Session nr. 11 of 10 September 2015 – recorded – English translation-Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde – Spain.

Received by Wivine during a solitary meditation.

Visitors:-  Kuwaya – Master Spirit nr. 2 of Superunivers nr. 2 – the Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

               - God Fragment of Wivine.

Kuwaya spoke after 55min            Total time meditation: 1h28min.

Kuwaya : Hello, I am Kuwaya, Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2 – The Voice of the Eternal Son-Mother.

I come to you, my children, to announce the good news that the cleaning of the “Dark Morontia Grid” which had been put in place by Lucifer and Caligastia is finished. All fallen angels, huge demons who were buried under the ground at the time by Archangel Michael have been removed or destroyed. All negative egregores created by rites are annihilated as well as all negative energy codes that they had programmed.

Our new "Morontia Light network", implemented by the Melchizedeks will be established with the assistance of Power Directors under the supervision of Christ Michael.

To avoid blinding humanity due to too much spiritual brightness this will be done gently as we have woven a part of my "Spiritual Energy" in this ‘Light network’ on which mortals seeking for Higher Truths can connect.

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be some spiritual retarded souls wandering on your planet looking for an exit, that there won’t be people who practice black magic or something else to harass others, or local wars and natural disasters. All this will continue to exist for a while but you, as well as many people from other schools, have ways to help in this.

Finally came the moment for you to contribute to the reconstruction. You will all learn to work with the Pure Energy of your God Fragment, combined with what you call the Love of the Heart of Christ and eventually with My Spiritual Energy. It doesn’t matter how you understand this and how you name it. The important thing is to reach these capabilities that are part of the 'Spiritual Heritage of Humanity'.

Before it was only Grand Masters who could do amazing things but now you will open the path for your fellowmen to acquire capabilities that should have been theirs since a long time.

The effused Magisterial Son, born at the beginning of this year that you called the 'Baby' during your bilocation work, will continue to grow and within a few years a Creator Son will also be born. These two will work together on the physical plane within 20 years with the Magisterial Son on a Magisterial Mission who will not incarnate.

This implies that 24 Melchizedeks will embody all over the world. They will have different looks so that all ethnic populations of your planet are represented. They will be able to communicate with each other to provide opportunity for all to grow equally on a spiritual level.

There are also 12 Melchizedeks that will accompany the Magisterial Son who will not incarnate. They will be seen on Morontia level by those with whom they will work during their meditations and meetings.

This will occur but don’t expect that all will live this during their earthly life. It is for the next generation, for those who are in their prime and those to be born. Some of you who are currently in their 3rd age may live 50 to 60 more years to cooperate with them but this will happen quietly, not in broad daylight, rather behind the scenes.

No one on Urantia has been elected or appointed to preside over an earthly organization for their coming and these future events. The Melchizedeks will not come together in a bus at someone’s doorstep. Most mortals will not even know about their presence. It could be that some come faster than others but in no way they will present themselves before the effused Paradise Sons will have reached adulthood to start their mission on the physical plane; although these two are already working together on Morontia level because there is much to prepare.

We wanted to announce this so that you would understand that your efforts have not been in vain. We also thank all those who contributed to this cleaning work in one way or another to make the installation possible of this new “Morontia Light network” which your planet needed so much to continue her progress towards Light and Life.

You here, you will start again with your group meditations in the fall. Another job is waiting for you through which you will learn new things with new abilities to better help your planet. You will acquire these new faculties by experience to help you understand them better. If you only read about wisdom you will not progress as well. Many people like to explain, attitudinize to look interesting but are unable to do what you can do here with ease.

We told you that the cleaning of the dark grid would take roughly 5 years and now it is already finished. So be delighted as new doors are opening for you and all humans of your planet.

Don’t spend your time watching negative events or see them as negative. Sometimes disputes or wars break out and much drama ensues. This also helps a large part of the population to whom it happens to see that wars and disputes don’t bring anything beautiful and that tolerance, accepting others differences and mutual respect are much better solutions to live with one another in peace. You will see that these terrible wars and fratricide on large or small scale, even under the banner of the same religion or belief, will bring good things.

Look rather to all progress that has been made in so many levels. When one fills a glass it is you who decide to see it half full or half empty. Your populations have already done quite a lot of progress and yes a lot remains to be done.

Try to become a better person, to resemble more God, improve yourself by looking first inside, by seeking how to improve your character and your way of dealing with others. This will bring more good things than always pointing the finger at your neighbors while telling them what they must do, believe, think, drink and eat.

My children, we’ll meet again soon and you will better understand why I am the one that comes so often to talk to you. You'll end up one day understanding it.

We know that the Urantia Book is not easy to read or to understand. It is a basis that indeed does not contain everything. See it as a standard reference that you can always consult when you feel the need.

We now ask all members of your group to read as few messages of others as possible because you will receive knowledge and abilities that were never described in any book or message on Urantia. So keep well both hands in those of the Melchizedeks that will guide you, your Angels and your Guides as well as your Midwayers. You will enter unknown territory to all on your planet and you'll have no more benchmarks; you will only take with you your confidence in your indwelling God Fragment and the Celestials who will be around you.

Don’t listen to people who want to teach you or tell you what they believe to be truth: close your eyes and your ears. Trust only what you receive from us during your next meditations. If you don't understand immediately, take patience because you will be guided. Always remember well that you're protected... extremely well protected.

Goodbye, my children, goodbye and relax. It is about time you take a real vacation for a few weeks in order to be well rested when your classes will start again. Good bye.

God Fragment: I am your God Fragment, my girl. One day we will fuse but this is not yet the time. You understand now from where all these dizziness came. It was a while Kuwaya visited you and He is heavy to carry. We will show the example together with all those who are and will one day be able to work with the inner Force of the indwelling Spirit of God. There's plenty to do on your planet that can only be solved with the Pure Energy of God.

Be aware that nothing is difficult for God.

We are not so much in a hurry as you, mortals. We take our time because we like things well done without mistakes along the way.

We appreciate the participation of humans in The Work, and of course it takes time to build them out. We have this patience.

Then continue, continue my children and show others what one can do when one walks hand in hand with his indwelling God Spark. Nothing is impossible when you're in agreement with God's Will. Goodbye, my children goodbye.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.