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Session nr 10 of 2 August 2015 Ė recorded- English translation -Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Belgium

Present: Wivine, Wilhelm in Belgium and Carole, Nora in Belize.

Received by Wivine

Visitor: Malavatia Melchizedek

Malavatia spoke after 1h35min†††††††††††††††††† Total time meditation: 2hrs.

Malavatia here: my children I am here surrounded by my brothers Monsanloran, Malvantra, Maltucia and others you donít know. It has been a while you havenít heard them and thatís why we are here to confirm that you are still in our custody, our care and that we are still your 'Tontons'.

You were told that you work for the Seraphic planetary Government, for the Most High Observer-Vorondadek of Edentia with his race commissioners to do a specific job with us because you come from different cultures and ethnic groups.

Each era has its members in the Reserve Corps of Destiny and Cosmic Reserve Corps which are inhabitants of Urantia. You are part of both Corpses and you have 'your niche' of tasks to help your planet.

The fact of being part of these two Corpses does not give an evaluation on the spiritual evolution of your soul. However you need to acknowledge the presence of your indwelling God Fragment and be aware you are part of a huge Celestial Family, a huge Universe surrounded by even larger Universes. You have been trained for this and still are to increase your ability to work with the ďEnergies of the TrinityĒ, with the Pure Energy of your indwelling Thought Adjuster and afterwards, for those who have not reached it, with the combination of these two ĎForces-Energiesí.

A third element will be added later to get the perfect combination in using all 'Energies' a ĎHumaní is able to control when he submits to his God Fragment and follow His guidance. You will discover this 3rd element step by step and it is only when this is achieved that the Ďtrue combination of Energiesí will be attained in you.

Jesus said to his disciples: 'one day you will do greater miracles than I. Not because he wasnít capable, but because he didnít want to use his abilities to do miracles or what people of his time would have taken for miracles to avoid to dazzle them.

You will learn how to acquire all these skills and you will use them to perform miracles but nobody on earth will be conscious of them. We will not even show you always the effects of the activities you do and will do during your bilocation exercises, or when you transfer those Energies that each of you is able to dominate at his level.

The fact you are able to acquire these abilities comes from the desires of your soul, your endurance, your consistency, your willingness to help others with means that will not bring you any material glory or recognition of others on your world.

We need people who are able to work as unknown soldiers and in silence; people that are always ready to engage when we ask them to help us; people we can really rely on and who are not always doing their own thing. People who follow exactly our guidelines because they are aware that they are not able to do what they do during their meditations, bilocation exercises or Energy transfers without our help, without the help of their Thought Adjuster, their Angels and Cherubim, their Midwayers and many other Celestials.

All these experiences will serve you when you will reach Paradise and the Universal Father to be part of those of the Corps of Finality, who will work later for God the Supreme as ĎCreator Sons and Daughtersí on the worlds of the outer space levels.

Your soul is in its infancy as all souls on Earth who live around you in a human body. Perhaps you know a little more, but it will never be much compared to what you still have to learn on the Celestial Worlds to reach Paradise.

Learn to see your current life and all what you do with us long term. Donít look at your soul evolution or that of others short term. Everyone can achieve it; all will follow this path and reach those Celestial levels that match their potential and efforts.

All souls of Urantia will receive every possibility to reach eternal life on the Mansion Worlds after their mortal life; as well as the necessary care and time needed. They can become citizens of your local universe Nebadon, or become a Spiritual Creature in our Superuniverse Orvonton, or reach the Universal Father in Paradise to join the mortal Corps of Finality.

No soul of Urantia is destined to be destroyed; unless it is her choice by refusing systematically during a very long time to follow her path of evolution direction ĎParadise' on the Mansion Worlds.

So donít worry for your family members, your conjoint, your children, your friends because they all receive the same care as you.

Donít wait to pursue your own evolution because you want someone else to follow your direction. Continue your soul growth and evolution at your own pace. If you surpass others because you go a little faster it will be a blessing for you and all mankind. If you are a little slower or younger it will be equally beneficial to you and others.

The speed at which you move on as an individual has very little importance to us. We look at your evolution on eternity level and not on the level of your short mortal life. Moving forward is the only thing of importance.

Do your work, stay together and learn to work hand in hand in order to accelerate your individual soul evolution. You will always evolve faster in a group than alone.

Donít take more people for the moment in your group. Others will be added later when they have showed their desire to do the same work with us and gained a little more experience in working with the "Energies".

Donít underestimate your life experiences and everything that happens to you during your mortal life. You learn by doing, by acting regardless that you work as a baker, in fashion, computer science, trade or governments. By doing, learning, interacting with other people you will understand much more about others and yourself then by reading books and messages. Experience, acquired knowledge because you lived it is one billion times more worth than all accumulated intellectual knowledge.

You all discovered over all these years you work together that what you didnít understand before in the Urantia book, you get to understand now. This is because your soul grew; she developed her Morontia body with a Morontia mind which is much higher than your mortal mind and intelligence.

It is a fact that you're still mortals living in a physical body with all its weaknesses and needs; you have a mortal mind still chock-full of many mistaken beliefs, you have still your little judgments about others and your biases due to your education and environment. As a result you often fear to do wrong and think not be up to the mark.

Donít worry my children, we see everything, we know everything, we know your weaknesses and will always push you to become a bit more Divine and less human.

How do we do this? Well??? By putting a few banana-peels on your path on which you will slip, by putting your car down on a road where there is little traffic, by making your life financially a little harder so that you will have to tighten the belts. Of course, we will always be at your side to reach out, to show you the good conduct, the right track provided that you look in our direction, that you keep faith and trust in God and put your hands in ours to learn to be guided.

Go on with your life and work. You received a couple of weeks rest to resume afterwards with more courage and strength.

Goodbye, my friends, see you later.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.