Session nr 9 of 29 June 2015 – recorded- English translation – Original Dutch.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, Nora and Wivine in Belize with Wilhelm remote from Europe.

Visitor: Imhotep

Received by Wivine.

Imhotep spoke after 1h13min…….             Total time meditation: 2 hours.

Imhotep: I am Imhotep, the great Egyptian architect who has also practiced scientific medicine, healing with universe energy and taught spiritual religion. I built the pyramid of Djoser-Sakkara about 5,000 years ago and many other constructions such as a temple at Edfu. However, my temple of Edfu has been destroyed and 2,000 years later the current Temple of Horus was built above it.

Many pilgrims went to Edfu during thousands of years for healing and in other places where I practiced once my skills as a doctor and my healing abilities. You can compare these ancient places of pilgrimage to Lourdes in France, Fatima in Portugal and other places on the American continents, Africa, Asia and so on.

Many people have visited these places to heal their physical bodies and others to receive wisdom and enlightenment. These places were large reservoirs of concentrated universe energy. As we know the energy of the universe may as well heal the physical body as enlighten the soul when it is used on a higher spiritual frequency.

We took you against all odds during your last bilocation exercise to the temple of Edfu. You recognized it, my girl, because you visited it 15 years ago and we told you it was Edfu. We then created outside the main entrance a huge ‘Light Anchor” with all of you, the Midwayers and some other Celestial helpers. We created it above the old reservoir of universe energy to reactivate it and make it work in its full power with the new Energies of the Trinity who are attracted now to Earth because millions of tourists from around the world visit this place.

About 36 000 years ago a 'temple of wisdom' was founded there by descendants of Adamson and Ratta to convey higher truths concerning the spiritual, intellectual and physical aspects of life.

The missionaries of the Sethite priesthood settled also at Edfu 16,000 years ago; priesthood created by Seth, direct son of Adam and Eve born in the Second Garden of Eden. They were priests-educators who brought high religious concepts to the neighboring tribes with knowledge about health and hygiene.

This is how the first civilizations of Egypt and we are talking here of 36,000 to 15,000 years ago, received the knowledge of the Garden of Eden. Knowledge about the existence of a God Fragment that lives in men to help them develop a Morontia soul with which he or she will fuse after physical death on the Celestial Worlds. They called this Divine Spirit 'Ka' and the Morontia soul that survives after physical death the 'Ba '.

The belief in reincarnation was never taught during these historic times in Egypt. Many think currently that the ancient Egyptians believed in reincarnation, but this was not the case. This is an actual poor translation, a false understanding of the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” and the reason for mummification. These believe errors were also induced by the conduct of ancient fallen Sethite priests.

The current Temple of Edfu has not been built by God knowing people but rather by a caste of priests who had adopted a different attitude. They used their psychic abilities for selfish reasons to maintain absolute power for the priesthood and their high standard of live. They built this temple North-South and not East-West to neutralize this divine place and to use it at their convenience. We took you there in order to reactivate and optimize everything. However, you did not experience true 'darkness' in Edfu and this is normal.

Since you're working in the Berber regions of the Sahara through bilocation you didn’t meet any demons or dark negative energy emitted by this ‘dark network’. A huge part of it was already destroyed in the areas you visited previously. It was especially located along the Mediterranean coast from Morocco the Syria and slightly lower.

Many surprises are awaiting you in the work you are currently doing in Africa. It will not be the disastrous consequences of the acts of an invisible darkness that you will encounter but acts of living people who are active in the Sahel and lower. We deliberately made you cross Africa step by step. It is there that you will understand how leaders of huge industrial and pharmaceutical corporations work as well the Banks: who they are, where their powers are centralized, what drives them and the indifference with which they treat local populations where they extort those raw materials they desperately need. You can give a description of the places where you go, but let readers discover themselves why we send you to these locations just as you do.

Ancient Egypt was populated by different blended ethnic groups before the great Dynasties appeared. There were four major ethnic groups 25,000 years ago in Egypt: a white mixed breed, a mixed red-brown, a mixed dark brown and mixed black population.

The ancient black Africans were the first builders of pyramids and huge constructions in Africa. They knew about the existence of this indwelling God Fragment and the eternal Morontial soul. So Wivine, you should not be surprised anymore when you meet here African-American people who know about the presence of this indwelling God Spark without having read the Urantia book, because they possess this spiritual knowledge from their African ancestors.

The African Mediterranean coast and Central Africa were first settled by blended colored populations. Many of them were tall, black skinned or reddish-olive-brown; they were the first populations and blended later with the Nodites and afterwards with the Adamites. This offspring knew how to build, metal working, weaving, to read and write and established huge kingdoms until South Africa.

They populated all Africa from East to West starting from the Mediterranean coast and withdrew later in and behind the Sahara when the Greek, the Romans, the Arabs and North-European populations systematically invaded the coastal areas. It is finally in the interior of the continent that they could retain the white invaders and upheld their kingdoms and cultures for a long time. All these mixed breeds were the ancestors of the Berbers who inhabited the Sahara before its desertification and black African populations. Today's Berber populations are located north of the Sahara and south in the regions of the Sahel. They have since antiquity formed the link between Central Africa and the regions of the Mediterranean Sea even until Europe through their trade routes.

The mummification of bodies, an art in which I also excelled and even upgraded, did not aim the reincarnation of the soul of the deceased. It had a different reason. We knew very well that the physical body is destroyed sooner or later. The aim was to maintain these superhuman bodies of Pharaohs and Kings who were straight descendants of the Nodites, Adamites and Adamsonites. The conservation of these bodies was in connection with their developing Morontial soul and their superhuman physical abilities, but had nothing to do with a belief in reincarnation.

Something similar happened also during the megalithic era in China, Russia, Europe and the Americas, where human remains were found in dolmens, burial mounds and temples. Some of them decided even to be walled up with a few drinks and food to keep their bodies longer after death.

In fact the only thing we want to tell you here is that the Morontia soul leaves generally the physical body when all cells of organs have stopped working. There were 35,000 years ago already people with great knowledge and superhuman abilities dispersed throughout the inhabited world. They were Kings, Queens, priests, priestesses, healers and wise men. Thanks to a good preservation of their dead bodies or deliberately be walled up alive, these souls could stay anchored there to transmit their knowledge to future generations.

We are talking here about practices of a time with great spiritual confusion. The Earth was quarantined and no communications were possible with the headquarters of the local universe. It was a time where there was war between the planetary Prince Caligastia with his companions and those who remained faithful to Christ Michael, the laws of Paradise and the Universal Father. These practices stopped gradually with the disappearance of those with superhuman abilities and genes.

Since Christ Michael came here as Jesus and spread his "Spirit of Truth" all over the globe after his death, all children can receive a God Fragment to develop a Morontia soul as soon as they make a moral decision. This implies that they know the difference between good and evil and demonstrate a beginning of God worshipping. You must keep in mind that in ancient times it was not obvious at all to receive so fast and so young a Fragment of God. They believed that this was only for great Kings, Pharaohs and Priests as well as for good and righteous people.

In addition, the knowledge necessary to humanity is kept since a long time by a growing number of living people who are usually not aware of it. Many of them belong to the 'Reserve Corps of Destiny" and work for the Seraphic planetary Government.

These are the reasons why we did send you to some temples in Belize to pick up knowledge which was kept there by a great Morontia Soul. It was definitely the case at Uxbenka and that’s why we ask you to go to Palenque. You have also been sent to places in other countries for the same goal.

For those wondering why you need to visit so many Maya temples I answer you this: don’t be surprised because the knowledge of the builders of these temples came from blended progeny of Adamites, Nodites, pre-dynastic Egyptians and blended descendants of Adamson and Ratta.


People travelled 15,000 years ago much more than you can imagine and the map of the world was already drawn in those days by Midwayers.

Much research is performed on your world on genetics of ethnic populations and genes of ancient Egyptians were found among Australian aboriginals. Archaeologists discovered that East African tribes lived in Brazil approximately 9,000 years ago. Villages of white people exterminated long before the arrival of the Spanish were discovered along the Pacific coast of South America.

Don’t think that all descendants of the Adamites have evolved spiritually in an upwards spiral after thousands of years blending with other ethnic groups and moving away far from their original Garden of Eden with all its religious knowledge. They became mortals like you and sometimes kept a higher immune system and a better brain for spiritual contact. But despite all of this, many dwindled in their behavior, became violent and barbaric, some even engaged in cannibalism and practiced human sacrifice.

I was a descendant of a high performing race, a blending of Adamites, Nodites and colored humans: the Andites. I was tall and black skinned, I had a face with a fine nose and slightly higher cheekbones.

I came to you because you went to one of my favorite spots and building and to rectify a few details concerning Egyptian and African cultures. Do not underestimate black Africans and do not overestimate the moral and spiritual value of the present white, Asian, Arab and Hindu populations.

When Adam and Eve were still in the First Garden of Eden, located on a submerged peninsula in front of Syria, there were many dark skinned Nodites living in their proximity; this great people already found several civilizations and was skillful in the art of construction, metallurgy and weaving. They worked with Adam and Eve to educate neighboring and distant tribes. When the news spread of what happened between Eve and Cano the Nodite, anger and thirst for vengeance exploded among the Adamic children.

They all rushed to the surrounding villages of the Nodites who had no idea what was happening and killed everyone; including the father of Cain who was still not born. It was genocide: no child, no woman, no man was spared. This event had dramatic consequences during years for the relationship between the dark skinned descendants of the Nodites and the white skinned Adamites across the region from Syria to Mesopotamia, from Egypt to the lower regions of Africa.

Think and draw your own conclusions. Dark and black people distrust white people since a long time.

I encourage you to continue as you are busy. I help you in your work with the ‘Energies’ and the destruction of this 'dark network'. I experienced the consequences of it during my earthly life and I also had to resist and fight it.

If you see again during your bilocation exercises a particular person I will introduce me. It is not so that only Midwayers help you with the creation of these Light Anchors during these exercises, but also ascending Morontia Souls who know your planet. Many among them belonged to the so called black and dark races. Here is your explanation why you see so many Midwayers and other dark skinned people standing in the circle of a Light Anchor.

Goodbye everyone and move on because you're strongly helped in your enterprise and we are pleased to have you among us. It is important that people from your planet are involved in these tasks and take the time to learn how to use these ‘Energies’. By doing so, they develop their Morontia soul to higher spiritual heights and come closer to their indwelling God Fragment. By helping us, you are helped. On top of all these experiences you stimulate an understanding of your personal development and that of humanity as a whole. Where you come from, where you're going and how to achieve this goal the best way?

I think I've said everything and answered most of your questions. Good bye everyone.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.