use this new Anchor to sweep the Universe Energy all over the entire caves in that region with the intention "to clean up the dark energies and to let go the souls who wish to continue their path of evolution and ascension to The Universal Father in Paradise."

From now on use this sentence because that‘s what it is: it is about their ascension to Paradise, to The Universal Father; rather than to remain here on Earth and hang around in fear, hatred and all these kinds of dark feelings.

At a certain moment you will find in another cave burnt bodies of little children. You will create another Permanent Light Anchor there and use it to sweep the Universe Energy in all the surrounding caves with the intention “to remove the dark energy and let leave the souls who wish, by their own choice, continue their ascension path to The Universal Father in Paradise according to the Plans of Christ Michael.”

Insist on this: "according to the Plans of Christ Michael" and not those of Lucifer or Caligastia.

Next, you will find yourself in a third round cave with pottery; you will also create there another Permanent Light Anchor that you will use in the same way as the other two. You will clean the dark energies to let them disappear and give the possibility the souls that are there to return to their path of ascension, to return to The Father in Paradise according to the Plans of Christ Michael.

You will create in total three Permanent Light Anchors with the method which is known to you. We will help you, we will give you small signs as flashlights that will go on and off without anybody touching them to specify you the exact location where you will have to create these Light Anchors; be very attentive to the sensations on your chakra 6 and 7 or the pressures on your head. This means that we want to tell you something.

Millions of souls are trapped there. You will liberate them and those who don’t want to leave yet, will be taken with us and brought to your sessions with Tomas and Ham so that they understand and learn just like you and can make up their choices and decisions.

Don't worry, you'll meet other groups who will join yours. A person will bring another and sometimes you will be working in a large group at the same location. You will not have to clean up the world of this problem all by yourselves. All this will come, but still, you will do a great part of it because you are very capable and highly motivated.

If you know someone from which you think, that he has the same basic capabilities as you, and who might be interested to actively help in this work in his area, you can talk about it. But do not insist. We believe that in one year you can come out of the shadow. Much will have already changed but for now remain discrete. Lead a very simple life for the exterior world, don't talk about what you do and let them think what they want. This will be your best cover-up to be able to act freely.

This work is extremely important. Let us take care of the training of other groups. This is not for you to do. Help us and go there where we sent you, even if it costs you money. We will ensure one way or another that your purse will be filled again through your work or in any other way.

Don't worry too much for your partners either, they will follow you. Not necessarily in the physical places where you go, but they will not abandon you. They will slowly understand that your motives are sincere and pure and that there is no harm in it and that they don’t have to be afraid for themselves. This will even up.

But do not try to influence them to follow you on your path. You must leave them their free will as we respect yours. There are thousands of paths to get to The Father and they are all good. There is not only yours.

There are hundreds of small groups working in different specialties for the preparation of the Magisterial Mission. If everyone starts to believe that what he does in his corner is always more important compared to what another does, where shall ‘we go’? Everyone does what he is most capable of and is the best in what he does. Each bird sings its own song and each song is beautiful. So please respect everyone's work and stay simple and humble.

Thank you my children. I will see you next Friday and perhaps before if I have a statement to give you for your visit to the ATM-caves. Good bye.

Malvantra Melchizedek: Hello my children. We prepared you again yesterday and a little bit today to strengthen you. As well to receive messages by Reflectivity and to do the cleansing job you need to do for Monsanloran and the teaching of those souls that you don’t see and which are your brothers and sisters.

Many of you are tired; your fatigue comes from the upgrading of your energy frequencies, all of this works on your nervous system and on your mood. Get more sleep if possible and don’t do too much because these energies are very strong and shake your nervous system; which does accentuate all the emotions you feel.

This will be all, my kids, for today. I think that KUWAYA still wants to talk to you.

KUWAYA: The Voice of The Eternal Mother (or Eternal Son). I am Master Spirit No. 2 of the Superunivers n ° 2, which is called Orvando.

We tried last time to help you recognize the name of Superunivers n ° 1, which is called ORILIANTO. This is the simplest approach of the pronunciation and writing of this name that we were able to do. This name is very special and is difficult to reflect in your language, whether French or English.

If you agreed with your Thought Adjuster or God Fragment to participate in the Magisterial Mission of Monjoronson you will be first presented to Me. I will have the pleasure to meet you as well as you will have the pleasure to meet me.

Afterwards, when your Thought Adjuster will have passed to Soranington to make his report, you will meet The Council of 24 who are the Governors of this planet and your Adam and Eve are part of it. They will receive the opportunity of The Universal Father at the request of Christ Michael, to return to Earth and accompany Monjoronson on his Mission wherever he will go. They will be allowed to present themselves as Adam and Eve.

Many of their children from the first line that were born on Earth will come with them and make sure that a proper blending is done between the races and to enhance the DNA of mortal beings. These children will have great intellectual and creative potential at all levels. They will be engineers, scientists, and heads of states. They will have great abilities and will change the face of this world. You will see them if you're accepted for The Magisterial Mission and maybe you will work with or for them.

You will meet my two Sons: your Creator Son and The Avonal Son. This is something I promise you.

You have done great efforts to help your visible and invisible brothers and sisters without knowing anything about all this; by simply trying to do “good” around you and by asking The Father for help. You barely knew The Urantia Book, you did not know what a Magisterial Mission was, nor a Magisterial Son and Christ was your Jesus mentioned in all Bibles.

So I promise you that you will see my two Sons. This is also the desire of The Father that you meet them so that they can thank you and that you can serve them if that is your desire and within your abilities. Anyway, The Father and I want you to meet them.

You will also see The Melchizedeks. The ones with whom you already work and also others. They are nice guys, very regular, very conscientious, and very faithful; they have their own approach to all kinds of problems but they are extremely effective, loyal and tenacious entrepreneurs and they know that you will not disappoint them.

Thank you very much my children. I say goodbye and until next time.

SIRAYA: Master Spirit No. 1 of the Superunivers No. 1, The Voice of The Father.

I wish to confirm that the name of my Superunivers is OLIANTO. It is a rather singing name and the way we passed it to you is the best approach we could do.

Yes, my children, The Father has a high regard and a lot of respect for you, for those little children who wanted to help and clean something that was much too big and too heavy for them and nevertheless started to do it with much determination.

From now on you will have help, much more help than you would have imagined. It will remove the weight from your shoulders to know that there is really a plan for you and that you will receive these means that you asked so hard for to remove this dark scourge of humanity. You were told that humanity could not advance if Earth could not get rid of this dark scourge without knowing what this scourge really was.

Your prayer has been heard and now you have the means to act. Thanks to this The Magisterial Mission will be able to begin and it will be a huge blessing for all mankind.

It is for that reason that The Father follows you all very closely and that He has given you the means of the Reflectivity System which you need to be sure of the messages you would receive, as well as the Melchizedeks, the Midwayers and the other celestial beings to give you the necessary means and support to do this task. I hope that you will be relieved of this weight and that you will be pleased to know that you are no longer alone confronted to this problem.

{Note Kathy December 2013: REMEMBER SYLVESTRA!

All sessions of 2011 are posted under the name of “Maya Cosmic Masters” in remembrance of Sylvestra, a Maya girl of 22y that died in September 2009 from evil practices while I was in Europe. I will tell the story after having posted all sessions of the year 2011. It is the coward murder of this young girl that brought the entire Mezza Verde Group story in motion. I declared war to the darkness and I needed means from our Celestial Father, much more means than I had in those days although they were already important, to break their power and I needed assistance, companions that would walk that road with me. Whatever effort it would take I promised I would go for it and I knew He would give them. My faith and trust in God and my connection with Him was and still is extremely strong…… and suddenly our Tontons Melchizedek came out of the blue.}

The Father sends you a big smile and His blessing. You are His little children. He has given you a big broom to be able to work very effectively with much help and many teachers to guide you. You are no longer alone; you are surrounded by the most capable teachers of the local universe. You have the support of The Father as well as from His Son, Christ Michael and His other Son, The Avonal Son that you call now Monjoronson and which is not his real name. This name will be given much later at the appropriate time as well as the names of the twelve Melchizedeks who will accompany him.

Goodbye my children and keep a smile on your lips because now it is a time of celebration, so rejoice. If you are sad, or if you have problems, think on those souls, who are here imprisoned since hundreds of thousands of years, without a vision to improve their own condition. Thank you my children, so smile. Good bye.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.