Don’t look back, go ahead.

Session nr.12 of 23 September 2015 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Spain.

Present: Wivine during a solitary meditation.

Visitor: God Fragment of Wivine.

Thought Adjuster spoke after 39min                Total time meditation: 1h11min.

Thought Adjuster: I am your God Fragment. It took me some time before I could communicate with you directly. Many people who are aware of my indwelling presence would love to hear my sweet, almost silent and always present voice.

We, the Fragments of God, who are indwelling human minds have it extremely difficult, not to say impossible most of the time, to communicate directly with a mortal mind. We have it easier to communicate with the soul mind provided that the soul has grown and approaches the Morontia mind.

It is only after many long meditations that you will manage to align your soul with your physical mind. When you accept that your soul aligns and directs your mortal mind, think also on aligning yourself with the Will of God. It is only than that we can gently try to communicate more directly with you.

I say this to all who try to communicate with their Thought Adjuster. First of all it is very difficult for us to do when you're not in meditation or in 'silence'. In addition the distance is very great between the "Pure Spirits" we are and the Morontia mind of your growing soul and certainly with the electrochemical mind of your brain which is very restricted.

That is why we told you that it will be easier to hear the voice of your Guardian Angels and Celestial Guides during your meditations because they are much closer to you.

We ask you to take this into account and accept that you need patience before you can hear the voice of your Thought Adjuster. Some will reach it faster than others. Some will never due to shortcomings in the make-up of their brain and not because their soul has not sufficiently grown. Even they should not be discouraged because we will find with your Guardian Angels and Celestial Guides means to communicate with you during your individual or group meditations.

Now I'll talk about the activation of the "two glands receptive to Spirit affaires”. These two glands are not the pituitary (hypophysis) body or pineal gland (epiphysis), which are located behind chakra 6 and 7 but they operate electrochemically in a similar way.

When they are activated you will be able to connect easily to this new "Light network” which has been installed and of which we will activate the energy and spiritual capacities according to human progression on your planet. Then all will have it easier to hear Celestials and the Voice of their God Fragment and might even see.

People who meditate regularly can enhance their communication and Morontia vision. Morontia vision or seeing with the eyes of the soul is something very different from what you mean by seeing through the 3rd eye or pineal gland situated behind chakra 6.

When we talk about “Spirit affaires”, we are talking about something more than what you currently know. There are on your globe people who are able to see non-physical beings. Among these non-physical entities there are good ones, less good ones and plenty of other things. These mortals can sometimes hear voices who advise them without however being able to discern properly from whom they come. We don’t mean these types of capabilities when we talk of ‘receptivity to the affairs of Spirit’. We then speak of Beings coming from the Morontia worlds and messages that may come through the spirit gravity circuitry of the Eternal Son-Mother.

Indeed, there is something like Spiritual Energy. There are certainly Celestials who live in Paradise, in Havona and in the Superuniverses which are purely spiritual. You are not able to see these Celestials with your physical eyes or with the Morontia eyes of your soul. Therefore you need spiritual vision or spiritual eyes which you may develop when you will leave your local universe Nebadon as a beginning Spiritual Creature.

At the moment none of you is able to see even a Melchizedek who belongs to the Highest Order of Superior Personalities created in your local universe without the help of those Celestials and their collaborators who know how to manipulate the energies of the universe.

To allow you, my daughter, to receive messages from Master Spirits we had to organize a circuit with Reflectivity Angels (Seconaphim), Power Directors and their staff capable of working with Physical, Morontia and Spiritual Energies to transform your physical and Morontia brain so that you could achieve this feat. It was only after multiple and long meditations where you allowed us to perform transformations in your brain and nervous system that little by little you could carry heavier loads of Morontia and Spiritual Energy that it became possible.

This requires great commitment, patience, endurance and confidence in us. It is however not an outstanding achievement because everyone can access it if they agree to endure these transformations and don’t look for easy solutions.

Many people are still looking for priests, spiritual masters and receiver-transmitters of messages from the Celestial worlds which we understand.

However everything has been set up so that each mortal can connect to his own celestial guides and God Fragment if he has the patience to undergo the necessary transformations to his physical and Morontia body of the soul during his or her meditations needed to facilitate such exchanges.

The time of priests, prophets, spiritual masters and channelers of messages, of all intermediates will disappear. Little by little more humans will seek their inner guidance and will thus find their path in an individual and independent way. These people will not feel the need any more to find their truths outside.

What was a blessing during the 20th and early 21st century will become superfluous for a very large part of earth’s population.

Generations to come will manage the spiritual evolution of their soul individually; regardless of their religious background, belief system, philosophy, ethnic group or place of birth.

Everything is put in place now in order to make this possible. All of you who work with My 'Pure Energy' when I grant it to you, authorize it or that I use you to do a necessary job, you will help with this implementation and the necessary physical transformations of the human bodies.

Therefore we asked you so often to stop dwelling on individuals but to spread every day this Energy with the techniques you possess over entire regions and continents. Your abilities will grow by using it. The more individuals who will have this capability and will use it the more transformations will be done; the faster all populations of your world will evolve spiritually at the same speed and at the same level.

When we talk about spiritual evolution, we are talking about your soul, your morality and your thoughts, your willingness to serve others selflessly.

There will always be regions with more advanced technological civilizations than others but the raw materials will be shared more equitably. Local populations will be respected so that they can have a more comfortable material life, the opportunity to study and to develop; all this with respect for nature and the culture of the regions.

God is a collector of souls my children, not of electronic gadgets or civilizations created by mortals. So it is not that important whether a person is born in one continent rather than another, with a basic mind-intelligence or a higher one. All received the same spiritual endowments; all will receive the same spiritual support.

From now you can no longer say that things go awry on your planet due to the rebellion or others. Humans received free-will and since they began to develop they killed each other to appropriate others property or by jealousy and they lied and stole. If you continue to act like this it will be your own choices and decisions.

From now on you alone will carry all responsibility for your actions, your decisions and your spiritual evolution.

The Lucifer rebellion and all malpractices that have been made to retard human evolution is the past. Don’t come back with this. Don't look back; go ahead you will receive our full support. You are all supported by an immense loving and merciful universe, constantly in action to lead you towards the goal of your existence: immortality and eternal life for your soul and Divine Perfection if that is your desire and your choice.

Think well on what I just told you. Think all very well. Goodbye my children.

{Note Wivine: given the time difference between Central America and Europe and our busy schedules it is difficult to organize group meditations for now. We have each a lot of private problems to solve, to take difficult decisions and challenges to overcome. We all understand that the difficulties we face right now in our private lives are tests to make us grow and bring us many good things. Grow up and act in group is very beneficial, it is pleasant, it is very strong and we miss it at the moment. But we must also grow individually and although our personal experiences are different, we feel we learn all the same lessons.}


For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.